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Hi how are y’all doing it is Mimi here today and as you can see I’m in a new setting what finally moved to our new place and the last few weeks.

I’ve been posting at Leila’s place and that’s the reason why because nothing’s done ready and finally we will put the bed together and we repainted and all that. So now, I can start posting in my own room this post is actually not a hair tutorial it is going to be a review which, I have not done in a while. And I have kind of missed doing reviews and this review has been requested a lot this is um intelligent nutrient hairspray it is perfect hold hairspray and it is all natural and organic ever since, I switched to this hairspray from our other favorite hairspray which is um l met L’Oreal a lot of you girls have been asking me why, I switched what are the reason and what’s.

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So good about this hairspray, I decided that it is time to do a good review and kind of give you you know more information about it my little role lately has been that every time, I run of some kind of a beauty product that, I have whether it is a hairspray and nail polish a shampoo conditioner cream anything. So whenever, I see that I’m running out of the conventional hairspray or any product that, I have, I try to find the same one you know look for a new alternative or natural organic version when, I was running out of my hairspray started doing research online looking for a more natural hairspray and honestly girls, I probably spent 2-3 days looking for a natural hair spray that’s organic that’s good for you that’s not an aerosol bottle and then, I came across this link online that was saying that this hairspray is the best and the reason is the best is because the founder of this hairspray actually drank it on post just to show how natural it is that even if you infuse it like if you were to physically drink it internally you are not you know nothing’s gonna happen to you because it is natural ideal that is also the reason why, I switch, I decided to switch from conventional hairspray to natural hair sprays because you know anything you use on your hair or on your skin is ultimately sort of even by your hair. So your skin cut if you put lipstick your your lips kind of eat the lipstick right like it absorbs everything you put on absorbed by your skin that’s why you know, I decided spend all that time to look for a natural alternative and when, I heard about it, I was like okay this sounds too good to be true in the name of research of course, I decided to try it out and, I ordered it instantly on their website and, I got it about two ten days or two weeks later because, I live in Canada shipping it comes from the States as shipping does take a while, I absolutely love it.

I’ve been using this hairspray for the last few months and I’m gonna post the link actually on that post where, I you know the founder of this company tells you nutrients actually like takes you know what he like pours this in a glass and like he actually drinks it. So I will post it down below if you guys are interested to see this post what are some things that, I love about this hairspray again is the fact that a it is cruelty free a lot of companies like L’Oreal and a lot of others the louder a lot of big bigger companies out there still test on animals and, I personally wasn’t aware of that. So lately.

I’ve been trying to you know stop using products of companies that still use you know their or test their products or animals and this company does not test on animals. So it is cruelty free it is all natural and organic which, I love the scent is absolutely amazing and natural and it works, I mean that’s the best thing when looking for all you know alternative or natural versions of our conventional products, I think the main thing we want to find it is a product that not is only not natural because you know if it is natural it is great but if it does not do the job you do not really need it as amazing as this hairspray is there’s still a few cons about it that, I really wanted to mention in this post and one of the first cause is the fact that it is quite expensive this hairspray is about $30 expensive and you know having said that it is expensive, I do think that um you know the fact that is all-natural and organic has to do something with a price obviously you know making a better product cost more money this product justifies why it’s. So expensive and it is the fact that it is organic and all-natural and a nice about the price if you look at the bottle.

I’ve been using this for about three months and you can see. I have only used about 20% of this product which is amazing, I think this is going to last about a year and if, I look at a year and spending thirty thousand a year spray, I think it is a pretty great investment another con about this product and it is only because, I leave in Canada is that, I have to buy it online it they do not offer or they do not sell this in any natural. So, I would have to buy it online and wait two weeks but, I know that in the state you might be able to get it on some salons or you might be able to purchase it in some you know whole foot stores, I do not think they have it a whole food store here in Toronto but, I will definitely check it out and let you guys know if they do but as far as, I know you can only buy it online if you are in Canada or somewhere else in the world but at the same time you know if you know you are running out just order it and you know you will get it and you won’t have to buy a new hairspray for years.

So it is not that bad of a thing the last con that, I have about this product it is kind of a con and a pro at the same time now also one of the reasons why, I switch to a natural hairspray is because there is any aerosol bottles whether it is hairspray or it is a deodorant or it is one of those air fresheners they are really bad for the environment the way they if you did a bit of research online I’m not going to get into their environmental issues right now but any aerosol bottles are really bad for ozone layer of they you know the environment and all that it has been my goal to switch to a you know non aerosol hairspray and when, I found this hairspray, I was really happy because it is gone it is not aerosol bottle now because it is not aerosol bottle what happens with this hairspray is that if say if, I do not use it for a day or two or maybe a week and, I try to use it it clogs like the if, I try to spray it it won’t come on it is a bit of a downer but at the same time it is very easily fixed and they just say it on the bottle here it says spray on dry here to set and finish style if spray or clogs clean with hot water. So every time, I use it it does clog, I have to be honest that’s what, I mean it only takes me two seconds, I in the water you know on hot water and, I just put this on the water run the tap for two minutes not a minute for like 30 seconds and then it is unclogged and, I can use it just fine it is a it is a con but at the same time, I know that you know with aerosol bottles that never happens usually but then it is not good for the environment. So sometimes you have to pay for things that are more natural or better for the environment that’s just how things work overall, I absolutely love this hairspray whenever, I run out I will probably repurchase it or because, I do love trying new products I will try out a different natural hair spray and at this time this is the hairspray, I recommend to use on your hair and on your locs is because it is natural it is good for you it is good for the environment if you girls have any favorite natural hairspray definitely leave a comment down below and let me know what it is because, I like like, I said before, I like trying out new products and whenever you are buying a product that says it is natural and organic do not just assume it is because it says.

So most drug Mart’s do not have all-natural organic hair sprays even though it says. So on the bottle. So make sure to read the labels read the ingredients check whether their claims are true on the website it is um I will put the link in the info box down below it is ewg safe cosmetic upper beauty products that you use will be listed on their website or most of them not all of them.

So you can see if it is in fact natural and how toxic it is so they have a scale of one to ten and this hairspray fold on 3, I believe which is really not bad at all most products are most conventional products that are in drugstores are about 7/8 in the level of toxicity thank you. So much for tuning in do not forget to leave a comment down below and I will see you guys soon bye.

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