Phil McConkey was upended by Broncos cornerback Mark Haynes, but held onto the ball to set up the game-changing touchdown in Super Bowl xxI.... Nfl Best Players By Position

Phil McConkey was upended by Broncos cornerback Mark Haynes, but held onto the ball to set up the game-changing touchdown in Super Bowl xxI.

Bobby Johnson was wide open for the touchdown, but McConkey took us to the 1-foot line, so I guess that’s OK.

The next time Denver had the ball, Elway retreated all the way to his end zone on a third-and-12 from the Denver 13, and defensive end George Martin corralled him for a safety. Martin was Elway’s nemesis he’d had a 78-yard interception return in the regular-season meeting between these teams (see Play 15). Denver was still able to move the ball, though. Karlis had one more chance at three points with 13 seconds left in the period, but he missed a 34-yard field goal to leave the score at 10-9 at the half. The third quarter was a Giants onslaught, in which they outgained Denver by 161 yards. Simms, who had thus far thrown just three incompletions, would not miss another pass in the game. The opening Giants drive stalled at their own 46, but Parcells sent an unusual group on for the punt. Backs Lee Rouson and Maurice Carthon lined up as gunners on the outside, while quarterback Jeff Rutledge lined up as the blocking back. The three then

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Both wideouts lined up on the left, but Phil McConkey (80) went in motion to the right. Joe Morris (20) took the handoff from Phil Simms (11) and then stopped at the line and flipped the ball back to Simms.

As the defense converged on the fake run, both wideouts went deep and Simms surveyed the field. Although Bobby Johnson (88) was wide open, Simms spotted McConkey first and hit him at the 20. McConkey was tackled at the 1, but the Giants scored on the next play.

Shifted to their normal positions while punter Sean Landeta went in motion as a flanker. Rutledge made sure that the Broncos linebackers were off the line, and then took the snap and made the first down on a quarterback sneak.

Five plays later, Simms hit Bavaro from 13 yards out, and New York took the lead for good, 16-10. Denver went three-and-out, and Phil McConkey returned the kick 25 yards to the Broncos’ 36. Eight plays after that, Raul Allegre kicked a 21-yard field goal to extend the lead to 19-10.

Again, Denver went three-and-out. New York moved to the Broncos’ 45, and Parcells sent McConkey in with the play of the game. Receivers McConkey and Bobby Johnson started out lined up on the same side, but McConkey went in motion to the right behind Mark Bavaro. Simms handed off to Morris. McConkey paused at the line to see if the safety was blitzing and then took off on a 45-degree angle across the field. Morris took two steps with the ball and then turned and tossed it back to Simms. Simms did not see Johnson open by the goal line, but he spotted McConkey and hit him at the 20. McConkey raced for the end zone, but was cut off at the 5 by cornerback Mark Haynes, who went low and sent McConkey spinning head over heels to the 1. Joe Morris powered in for the score on the next play, and with 24 seconds

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