Medium messy bob hairstyles

These are synthetic compounds included in almost all categories of cosmetics. Manufacturers use them to inhibit bacterial growth and extend shelf life. They are petrochemicals agents with estrogenic, carcinogenic, allergenic and toxic effect. As a result, they can cause fertility problems and affect fetal development. Studies have shown that, in addition to allergic reactions and skin irritation, these parabens are found in tumor tissues of women facing breast cancer. Therefore, their absorption into the body and accumulation over time can cause cancer.

Having seen the potential risk of buying and using a regular shampoo, let’s now point out what drives us in choosing one shampoo over the other.

We all have different expectations for our hair but many of us do not know the difference between a good shampoo and a bad one. This dilemma is further compounded by the well-developed marketing strategies that manufacturers regularly bombard us with. Generally, however, most people look for a shampoo with a reasonable price that would satisfy their expectations. Others go for expensive shampoos with the erroneous thought that an expensive shampoo will make their hair more glamorous and appealing. So what might be considered an ideal shampoo?

The word shampoo has an Indian origin and it means massage. Any shampoo application should be accompanied by massaging the scalp. Gone are those days when a shampoo’s function is to simply clean the hair and scalp. Nowadays, it must meet several other requirements: to brighten, to strengthen and to make the hair voluminous.

Medium messy bob hairstyles Photos

Medium messy bob hairstyles

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