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Hi guys Mimi and Elena and today we are here to announce the winners of make a post Luxy contest oh my god, I know you guys are excited and we are. So so. So excited to tell you oh my gosh it was.

So much fun to watch all the submissions thank you guys. So much for everybody who took the time to make a post you guys have rock star rated it we had. So much fun just going through them and connecting with you guys it feels like we have like thousands of friends over the world and it’s.

So much fun and we’re. So appreciative to every single one of you. So we are now going to make this post loan we just want to get to the most of the planet part of announcing the winners because we know you guys probably can’t wait to hear who are the lucky winners of these exciting prizes.

So oh my god the Robins or the honors of the first prize um I will let you do it really yeah okay well, I have the model they own the iphone about there’s no way we could ever remember all the stones are you guys ready drumroll. So the first prize winner is the winner of a trip for two to Dominican Republic. So beautiful not our beautiful result, I do a full restore them with it too personally for mine and my husband’s alex’s wedding and everyone came our family and the closest friends and it is a dreams la romana resort and it is just an all-inclusive trip for two.

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So they give this sponsored by us me Layla and Alex where they luxyhair and okay, I have to just tell it is Oh in it and it is Lori Dory that’s the username on congratulations Laura your post like what amazing seriously we were just blown away by the board already by your presence on camera by your creativity just overall, I mean it is nothing that we have seen it is almost better than our post is it just a whole different dimension really incredible what you do you should be doing posts you just shut up blog, I should definitely have a blog you are just. So at ease on camera and that just you just can’t teach that, I think it is like a natural talent. So congratulations we’re.

So excited for you and, I guess maybe your husband or whoever else you choose to go on this amazing trivia having a great time and obviously you still get a chance to wooden are you still get also a set of lights in your extensions in your choice of color we are gonna be contacting all the winners right. So yeah um you guys will have a chance to let us know what colors you want. So congratulations and you know Lori if you have not seen her post asian watch it she’s just.

So created and we are going to post them yeah we are gonna post all the winners do not they also watch her post she’s just. So creatively both yeah we could not pick you everyone else did an amazing job it means every single one of you but Lori we had to fit it in another know that they just had to there’s. So much what were they do not work you know it was all, I at least a week of war yeah just for her but like whoever helped and thinking of the ideas and posting and editing and you know putting it all together it takes time.

So great job on that. So let’s get on the last of the prizes. So the second prize is going to.

So the user name is a man yanka vay minh cat 1 it was i’m going to post it down below and it is two beautiful sisters um they are just. So cute and sweet and they are from aruba thank you guys for entering you guys are both like just. So gorgeous yeah cute and sisters like us.

So congratulations you are in Chile technically the second prize is supposed to be just one set of hair stuff just but we are making an exception and we are gonna give you each one instead of here such as any choice of color and thank you. So much. So the third prize goes to what would dizzy do congratulations it was a great submission today beautiful post thank you for you.

So much we are going to again we are going to post all the usernames and the links to the post responses down below. So the fourth prize winner is this of this scarlet Jolie thank you. So much and could, I congratulation with reason yes congratula she was a great submission as well the fixed price goes to Francesca or Francis yeah Francesca nor yeah Francesca no water i think but again we will post all this in the bottom 16 prize winner is joanna robel and you know that the link will be down below for the posts in congratulations next winner is dazzleglass 27 oh yeah that was really good posts well thank you.

So much for the post and the eighth a prize winner which goes for the posts that did the post for why, I love luxyhair session is uh miss Mel 271 congratulations anything you guys been. So much work and you all deserve to win thank you. So much.

So the last two that we are going to mention her actually from why, I won’t luxy hair extension submissions and the rest of we just mentioned above word from why, I love attention. So it was. So hard for us to pick um just by looking at the post.

So we just did it randomly just to make it fair for everybody because spoken about you all and, I when were reading more like, I just want to give a center, I know every single person and. So we just randomly picked one of the winners is pre 21. So congratulations you get a set and again we are going to contact.

So you get to choose choice of color and the laws winner today is um II enjoy love mus yeah, I love she’s. So cute yeah congratulation you’re. So much an issue and yeah we are just happy for every single one of you guys rock and thank you for joining this giveaway and we are just.

So excited to now take all these posts which is gonna be a lot of work and put them together in the collage post all the way to earth at that point you will be in an exciting part yeah everybody was submitted a post for what, I love well not everyone but we are gonadal everybody’s like everybody who submitted will have a chance to be featured. So that’s what’s exciting. So thank you guys again.

So much to every single one of you who has been loving and supporting us from day one who participated in these giveaways it is fun for us again like we said in the beginning to just connect with you guys through these posts and submissions. So thank you. So much we love you guys and.

So those who didn’t today it is okay where can, I have more giveaways yeah we are it is nothing to make sure you follow us here on and on Facebook will always announce up here and on Facebook you know thank you. So much for love you guys and have a wonderful day bye bye.

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