Nikki Glaser Says Taylor Swift Is Her Dancing Inspiration & She Isn’t Kidding

How excited are you to join season 27 I am the most excited like legitimately everyone’s gonna say they’re excited. But this is the greatest thing I’ve ever done in my life it really is how is she doing in rehearsal she’s doing Greg, and that hot couple thing is gonna build up your confidence they’re a celebrity dancer artist musician out there that can really dance that you’re gonna try to my blog on the ballroom floor you know who.

I’ve been my bloging is Taylor Swift, and she cuz. Because I feel that she’s a great answer well I’ve just said in Chris Kattan sometimes like I danced lakes are too great to answer well the thing about Taylor Swift is she she can do anything she wants she is not naturally a good dancer, and that’s why I look to her. Because I’m not naturally a good dancer I’m kind of lanky, and like don’t know how to move my body. But I’ve seen her bust out some moves, and she can be a fierce sexy, and that’s really what I’m struggling with becoming is sexy, and I feel like that is who.

That’s who I think about a lot is her being like being a like a Taylor Swift version is who I’m my bloging as the pro what do you think she needs to learn going into rehearsal well here’s that she is a super hardworking she listens she tries. So hard she never stops she always wants more, and that’s a great thing you know. But there’s a lot of challenges there’s a lot of steps to learn especially in the first dance, and we actually do two dances a week one. So, it’s an extra challenge. But. So far we’re doing great we had like 10 days of rehearsals Nicki’s been killing it literally, and not literally the general concept of dance has been murdered by me will you be bringing your comedy expertise onto the dance floor no I’m leaving all comedy aside like I really want to be after oh. Yeah app with the judges, and like before, and after I’ll be funny. But like there’s nothing funny about dancing it is very serious, and and I’ve learned that like I have to focus, and I have to be powerful strong, and sexy and. So I’m I’m not a comedian when I’m dancing you.

Nikki Glaser Says Taylor Swift Is Her Dancing Inspiration & She Isn’t Kidding Photos

Nikki Glaser Says Taylor Swift Is Her Dancing Inspiration & She Isnt Kidding

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