Romantic Summer Hairstyle

This is better in the works you know you gotta step up the game to make it to the top to go oh hi how are you doing it is me here today.

So today’s hairstyle is a very beautiful romantic perfect hairstyle for spring and summer if you are going to wedding a prom birthday party or just a date really any special occasion it is only going to take you a few minutes to recreate and it is super super easy as always of course. So let’s start the tutorial for this look you are not going to need a lot of things you are going to need these little hair elastics and you are going to need some kind of flowers, I mean this is optional you can use either artificial flowers like, I will or you can use real flowers if you have them which is going to look even more beautiful and romantic now I’m gonna turn around. So you guys can see what I’m doing in the back with my hair, I’m wearing Luxus today I’m wearing the hundred sixty grams set in mocha brown.

And I have already curled my hair before to save the time for this tutorial I’m gonna link the post somewhere here. So you guys can watch the post on how to do it. So the first thing you want to do is just grab a section at the top bring both strands together and grab one of those you one of your little elastics and all you are doing really here is just making a little tiny ponytail.

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So you are connecting those two strands and you are tying it with an elastic now once you are done with that section you are gonna do the exact same thing a little bit below. So grab a couple more sections bring it together in the middle connect them in put another elastic on them. So we are moving all the way down and we are going to grab another section below.

So you want to bring it together and put an elastic on it now if you want to simplify this look you could really stop here and this would be a perfect hairstyle to wear to school or work or somewhere more casual it is kind of a great alternative to a regular ponytail and it is kind of like sort of half up half down really beautiful and romantic but if you want to glamorize it and make it more dramatic for an evening then you could add again like, I said either real or artificial flowers, I made this flowers out of a head, I mean, I didn’t make them but, I really like the flowers on my headband. So what, I did really is ripped it out and added a toothpick and what I’m gonna do. So, I have three different flowers here one is the bigger one then they are smaller and really tiny one.

So what I’m going to do is start with a bigger one and then go down with a smaller and then really small on the bottom. So what I’m going to do is grab the biggest flower and just insert it in my hair and then I’m gonna get the other one. So the smaller version of the same flower and well you do not need different sizes this is just what I’m doing but use whatever you have at home right and.

So I’m going to grab another section that, I have here let’s get this done moving up spent a lot to change now I’m going to take my last smallest flower and insert it in the last section, I have down here and this is what the final result will look quite let’s make this up and show the ones, I make some we are gonna go up to you in the living wills thank you. So much for tuning in, I hope you have a wonderful day and I will see you soon bye let’s make this post we are gonna show the world something we are gonna go up to you.

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