Queens Give Their Emmy Award Acceptance Speeches!

Congratulations RuPaul you have all made us what, it’s just what, I was gonna say you finally won the Emmy in the world of Twitter you only have 160 characters look in that camera, and give your thanks for RuPaul’s Drag Race finally winning that. Emmy America this is Alexis Michelle, and I’m here to make it clear we won an Emmy thank you well I would like to thank us obviously all of the people all around the world reading, and supporting RuPaul’s Drag Race finally winning all of the Emmys honestly, and what does that mean for us that means that around the world we’re loving our genuine selves telling our stories.

So that other what people out there can learn to love themselves that’s what this is all about oh my god well at first I want to thank God first, and foremost first, and foremost oh I want to thank I don’t know I mean, it’s oh we only have an Emmy. Because people read it. So the fans, it’s really the fans we don’t mean to make fun it is no it actually a thousand percent is the fans you’re welcome actually all the celebrity fans of Drag Race who are vocal like Leslie Jones I want to thank all of the hard-working people both on camera, and behind camera that pour their heart, and soul, and time out year after year to provide to the world what they need which is an accurate representation of what each one of us go through on a day-to-day basis just dipped, and dragged I just like to thank God, and Luke Perry for this Emmy that we really deserved, and it took a little too long, and a get. But I’m grateful for it thank you.

I want to thank the Academy for finally giving a diverse, and colorful Network the opportunity to not only shine on a national basis. But an international basis, and to welcome us into the Academy home where all of the amazing stars artisan shows have had a place now we finally feel like we are officially mainstream, and not. Because we are doing what the man wants us to do. But. Because we’re simply using all the colors in the crayon box nothing. But love from the RuPaul family Thank You Academy in the world of Twitter you only have 160 characters or less to thank who you want to thank for that Emmy take it away Trinity I have no idea how to count that high. But I would love to thank all of my fans, and Wow, and RuPaul, and baby Jesus thank you first of all I just like to thank God who is the head of my life, and my mama for giving life to me bitch I’m an Emmy winner, and that’s all that counts sorry for the rest of you hold it didn’t make the cut back.

Queens Give Their Emmy Award Acceptance Speeches! Photos

Queens Give Their Emmy Award Acceptance Speeches!

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