Selena Gomez A Year Without Rain Inspired Hair

Hello my lovelies today coming to you with a tutorial of Selena Gomez’s newest post a year without rain inspired look hair and makeup the makeup, I will post right here to go and check out on our other blog if you guys have not checked that out yet it is called everything luck see and like.

I’ve spoken, I believe, I spoken in the past post if, I have not forgive me but, I think. I have explained what that blog is all about it is mostly for makeup or follow me around posts more random posts. So check that out the link will be right here and the look for this post is kind of wearable let me just assume you guys in it is kind of like a silvery look with just a darker crease and it is just a got a nude lip the eyes basically look like this.

So in the post Selena’s hair is kind of like a very opened up tousled you know running in the wind kind of hair and this is just my version and, I just finished curling it. So it is still not still very wavy it is not very opened up. So if you want to know how, I created this look then just keep reading.

So basically for this look all you are gonna need is a curling iron and I’m using the same one, I used in my previous post this is from the set that’s four and one and this is one and a half inch, I believe the thickness. So I’m just gonna be using that and curling my hair basically this look is a very loose wavy look..

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So I have already brushed my hair. So you can go ahead and do that and my hair is obviously longer in this post because I’m wearing my extensions, I wanted a longer look then with Selena is wearing in her post. So whatever here you have will work.

So for me I’m just gonna separate my hair into sections and just clip up the rest and I’m gonna separate the back section into two parts and right here I’m gonna create thick waves and this section will just be divided into two parts and always spray it with heat protectant I’m using my Tresemme heat tamer spray. So just lightly spray from top to bottom both sides like that let it air dry for a few seconds until it absorbs into the hair and then just separated into two parts and start wrapping it around the curling iron I’m gonna do that I’m gonna be making making the curl sort of away from my face and, I always get questions asked how to do that and this is very simple and basically you just hold the curling iron down and start wrapping the hair basically away from your face like if you want it to do it forward you’d be wrapping it the opposite way. So just wrap it around hold it for about five seconds or.

So the first one usually, I let stand for about ten seconds until the curler gets heated up. So right now, I believe it is enough. So I’m gonna let it go and this is the kind of loose wave we are after I will just get up.

So you can see, I do not want it very curly. So I’m not gonna be holding my hair for too long and gonna be alternating the curls going away from my face and towards my face. So basically this one, I did away from my face and this one will be towards my face.

So if, I were to do it away from my face, I would put the curling iron on top and curl this way but, I want to do it forward. So I’m gonna put a wrap underneath the hair and just wrap it around this way and hold it down and basically this is gonna be the the technique that I’m going to use on the entire hand, I will be fast forwarding this because it is gonna take way too long otherwise but this is exactly what I’m gonna do on my entire head section by section one section away from my face and then one section towards my face. So if that makes any sense you can just come back to this part and see what, I did and it is enough.

So I’m going to let go and this is the curl and I’m gonna let them out even more once I’m finished curling. So right now just get a fast forward and do the same thing all over my head alright guys. So now that you have finished curling all of the hair this is what it is going to look like more or less.

So I’m going to go ahead and start opening up the curtain t-waves it is not really curls it is more of waves and the more tousled and the more opened up the look is the more similar it is gonna be to what Selena Gomez is wearing. So just do whatever feels right for you if you want to just leave it the way this and then wait for the waves to open up by themselves you can do that too I’m just gonna run my fingers quickly through the hair to open up the waves a little bit and just gently pulling on the waves and just running your fingers through them. So to settle these curls I’m gonna use our Elnett hairspray and just spray the entire head.

So I’m just gonna divide into two sections and then just go ahead and spray the whole head evenly throughout all the curls from the bottom too and if you want to give it body you kind of pull in the hair up and go with the hairspray from underneath like that. So you get a really volume ice-t– effect and do the same thing here all the way throughout the curls and then just lift the hair like go from underneath. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this look it is obviously an inspired look it is not identical to what she’s wearing in the post this is just my version.

So if you do like the post please thumbs up the post comment to this blog comment to the other blog as well. I have posted the link of this makeup look in the beginning of this post. So please check that out leave your comment comment all that fun stuff and, I will see you guys in the next post.

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