Princess Jasmine Inspired Holiday Hair

Hello my lovelies today’s tutorial is a requested look of Jasmine from Aladdin hairstyle and, I think my own little interpretation more every day more Messier look but this is pretty much the look it is very very easy and it is super fast you are gonna see and if you want to know how to recreate this look then just keep reading okay guys to basically recreate this look you need a few things and that is if your hair is already long you are lucky I’m wearing my hair extensions 160 gram set I’m wearing the full set right now. So you go you are gonna need extensions for your hair is not long you are gonna need a brush to comb through that you are gonna need some elastics that kind of match your hair.

So these little elastics that you can get a dollar store you also gonna need some bobby pins and I’m gonna use the same brush to tease the crown of my the top of my head a little bit the crown and you can take this look a little further by adding a hairpiece or like a hair accessory and I’m gonna use um this is kind of like a gold headband and you are gonna see how I’m gonna apply to the head. So let’s get started and the first thing, I want to do like always is to rush through the hair just to make sure that you know there are no tangles and you know the hair is nice and smooth. So once you brush your hair you want to pull your hair to one side I’m gonna do it to my left side and just give it one more brush to make sure that it is nice and smooth and what I’m going to do for this look is modified a little bit and basically I’m going to pin the sides of my hair and for that I’m gonna use the bobby pins.

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So I’m just gonna grab one open it up and kind of push it into the hair like that and just kind of push it in like that I’m gonna do the same thing to this side just push on pick up the hair and I’m gonna I’m looking here because the mirror is here. So it is easier a little bit. So just oops grab your bobby pin and just push this bobby pin write it like that and, I want to just tease the top of my head just a little bit to add a little bit more volume.

So I’m gonna grab a little bit of hair like that and just give it a tip I’m gonna tease it like that and just smooth it out a little bit and bring the hair back to the side and give it a brush over the teasing like that all right. So smooth it out and here’s where the elastics come in handy. So I’m gonna grab one and basically what you want to do is just tie it in a ponytail not very tight kind of a little loose.

So I’m gonna do twice cuz it is a lot of hair with the extensions. So once you do um you kind of tied the ponytail once you want to do it again and basically this time you are just gonna do it a few inches down ZZZ ooh he’s walking around there in the background. So just tie it kind of three to four inches down and then we are gonna tie one more.

So I’m gonna go down the hair and dump down the ponytail, I mean and just tie one more like that, I think two is probably enough and then what you want to do is just pull on the ponytail a little bit to create this kind of very pretty look once you do that you are gonna have something like this and you can stop right here and this is perfect for everyday or even to go out it is very unique it’s. So simple to do but it’s. So unique or you can take it a step further and add a head but you want to kind of add it in the middle of your head like this pull it down a little bit.

So with a headband it is gonna look something like this and if you want to make sure that the head vent is nice and secure what you want to do is just bobby pin it up a few times in the back. So I’m gonna just put in one bobby pin let’s just slide it over the arm. So just like that just slide it it into the hair like that and do the same thing over here.

So just before you do that position it where you want it like that and grab a bobby pin and just slide it into the hair like that okay once you put the head Benton this is kind of what you are going to have and if you ask me this is a perfect look to where you know every day or for even the holiday parties coming up because it’s. So unique and, I think might messy because, I prefer it that way but you can take it a little further and spend a little more time sort of fixing all the parts and making sure that they hair is more neat, I hope you guys give it a try because it is super easy and super fast like you saw and it is an equally beautiful look for every day or for like a holiday party look. So thank you.

So much for reading if you have not commentd to the blog please do. So right now for more posts and if you like the post rate it comment below and I will see you guys in the next tutorial bye you.

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