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Hey guys today’s look is ideal for a special occasion or a prom in particular with the prom season coming up. So, I hope you guys like this look and if you want to know how to recreate it stay tuned I will show you exactly what you need to do.

So the tools we will need to recreate this look is a paddle brush we are going to need a teasing comb we will need a hair clip we will need an elastic band we might need some bobby pins and a hair accessory in your color choice I’m using it flower and to curl the hair I’m using the one-inch hot tools curling iron. So that’s it oh and of course a hair spray. So the first thing I’m gonna do to start off is brush through the hair carefully to ensure its tangle free next we are going to separate a section of hair from the bottom and you want to grab about a middle-sized section right at your at the nape of your neck from one side and we are going to just create a regular braid going all the way down.

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So I’m gonna bring all the hair to one side and then just braid loosely this section right here going from the top all the way to the bottom and then secure that with an elastic band. So once the braid is done we are gonna leave it alone and go on to the next step. So what I’m gonna do for this step is actually bring all the hair backwards and we are going to separate the section at the crown and we are going to tease it.

So obviously we are gonna use some hairspray and I’m going to be using the diamond III teasing comb for that and if you are wearing hair extensions make sure you do not tease them. So just grab your own hair and we are gonna separate it into small sections spray and tease. So once we are done teasing the hair you want to just smooth everything out into just a nice kind of a lifted bump in the back and I’m using the same brush and just kind of lightly brushing over the teased up portion and bringing all the hair to the back.

So once you have smooth the whole entire section you want to just gather all the hair into one side and you want to put it up into a ponytail and you want to leave the braid out. So I’m gonna use the elastic band and probably about three times go over the hair. So once the ponytail is in place the next step is to bring the braid over to the other side.

So you want to flatten the braid against your head and just kind of position it as a headband and then you want to just bring it over all the way to the other side. So once you bring it over to the other side you want to kind of hide the end of the braid underneath the hair and then you want to attach the braid to the head with some bobby pins. So this could be a little tricky and can take some time.

So you want to just take your time with it and sort of hide it underneath like. So and then you are gonna grab the bobby pin and just find the braid and sort of attach that to the head then it looks like this kind of seamlessly goes behind the hair there then if you have any flyaways or shorter layers from the braid you want to just use some hairspray to just smooth everything out in place. So once the braid is in place the next step is to curl the remaining here in the ponytail.

So we are going to grab about one-inch sections and start to curl the remaining hair you you. So once we are done curling the hair in the ponytail next up is to just wrap a piece of hair around the band of the elastic band. So you do not see it.

So you want to grab just a small to medium sized section of hair and just sort of wrap it around the entire base of the ponytail and then we are going to just secure that with a bobby pin. So once you wrap the hair around the base of the ponytail the last step is to just attach a cute hair accessory or flower. So I’m just going to grab that and just find a place where you find that it fits best, I think right about there should be good.

So I’m just going to attach it right there and. So once the hair accessory in the flower is in the look is done. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this very girly and pretty look it is perfect for prom it is perfect for weddings it is perfect for really any special occasion in your life.

So, I hope you guys enjoyed this look and definitely give it a try, I know, I love it and, I would be wearing it for prom if, I had a prom coming up. So anyways thank you. So much for reading and I will see you in the next post bye.

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