Married To Medicine’s Mariah Huq Sets The Record Straight On Feud With Dr. Heavenly Kimes

I think you are dingy dirty dusty okay. So let’s talk about your relationship with dr. heaven on this season do we have to talk about what is this alphabet we’re still not on good terms I’m taking this we are not we are trying I think we have we by the end of the season we you see things time to sort of go in a different direction with us okay. But I don’t know how promising it is hmm okay do you think you’ll ever make amends with her.

I’m not sure you know I tried time, and time again. But I think at some point you just realize people are who they’re gonna be yeah, and I’m starting to feel like she’s definitely is gonna be herself for the rest of her life. Yeah what do you think would have to go into you becoming friends again I think she’d have to acknowledge some of her behaviors towards me okay, and some of the things she’s done that’s very hurtful, and I think she’d have to just kind of you know realize that respect is due to everybody. Yeah including me do you forgive her for drawing on your poster now I do I do forgive her for that. But after that she you know she did something else, and she called me a name that she made another poster that she talked about my mama that she talked about mothers.

But how much forgiving there I have to do yeah, it’s best to just live your life it seemed too much. Yeah you know what you do what your father can kick. So quad was here last week, and she recently announced her divorce what are your thoughts on that are you surprised no no no you saw that coming you know I I think I did I didn’t want it to happen I hate course oh that many of the ladies have went through you know struggles in their relationships. But I had hoped that quad would have put forth a little bit more effort to save her marriage just as she’s put into her new TV show or you know the news she’s in a social club now right, and if she can put forth those type of efforts, and with those things in her life I think your marriage deserves double that amount you were very open about your marriage troubles, and the infidelity that you faced. Yeah do you give her any advice on how to go about this um I tried.

But she didn’t receive it I’m not from me okay no even though she knows how I feel about family, and that I would never say anything wrong in terms of towards her relationship. Because I really would love to see her, and Greg work things out I think he’s a really good guy, and I think he really loves her, and deep down I think she you know cares about him too. Yeah deep deep deep down yeah. So do you any other boys. So when she was here she said that she felt that she had no support from the ladies do you think that’s true that’s not true at all, and it’s it’s unfortunate that she feels that way, and it gives credence to me that no matter what we do towards quad, it’s not it will never be enough, and I think that’s a part of Greg’s argument. Yeah yeah. So you saw the ladies actually be supportive. Yeah everybody reached out to quad everybody reached including myself I even sent her a card sent her a card I sent her a passport holder. So did he get away you know just just thinking of you you know just to do something nice she just doesn’t want me back around she’s just unhappy that I’m back around, and I’m back with a bang yes you are. Yeah well thank you. So much for stopping by was a pleasure chatting okay thank you for having me of course, and guys if you want to learn more about I head on over to my blog calm.

Married To Medicine’s Mariah Huq Sets The Record Straight On Feud With Dr. Heavenly Kimes Photo Gallery

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