Ouai Memory Mist: First Impression and Review

Today we are reviewing the OUAI Memory Mist. This is suppose to be a new superhero multi-tasking product that adds heat protection, shine but most importantly, memory to your hair. So whether you blow it out or you straighten it or your curl it, this is suppose to help make everything last. Now on OUAI’s Instagram story, they’ve been testing this out on girls in the office. They’ve done this a few times where they’ll pick like two or three girls. They style their hair one day then they check back in the next day and show you how it held up. But I decided to take it a step farther and tried to get a little bit sciency with it.

Now, I was never great at science. I was a liberal arts major so. I’m doing the best I can but what I decided to do was do a control test where I tested the curls on my hair without any additional product. I just curled my hair. Took a picture right after it. Took a picture hours later. And then took a picture the next day. So you can see how my hair normally holds a curl. And now, we are gonna try this out and see if my hair holds a curl even better and I think that is gonna be the real test to see how that works. To keep things consistent, I used the same shampoo and conditioner and leave-in products both times.

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I did the Perfect Hair Day Shampoo and Conditioner from Living Proof. This is a good like, makes your hair look super pretty but it is not gonna impact the results at all and then we have got the Restore Perfecting Spray and Instant Repair from Living Proof as well. I use this every time I wash my hair. So I figured. It’s probably a good baseline. So, I did this both times. So the results should be the same. Yes. (singing) Let’s see how am I suppose to do this. You’re suppose to mist lightly and evenly onto dry hair. All right, cool. (spraying) Ew, I like the smell a lot. Wow, that’s really nice. It kind of reminds me of like a chai tea latte. With like a hint of pistachio. So this side definitely got some shine from the Memory Mist. So check, it does add shine. And this side, I mean it is still shiny. It’s just a little bit more matte. Where as this one has a lot of luster to it. And it feels way silkier.

See what I did there? Way silkier?

Do the next side nowcause I will forget if I don’t. For both sets of curls, I’m using a one inch curling iron just to really show us if the curls drop. This is a tiny bit of a tight curl so that way if there’s any droppage, we are gonna see it. Then I’m gonna curl all my hair away from my face. I think when it all goes in the same direction it is a lot easier to see if there’s any droppage. That’s what I’m gonna do. I have Taylor Swift’s new song stuck in my head so hard right now. I’m just walking around the house like, oh, look what you made me do. My husband is over it, like sorry, he does not like the song anyway. He’s like Kayley, stop it. Yes, I’m married. I think every time I mention that I’m married, people freak out. I wear my ring in every post. Yeah, I’m married. I have been married for almost five years. It’s gonna be five years this year.

I can’t even believe that. I bet those of you guys who have been watching me since then are like what? Yeah, it is been a while. I’m gonna go ahead and break these curls apart. They’re looking spring. And shiny. They feel smooth. It’s easy to run my hands through. So that’s all good. Uh, this hair is giving me like Petra from Jane the Virgin feels right now. Okay, so initial thoughts. It has added shine. My hair curled well. My hair smells amazing and so no negative thoughts so far. But the biggest test is yet to be seen. I’m gonna see how this holds up obviously until tonight and then through tomorrow. I’m gonna back tomorrow and give you guys the second day reveal. And my final thoughts. And tomorrow in one, two, three (snaps fingers). Good morning. We’re here on the second day. So initial thoughts is that my hair feels really good. He had minimal tangles coming out of the bun that I slept in last night. It’s got some shine. And it is never been crunchy at any point in the process. It just feels, you know, silky.

A little shiny. Really good. But what I’m most excited for today is to review the tapes and to see how the curls held up obviously with the Memory Mist versus without it. First let’s look at how things went just on day one, from morning to night. Without the Memory Mist, you can see that the curls definitely dropped from morning to night. They were like a tight kind of curly wave in the morning. At night, they change categories to being more of a loose lived-in wave. If you look at the Memory Mist, we still have droppage. Like, there’s no right-click, save-as situation here where it stayed the exact same all throughout the day. But what I think we can point out is that you still see the original ridges from the curls. It still stays in the same category of that like curlier wave. You still have the same effect of using a one-inch curling iron versus the day without the Memory Mist where it looks like I used a much larger curling iron by the end of the day.

I would say as far as day one goes, the Memory Mist wins. It really did just help to keep everything in place a little bit more. But then we move onto day two which is far more interesting and I think way more of a testament to how things hold up. So first of all, we look at it from obviously without the Memory Mist. What I see here is that you still have a little bit of the shape. But it is not the prettiest. My original reaction when I first took my hair down from that and I was filming those clips is that I would want to either put my hair up or I would want to add in some more heat to re-curl certain areas that had fallen. But then, you compare day one to day two with the Memory Mist and that’s when you are like, clutch my pearls a little. I’m a bit shooketh. Like it is working because the ridges are still there. The space between the ridges has loosened up a little bit which is where you kind of see the droppage coming into effect but. The curls are still there and the other like major bonus here is that I do not feel like I need to curl my hair, you know. I do not feel like oh my gosh, this one side has totally fallen. I need to curl it again. Or oh, that does not look good. I need to put it in like an up-do or something. No like, it looks good. I can just wear it out. So it saves me time. It keeps me from using heat on the second day. That’s a major plus. So now that we have looked through the tapes, I think it is time for the final verdict. Now, this claimed to add shine, heat protection and long-lasting memory. I think it did all of that. I definitely still have shine in my hair. It still looks great. I think the curls held up so much better with it than they did without it.

And it smelled good on top of it. I do not have a negative. Normally I can find something that I dislike about a product. I guess the only thing I can really say is that the price points, it is not drug-store. It’s like a salon price point. But you only use a little bit of this. It’ll last you a long time. So personally, for me, that’s not a negative. I’m sure for some people and some budgets, it would be but aside from that, the product works. And so because I think that it worked because I’m excited to use it again. And because I think that the tapes support my conclusion. This is Kayley Melissa recommended. I really enjoyed using it. So I hope you guys, if you are in the market, try it out too. And there you go. That is my OUAI Memory Mist review. If you guys want me to review more products, or tools even, tell me about it in the comments below. I’d love to hear. And do not forget that I upload Monday, Wednesday and Saturday now.

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