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Morning! It is Monday. I just uploaded the second post of Jennvember. Today I’m just getting a lot of work done I have a huge panel tomorrow So I’m gonna basically answer the questions beforehand so when I’m on the panel my brain does not shut off so that’s what I’m going to do and then I got to get my nails done because these are getting a little too long It’s getting hard to take my contacts out so it is time for a change. Alright we are at the Nailbox LA This is a really cute nail salon in the Arts District Look at the aesthetic though. Look how cute. I’m with Sophie and Weylie. Hey ladies! We went for some some rosy tones today. We did! I didn’t notice that! What kinda shape can we make? Star? Literally a triangle. – Nevermind! At Cafe Gratitude. Of course I got an Asian salad here. Gonna see what it tastes like. She got a curry bowl. Sophia got a wrap! Good morning! Here I’m in my usual spot to greet you. Ben actually came from New York last night at midnight.

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He was so shattered though because usually from NY to LA only takes 5 hours but because he took some connecting flights. It took a total of 12 hours so he was so exhausted and now he left at 7am to go to work. Today I’m actually speaking at a conference called WWD Digital Forum I’m a little nervous but I have all the questions beforehand So last night I was with Ashley and we just kinda brainstormed on what I would say so that way when I’m on stage I’m not shitting bricks and my brain does not fart so right now I’m just really fine tuning my answers and I think I feel pretty good about it because it is just me explaining what is happening with the social media space from a creator’s point of view I should probably get lunch.. or make lunch. I should make lunch. I will make chicken soup right now. I’m in front of the Hammer Museum about to head into the panel! You’ve got Instagram, Instastory, Snapchat, Facebook Live. So it is really about just prioritizing what platform you find is best for you. For me, always comes number one. Love you, babe. What is this? Bread pudding ala mode? White chocolate bread pudding with vanilla bean ice cream. 4am. Going to LAX to go to New York. Made it into the plane in one piece. – Wassup? We got our Dunkin Donuts iced teas unsweetened.

Cheersies! So a lot of stuff has happened. We are at our hotel, the Waldorf Astoria. Oh! And we got food. Wanna check this out? It’s caesar salad. Here’s the matzo ball soup. We were expecting something bigger for $17. .. yeah.. .. yeah.. We are all spruced up. Ready to go to the Ad Council event.

Jenn let me borrow some earrings. Look at that! Now we are off! Just putting on the final touches. Oops. Show it! I have blockaded our exit. Oh, we can’t go now. Okay, I guess we just stay in! I’m told that this is advertising’s biggest night and you are all advertisersbest & brightest minds And for showing all of us that love really have no labels. Holy crap! It is the next morning. I do not even remember falling asleep. That’s what kinda night it was. Eugenie came around. It was a great reunion. Had a couple of cocktails and I do not even remember saying goodbye to her. I think I just fell asleep on the bed. Yeah! We looked over at one point and you were just like.. I’m so sorry, but my drunken mess still was able to take off all my makeup and put my moisturizers and skin care so, auto-pilot Jenn, you done good.

Last night with the Ad Counsel was amazing. It was such an inspiring event. For those who do not know what the Ad Council is It’s an organization that’s nonprofit that gathers a bunch of brands and connects them with creators to make public service announcements for the people. They’re the ones who created Smokey the Bear. They’re the ones who created the crash test dummies for seatbelt safety. They do anti-bullying campaigns. and I’m so honored to be one of their Creators For Good for Goodwill It’s a really great fit especially because I have been shopping at Goodwill since god knows when. So it is just a really good match and I’m really excited to show you guys my Goodwill post that should be coming out the end of November. James Corden was hilarious! Sheryl Crow was awesome. It’s nearly noon but we are from the west coast so technically it is 9AM So gonna give us a break. That’s my little update. I wish I got a clip of my dress. but I mean I have it on Instagram, so that’ll do. That’ll do. I’m in a cab now riding solo heading to Soho. Meeting with my friend, Kristen.

Stephanie couldn’t make it cos she’s pretty sick right now. I think she had some food poisoning. So I’m just letting her rest and meanwhile I’m gonna catch up with another friend. Here’s Kristen! We’re at Maman! The most Instagrammable cafe! I feel like I curse too much. Me too! I cuss a lot on my own time. I feel like it is a filler word. To be honest. But I have read an article that people who curse a lot are more intelligent. Ohhh really? Is that fucking true? Grems are both out now. We are heading to the Tom Ford premiere. His post Nocturnal Animals. Very excited to read it. We are here at the Nocturnal Animals premiere in New York. We’re sitting next to each other. We thought that we might not be because they are both odd numbers but it turns out we are so yeah! It’s particularly meaningful and emotional for me to premiere in New York. So we just finished the post.

It was very good. Beautifully posted. Very chilling. It was really sad, but I really do recommend it. To cope with our feelings right now, we are gonna eat some dim sum We’re at Dim Sum Palace. It’s near Times Square. Great reviews. So we will see how the food is. We came back to our room and we just got a note from the lovely Sue Choi. Thank you so much! She gave us 4 red velvet cupcakes Oh and water! Nice! Thank you so much, Sue! Good morning, guys! It is our last and final day in New York or I guess we are leaving in a couple hours so that’s what’s happening. We just had our breakfast. We had an assortment of dim sum and congee It was really delicious. The congee especially. So now we just packed up our bags and we are gonna head to the airport! New York! You were amazing! Well well well. Look what we have here. Shake Shack! All we do is eat.

Alright, I’m gonna go for it. Back in LA. About to have some Friendsgiving dinner with all my friends at the Clifton’s. This is happening whether it be bad or good. We do not know. I’m already confused. Ben and I are just chilling and reading. – We’re reading the dance class learning nothing. We are in the photobooth. All 9 of us! Hey guys! It’s Saturday. It’s been so busy Ben and I have just been pounding out a lookbook Trying to post 5 outfits so not too much time to chat just trying to get through it The sun sets at 4:30 today Alright guys. I’m in bed. I’m wiped out Ben and I actually posted 4 outfits today. We’re gonna knock out the last one tomorrow and then we are also driving to Irvine to meet with Vu because I have a photoshoot for Mejuri I’m coming out with a jewelry line with them. I do not know if that post is gonna come before this Jennvember post For dinner I ordered BCD Tofu House. I got the seafood soondooboo and BBQ chicken It was delicious.

I didn’t post it though. I just needed to take a break. Now I’m gonna start this book. It’s called Unwind. It was recommended by a handful of you guys so thank you! Im going to crack it open and I’m excited! This sounds pretty scary, a little bit eerie, so yeah! Other than that I will talk to you guys tomorrow! Wanna say goodnight, Cheeki?.

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