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Before we get into it, please make sure you are commentd to this blog just down there so that next week you can come and see another post of me! I’m a beauty writer here at my blog, which means it is very much a crucial part of my job to test new makeup, skin care, hair and the like. So I’m super lucky that PR companies and brands will send me new makeup and product pretty much every single day to test for my job. Today I’m going to be showing you a little bit of a taste of what I get. I’m gonna test them out, I’m gonna sread them for you and I might even do a little look with some. Okay let’s start with the Colour Pop stuff which, as you can see, is not in a box because I got it and was so excited I opened it. I didn’t touch them though so I have never tried them this is all the new Colour Pop exclusives that are at Sephora. This one is called Semi-Precious Oh! These are really creamy. I love that blue, or this rust. That’s gorgeous. This is the Polite AF Super Shock Shadow Collection. I really like the Super Shock shadows. They’re like this weird gray area between a cream and a powder. Ooh! So this is the Amber Crystal Bundle Collection. There’s like a liquid highlighter in here, a lip balm, a setting spray.

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This is the highlighter. Let’s play with it. It’s called Amber. Oh, that’s really pretty! Oh, the texture is really thick. And then there’s this setting spray, Amber Crystal setting spray. Don’t spray into your eyes or mouth. Thanks ColourPop. Thanks for the heads up. It smells like cantaloupe. There’s a lip balm in here too, I think. This is called the Crystal Lip Balm. It smells so good! Really like this collection. I’m excited to try it. I’m gonna do this Huda Beauty package because I’m really excited to see what’s in it. It came with a crown! How do I look? So I got my crown, thank you Huda Beauty. And I have what looks like the Winter Highlighting Palette.

Three powders, one cream. This cream looks really pretty. It’s like a peachy highlighter with a little bit of a pink red pearl going through it. I want to put this cream on but I also really like this Amber Liquid highlighter. So maybe I’ll do one on each cheek. Because we’re getting crazy here with the Unboxing. I’ll do the Huda Beauty on my right cheek. Yeah I really like the duochrome shift. It would be really pretty on the eyes too, if you wanted to do that. And then I’m going to put a little bit of the ColourPop onto my left cheek bone. So this one is really beautiful and gold. I think I like the like powdery finish of this ColourPop one but this Huda one has this beautiful, duochrome sparkle. I like them both. Okay let’s move on to this box which is from TPSY. And it’s called TPSY because the entire brand messaging is supposed be about like how you feel when you’re a little bit buzzed. This one, the box is super cute it saids Slightly Drunk.

Makeup Ideas For Prom

So there’s a bunch of lipsticks here. I think there’s an eyeliner pencil. Some brow stuff. This is a dual tip, eye shadow. It says Two drink minimum. So it’s like a little sponge and it dips into the powder and you can apply your shadow like that. And then you open up the other side, and it’s another shade. So that’s a little taste of TiPSY. Moving along, I’m going to open this one from Note which is cruelty-free and vegan. They’ve got a lot of stuff in here. There’s a foundation. Looks like there’s eyeshadows, so that’s exciting. I’m excited to try them. What’s in here? (gasps) This is really not exciting but I really love it. I have keratosis which is like, bumpiness on my arms. K P Duty is really great.

Basically like one pad that’s like an acid pad that helps exfoliate this area and then another pad that’s hydrating. So if you have K P a.k.a. keratosis this stuff is really good. It’s not gonna like completely get rid of it. But it’s gonna help minimize the effects. I have a whole bag of smaller parcels to go through. Glamour Dolls. We have a Bitten & Bronzed Matte Bronzer. I’ll put some of this on. Let’s give it a go with this unicorn brush ,shall we? I’m gonna dip it into this Lisa Frank feat. Glamour Dolls Bitten & Bronzed Matte Bronzer. I really like the color of this Bronzer. It’s like a very nice, chocolatey shade, not too warm, not too cool. I feel like it would be really nice for both bronzing and contouring.

Makeup Ideas For Prom

Last but not least, the things that I opened prematurely. So first up is this lipstick from Too Faced which is their holiday lipstick. It’s the melted matte formula. But it’s a brand new shade, it’s called Gingerbread Man. It’s a very good shade for the name. It has a really cute little gingerbread man on it and then I think it’s kinda like a rusty red. It smells like cookies. And then I have these beautiful creams from Rituel De Fille. So this is their..I guess multi-use cream. And you can use it as a highlighter, you can use it as an eyeshadow. They have different colors this one is, Lera…Lyra. And this one is Ara. Greenish, goldish, pearl. Really pretty as well.

So that’s everything. I’m gonna put some stuff on my face now. I think I’m going to do eyes first. I’m gonna do this semi-precious palette from ColourPop because I really liked the way they swatched. So I’m just gonna do this blue shade all over the lid. I got some eyeliner from Tipsy so I will go in with that. And then I’m going to move on to lips! A lot of people say you are not supposed to wear bold lips and bold eyes but I think it’s a very nice purposeful look. I’m gonna do that, we’ll see what it looks like. I really like the look of red lips and blue eyeshadow. You guys should try it and let me know what you think. So this is the finished look. It’s a little icy, it’s a little 80’s. But I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments below if there’s anything in this spread that you really want me to try in a post. But thank you for reading and I’ll see you guys next week. Bye! Thanks so much for reading guys.

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