Romantic Ponytail Hairstyle

Hi how are you doing is Mimi here today with another easy and simple hair tutorial as you can see today I’m not wearing my hair extensions this is going to be something very cute and lovely something perfect for every day and obviously something that will only take you a few minutes.

So let’s get to it already Carol my hair with the cortex for one curly Erin and, I use the biggest barrel which is, I believe one and a half inch. So if you care is not if your hair is naturally curly or wavy you do not have to do that step if you hair straight, I think this look will be nicer with with you know a bit of ways. So if you want to create that and then you know you can jump into this hairstyle right after um okay.

So what we are going to do for we are going to need for this look is some bobby pins just regular bobby pins that will match your hair color here elastic and we will probably need some hairspray I’m using a lot L’Oreal hairspray. So let’s begin um you can’t you might want to use a rat tail comb but I’m gonna make things even easier and just use my fingers to you know grab one of the sections from here and just bring this hair over probably not. So much just a little bit.

So you just want to bring it over to the other side and then you just grab the hair and bring it over to the left side or right side whatever side you want to choose and just want to secure the hair and an elastic in a ponytail here. So all I’m doing is just making a ponytail like a side ponytail all right. So once you have the hair in a ponytail you just want to section this hair into.

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So the the section above the ponytail and then you are grabbing the ends and bringing it through the loop, I hope you guys were able to see that and then you just like pull on the hair again and when you get is this really nice shape here super easy and then what are you going to do next is just grab a small section and we want to just hide the elastic. So you just want to grab a small section of hair and just wrap it around the elastic. So you are kind of creating a hair tie with hair it looks really nice.

So just wrapping the hair around that elastic. So you cannot see it and then we are going to need some bobby pins to secure the ends of the hair. So you just go from behind and your bobby pin the you know the fall out here I’m just going to use too to make sure it is safe and secure there lovely okay.

So this is what, I have. So far and you know you might want to leave it like this if you want but if you want to make it a little more dramatic you know you just grab the ends of hair and you can use a teasing brush if you want but you know, I try to make things the easier the part of the better. So you just grab the ends of the hair and you kind of tease it up.

So you just grab the hair and you know you just pull the hair up. So that kind of teases the hair and you do not even need the brush to do that. So it just like take smaller sections and tease this ponytail and you are kind of creating a poofy poofy ponytail which is cuter and more dramatic and creates more volume and bounce.

So this is what I’m doing is just grabbing the sections and just like teasing it up. So much more volume eyes done before right. So just grabbing the sections.

So once you are done teasing the pony you just want to spray it with a hair spray. So it stays that way and maybe from the side too and I will turn around turn I’m gonna turn around. So you guys can see how this hair looks from the back it is beautiful.

So that’s really it guys you know simple and easy only takes a few minutes and this is something you can this is something that’s easy enough for you to wear to work but also glamorous enough to wear out on a date or a girls night out or you know any kind of outing. So definitely give it a shot and do not forget to leave a comment down below, I love you guys see you soon bye.

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