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I’ve been meaning to do since the summer has started but, I just didn’t get around to it from personal experience, I know this is a look, I love to rock in the summer and you probably girls do too. So you know what, I thought it’d be great to share with you how, I achieved beachy waves and there’s a few different ways you can do it with using Hot Tools or without today I will show you how to achieve beachy waves if you have a hot tool I’m gonna be using this crimper from Hot Tools and it is really great, I love this crimper hair crimper and this is what I’m going to be using to get those um you know those curls that are not spirals but are more like, I do not know what’s the right word but I’m sure you guys know what, I mean they kind of go like crimped curls right and other products that you are gonna need for this look is a hairbrush you are gonna need a hairspray today I’m going to be using my new favorite all-natural organic hair spray from intelligent nutrients for it you can use any hair wax I will be using Fructis hair wax, I still have not found a good natural hair wax I’m looking but this is what I’m going to be using you can use any hair wax you have and we are gonna need some clips for the hair and, I think the first things first you want to spray your hair with a heat protectant. I have already sprayed my hair with Tresemme heat protectant and you can spray it with whatever you protecting your house.

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So you just want to brush you here and I’m just gonna be using my hair today and you want to section it in to grab one of the smaller sections we are gonna work in sections of about things like a few inches not too small long too short, I mean it is it’s really up to you how thick you want your section to be, I usually just go for you know kind of a section that’s not too small not too big and then you grab your crimper and you start crimping your crimp you hold it for anywhere from 10 seconds to 15 seconds and then you let go and you crimp again and you let go and you crimp again it is really really simple it just you know it takes a bit of time if you want to do all of your hair and then this is kind of what you get really beautiful and perfect but at the end of this look I’m gonna you know mess it up a little to make it look more natural but um you kind of want to do the exact same thing for the rest of the hair but the only point, I want to mention is that you know you do not you do not need to make them look perfect. So the line as your crimping you see those lines they do not need like all of your hair it does not need to be in that perfect line you can just kind of crimp it anywhere you want because you know they they do not have to be perfect that’s the whole idea of this look. So you want to do the exact same thing hold it release hold it release hold it and you can work your way down your hair really fast and this process will probably take you about 15 minutes, I think.

So very very pretty very cute and you know do the same thing for the rest of the year I’m gonna speed it up for you guys. So it does not take a long time but do the same thing for the rest of the hair. So now that I’m done crimping over here this is what, I have very beautiful very beachy kind of looking waves, I love this look but I’m not done yet.

So the next step is to take your hair wax and make this look a little more messy not. So perfect as you know the whole point of view of the beach is being more natural and not being. So perfect looking.

So you want to take the wax put on your palms sorry, I didn’t explain what I’m doing here. So you kind of like rub it against your palms and then kind of grabbing sections and going up and down just do it a little more just a little more and kind of going up and down this creates more texture and kind of makes them look a little more messy but still look they do not lose their shape. So just run your fingers through it go up and down kind of scrunching them you can add a little more I’m just dabbing a tiny bit do not use too much product because you do not want them to look greasy either just like up and down and lots of lots of here you are pretty I’m gonna turn around well I’m not done yet last step is to hairspray the hair.

So that the curls do not fold and I’m gonna be using my new favorite natural hairspray this is by intelligent nutrients, I love love love this product sorry I’m gonna probably do a review on the two you know right on the facts of why, I love this product but yeah definitely a great product to have and you want to just grab sections of here and spray it Spray is free it is free and has such a nice natural Sun to it because there is no synthetic fragrance in this hairspray. So you just left and spray and that’s pretty much it guys this process is super super easy and you know it does not require a lot of time it took me about 15 minutes to do all of the hair and if you are on the go you know 15 minutes is not that long about time I’m gonna turn it on to show you guys the hair in the back. So it is very pretty pretty perfect beachy waves, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial thank you.

So much for – you will enjoying your summer whatever you are livin and, I hope you have a wonderful time thank you. So much for tuning in definitely try this look and let me know how you like it and I will see you guys soon bye.

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