Married To Medicine Season 6 Will Be Chilling

Hey guys I’m in case you met it, and join with me today is dr. Jackie, and miss quad from married to medicine oh my god nice to see you how you guys doing super super. Yeah well we are. So happy that you guys are here still in all the tea to us season six of married to medicine is that musics what can we expect to see to see them oh, it’s quite explosive this year okay for me okay yeah.

So. Yeah yeah I, it’s going to be riveting, it’s gut-wrenching chilling, it’s um sometimes sad yes sad very much. So. Yeah what do you think is the one thing that fans will be most shocked to see the season that some of us make definitive decisions to be happy, and healthy okay yep we do things that are I think he’ll be life-changing ya know they’re definitely some life-altering events that are transpiring this season, and and they were tough decisions.

But they must think they needed to be made we get to see the doctors be the patient. So we see a lot of that, and you know girlfriend’s figuring it all out. Yeah yes I’m certainly that there is a future I want to make sure that the future includes the two of us, and that we can not go down this path every game how are you, and Curtis doing how are we rebuilding that trust, and you said it right trust this rebuild, and we’re definitely doing that we had to tear it all the way down to the ground from taking the divorce off the table for now being in a much better place most days we have a good day, it’s fun when we’re going through the season though, and we have to relive it it brings up those bad memories, and it can get pretty tough for Curtis son gone absolutely sure you trust him now Trust is built okay. So I’m certainly working on getting back to a place where there’s I don’t know if there’s ever absolute trust again. But there’s certainly trust, and we’re working on we’re doing with stealing counseling with dr. Cain that you’ve seen on the show yes we’re still very open, and honest, and if there are things that bother me.

I’m okay they ask hmm we saw in the first episode mmm for a woman can mean a lot I think I have to ask you how’s dr. Simone, and Cecil’s relationship they’re growing they’re doing, and they’re trying to figure it out, and think both of them are in a positive headspace I think both of them really want their marriage, and they’re working towards staying in counsel. Yeah very important to have that third party do you think it will last let me after 22 years. Yeah well I mean you gotta give it all you got to make that that’s why we were not last year in New York allowing them just to say we’re done like we hadn’t invested enough wise, and what’s, and what else can we offer right have you looked at it this way well ladies thank you. So much for sitting down, and chatting with us. So much what a great seeing you guys. Yeah if you guys gonna learn more about marriage medicine head on over to okie magazine calm you.

Married To Medicine Season 6 Will Be Chilling Photos

Married To Medicine Season 6 Will Be Chilling

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