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Hey Everyone Abbey here with my April favorite. So this is basically a post where. I tell you guys about the products that, I have been using, and loving this month if you want to see some of my other favorites. So you can always go back to my previous month’s favorites. Because when. I do have a favorite product. I try to use it up. And I even like keep repurchasing the same products, I will just. Because. I think is very good to be loyal to products that you find, and you really like, and not just try products that actually use them up. So if you want to go see any other my other favorites they are in my previous favorites posts, and now, I will going to show you guys the ones that. I like this month first favorite is a shampoo, and conditioner whenever. I color in my hair. I switch to sulfate free shampoo is just. Because that’s better for your hair in general. Because it does not strip it as much, and when you have color in your hair you really want to use a really gentle shampoo. So that’s what. I did for this. Because. I knew it was the first time putting color on my hair. So I knew it was going to fade more than like usual, and it definitely did but it is a lot less than it would have been.. I was using a gentle shampoo. So I tried a couple different ones to see what. I liked, and my very favorite one was this brand it is called logy, and it is from rite aid. And I really like this stuff it is sulfate-free silicon free, and the bottles are made from one hundred percent post-consumer materials. So it is super duper eco-friendly, and the center for this one this is their nourishing, and conditioning line, and the sentiment is white pair, and cucumber which smells amazing it is kind of like a spa almost, and it is just like a really nice light scent, and just generally what. I really like is that it made my hair a lot softer, and a lot shinier which my hair really needed. I think get my tutorials likely. I got a little bit overboard with the hairspray hair look really dry, and tutorials.

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So um sorry about that but generally using this is just made my hair a lot softer, and a lot shinier and, I have just been a lot happier with it. So this is a definite favorite they are like seven or eight dollars each at the drugstore which is not bad. I mean it is definitely a lot better than a salon price but it is a little bit higher in for the drugstore but. I really do like these but for my second favorite. I have just a little back story. So what happened was. I sponged off of sulfates. And I was like okay. I need to do some more research on us will face, and just see what they are, and see is like going sulfate-free is actually really going to make that much of a difference in my shampoo, and conditioner you know all that kind of stuff, and um there’s. So much research on it. And I really encourage you guys to look it up, and kind of research sulfates on your own, and find what you think about it. Because there’s just a lot of controversy over sulfates in general but what. I did find was that they are proven to be skin irritants like a lot of people find that their skin is very irritated by sulfates, and one thing that. I noticed whenever. I stopped using the sulfate shampoo is that my scalp went from being really itchy, I have always had this is embarrassing, I have never admitted this on camera before but, I have always had a really itchy scalp. I could never figure out why. I think the doctors roars like no you do not have dandruff or anything wrong with you. And I was just like but my scalp isle Angie oh. And I just thought that. I was stuck that way. Because. I didn’t matter what shampoo. I tried it was always like that well. I switched to being sulfate free. And I stayed sulfate free for like a couple weeks, and then my scalp has just been completely normal since then. And I was like that was the problem. So I had that first epiphany that going sulfate free was really helping my scalp, and then. I realized wait sulfates are also in body wash, and my body skin like body skin my skin on my potty has always been really dry, and itchy, and ashy. And I never knew. I cut my skin on my face is really oily or used to be. And I was just like. I do not understand what is happening right now um, and that’s just been my life but. I just thought my skin was just weird, and then. I realized. I used sulfates on it maybe that makes a difference and. So I decided to look for a sulfate-free body wash which is hard to find. Because. I looked at lush first, and there’s is not sulfate free, and the body shop is not sulfate free like things that you would expect to be sulfate free or not.

So. I looked around for a while, and then. I finally look on Michael Todd’s website, and they started doing on body hair as well as just facial care. So I decided to pick up one of their bar. So it’s. Because they are. So fake free they are very natural like if you look up all the ingredients on their they are all completely safe. Because, I have gotten like really nerdy about looking up ingredients, and the different things that, I will using all my hair my body now um but it is completely safe completely great. So I have the soap it does not like look like anything special it is been in my shower getting all you know soapy, and stuff. So it is not really that pretty right now but. I got the citrus lavender scent it smells like a creamsicle which is awesome it does not really stay like on your body really. So you can still wear perfume some stuff over it which is lovely, and my skin of my body has done a complete like it is amazing. Because it went from being a she, and dry looking. So now it actually looks nice even if. I do not use a lotion on it which was never going to have him before. So I mean you do not have to go out, and buy this exact soap but. I definitely recommend if you have ever had a problem like, I will talking about with like a she dry itchy skin um try going sulfate free see if it helps you. Because. I really helped me. And I didn’t even know that was the thing. And I wish I’d known earlier. So I wanted to go into all of that back stories. I know that was a long time but all that back-story just to help any of you guys out there that might be the same way. I was sulfates can be really irritating the skin. So if you find that your skin is generally a little bit fathered, and irritated maybe sulfates or the problem, and it was for me and, I will just. So much happier now on my skin is. So much more at peace now. So, I will just really happy with that okay. So the final major change that. I made this month us to switch to natural deodorant, and what had happened was. I was having the same problem with my underarms that. I was having on my whole body but it was a lot worse like crazy itchy first of all which is embarrassing, and annoying, and then. I was like it red, and inflamed asking like hi fish kind of bumps, and it was just a problem like really gross problem that.

I was having. And I was like what in the world is going on. So I tried like eliminating different things from my underarm routine. Because. I didn’t know which of the things it was. I didn’t know if it was my body wash or my shave gel or my razor or my deodorant. So I tried eliminating different things, and eventually. I figured out it was my deodorant. So I switched, and ended up buying the love vanilla healthy deodorant, and it is expensive but my whole rationale fizz was first of all. I love their perfumes, and second of all support. I had their sale going on. So it costs the same as a normal deodorant when it was on sale, and it smells like your standard deodorant like baby powder vanilla ii they have different sense. And I kind of want to see maybe next time, I will try different one but this feels really good it works really well. I do not have soup um vow or underarm perspiration this is getting real personal guys um. So I didn’t need anything crazy as far as that goes but um it worked for me really well. So if you are kind of like me that whole sense this would probably work for you, and that’s what happened to me this month my body decided it was time to go green, and sulfate free, and do natural deodorants. So I said okay cut. I do not like being achieved, and bumpy, and weird. So yeah that happened ok. So now moving on to not awkward favorites. I have this Michael Todd, I will charcoal detox tea poor job cleanser you guys are probably tired of hearing about Michael talk. Because everybody talks about them but. I purchased this myself. And I love it. Because. I have been using a clinique cleanser before talked about in a post like seven months ago. And I just. I wasn’t happy with it. Because even though it really did like cleanse my skin, and get it really clean it left my skin feeling about three sizes too small like just really tight, and really uncomfortable, and that tightness would not go away for like six or seven hours, and it just was not a good situation for me decided to replace that cleanser with this cleanser just to see, and this one is actually meant for oily skin, and my skin is only oily like in my nose right now, and it is actually the dryer around here. I do not know my skin just doing its own thing but this has not been too harsh on it what.

I’ve actually found is that it cleanses just as well but it does not make my skin uncomfortable which is phenomenal that’s really what. I was looking for, and it is made with completely natural ingredients there are no sulfates involved in this which is amazing the great things that you can go on their website, and you can look at these ingredients, and you can even look them up, and there’s nothing in here that’s bad for you and, I have gotten really nerdy about looking at like the ingredients that are in my body hair products, and my skin care products and, I have been really happy with these products for Michael Todd just. Because they are all organic they are all good for you. I do not have to stress about the men worry about them, and that’s really been a big problem for me lately obviously that, I will really concerned about what, I will using on my body my hair, and all that. So anyway. I really love this stuff. So if you are looking for a good cleanser that’s actually really effective it removes makeup as long as you have a light amount of makeup on not like heavy hardcore long wear makeup but if you just have like powder, and concealer, and eye makeup on it’ll take that off it takes off my mascara. I do still have that coupon code for twenty percent off all of your orders for an entire year in the description box below they were nice enough to give that to me not paid to talk about it just wanted to tell you guys that it is there in case you are interested in trying any of this stuff. I really like okay my next favorite is this buxom mascara. And I got this in my pop sugar must have box, I have been unboxing those on my second my blog over the past couple months in this one. I think was from the March box, and it is got this cool little squiggly wand, and it is got a rubber brush, and is perfectly positioned to get like every little one of your lashes it is an amazing lengthening mascara. Because of that. Because it hits like every single little one you can even get like the ends of your lashes without it like looking clumpy, and that’s. So important for getting those long wispy looking lashes is just to kind of touch the end of the lashes without gunking product onto them and. So this has actually been really good for that. So I do not know um oh it is the sculpted lash mascara there we go. So it is the buxom sculpted lash mascara it is great. I do not think it is waterproof. Because it washes off really easily, I will which.

I like. I do not like waterproof mascaras. Because my lashes like break off, and get all brittle, and weird. And I just like to keep them as pretty as possible. So I use water not waterproof mascara on them to keep them Freddie. So, I have been using this. And I love it final makeup favorite has actually been using a lip liner as kind of my lip color, and then putting a lip balm over it. And I might sound a little weird but. I just like filling the outside of my lips, and then. I just kind of like blend it in with my finger, and it kind of stays on a little bit better. Because it is just supposed to be like a crayon on your lips it is supposed to really like steel down to your lips. So it lasts a little bit longer, and then. I just put a little lip balm over it to keep my lips moisturized, and to kind of add a little bit of a subtle shine to it. So the lip pencil that, I have been using for that is the exaggerated full color lip liner from Rimmel, and the color East End snob, and it just basically is the color of this pencil, and its really nice it goes on really creamy Lee cream Willie that’s not a word it is very creamy, and consistency. So it glides on easily, and it has very pretty color it is kind of a rosy um Rosie mom almost, I have been using the smiths strawberry lip balm you can find this at Sephora they usually have it in that little impulse buy area right next to the register, and this is what the product looks like it is just like the kind of light pink bomb it is a wonderful bomb on your lips it feels really nice, and really smooth, and soft, and it really works extremely well, and it smells a little bit like strawberries, and it is got that pretty like pale pink color to it. And I love it. So, I have been using these two together um you know just, I have been having kind of like easy go to make up like.

I have not been wanting to do a whole lot. So this has been really nice. Because. I just draw this on put this on my lips are like moisturize, and good to go for the day. And I just really love it. So that’s been my lip routine lately. And I do not have anything but good things to say, and this pencil is only a couple dollars, and this is only four or five dollars. So it is a good inexpensive routine as well my favorite youtuber of the months that from glam life guru. I love her like seriously completely think she’s the sweetest person in the entire world. I got to hang out with her when. I was. I met all of the strands in Vegas, and then again at IMATS in LA, and she’s. So sweet, and she’s. So wonderful to be around, and she’s such an encouraging person, and she’s. So sweet. And I love how intelligently, and kind of softly she speaks. I guess that’s a little bit weird but she just always is very deliberate, and very sure what she says. And I just for whatever reason that really resonates with me. And I really love it. And I also really love her product recommendations. And I love um her kind of makeup aesthetic almost like the kind of makeup that she likes to do is really inspiring to me. Because she does he’s great like glamorous Smokey eyes, and you guys can tell with me, I will not a Smokey eye kind of girl but. I just love what she does, and her hair tutorials are great. I can seriously sit here, and talk about how much. I love her like forever. So you guys should go check her out.

I’ll have her linked in the description box and, I will probably annotate her somewhere, and talking about this really cool opportunity to be a part of the competition to be the best beauty blogger of the year with Allure magazine which is super cool. So if you want to you can go in the description box, and see that whole competition, and see everybody that’s entered, and whenever you vote you are actually what you are entered to win a giveaway prize actually think there’s two prizes every week. So you are entering, and you are getting a prize, and you are also supporting other bloggers. I totally recommend that you vote for that, I have been voting for her. And I love her but no matter what. I think it is great to go on there, and support um jell beauty bloggers, I will completely on board with all of us being able to just accomplished a lot, and being able to be noticed by magazines, and television things like that it is just really cool anytime. I see something like that happening. I want to push you guys over there. So you guys can go, and support that, and support you know other mediums kind of recognizing the beauty blogging is an awesome things. So definitely check out that. I definitely check out the competition in the description box that would be awesome. And I have that coupon code for Michael Todd in the description box as well at that temple for you guys just expand the description box it has tons of stuff. And I will be back on Wednesday with the first of my graduation hair tutorials, I will hoping that goes really well, I will excited for it.

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