What Does Your Star Sign Say About Your Health?


21 MARCH – 20 APRIL Keep on top of your workouts now to burn off excess energy as well as to get you looking luscious for a show-stopping festive get-together. Youre ripe for adventure and change, so keep holdof that thought as distant places and love could be reaching out to you before the month ends.



Your ruler Venus plus motivator Mars have been making you raise your fitness game lately. It all pays off now as you look and feel amazing, just as the month starts to show signs of huge romantic potential. When it comes to family, a Full Moon helps you call a truce on tricky topics.


22 MAY – 22 JUNE

If youve discovered the joy of fitness recently, youll be seeing impressive results. If not, theres still time to make a full-on bid for fabulousness in time for the festive season. Focus on nutrition before the inevitable yuletide overload. A Venus-blessed romance is highly likely, too.

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A Full Moon in your sign could make you feel all family-ed out and over-fed this month. Take steps towards damage control by instigating subtle new health routines that keep an ongoing fitness goal on course. Gifts this month might include a significant piece of bling to seal a partnership.


23 NOVEMBER-22 DECEMBER Others may be winding down, but youre just getting started with an energising New Moon in your sign. Motivate mates to help keep up workout momentum, but prioritise family over fitness to make the most of a sentimental December Full Moon. Your love life gets more energetic now, too, as Venus brings your year to a seriously romantic high.


24 SEPTEMBER – 23 OCTOBER Venus and Mars bring you love and compliments galore this month, so spread the love around with a gift from the heart for someone special. Youll be repaid in kind and more. No time for the gym? Make walking your transport of choice or go dancing to get fit while you have fun.


24 OCTOBER – 22 NOVEMBER Venus in your sign makes you irresistible and shows how even the smallest efforts you put into working out do make a visible difference. Get ahead ofyour fitness resolutions by amping up your routine to beat the post-festive season bloat. Money prospects look brighter now, too.


23 DECEMBER – 20 JANUARY Make this month about you. With the Sun in your sign, your needs come first -especially if work has been full-on recently. Rethinks are inevitable now, so hang on to gift receipts! Consider reviewing your fitness regimen and revamping your love life – its the best gift you can give yourself.


21 JANUARY -19 FEBRUARY This is a fantastic month for friends, old and new, and one pal could show his or her true feelings as the month ends. Sow the seeds now for new ventures to blossom in six months time. Whether its a fitness goal or something more personal, resolve to make it happen. You can and you will.


24JULY-23AUGUST Stay fit this month by hitting the gym while the rest of the world hits the shops. Everyones at your beck and call now, Ms Party Planner extraordinaire! Entertaining at home could result in a romantic revelation and, thanks to Venus, a midnight kiss on New Years Eve could lead to much more.


24 AUGUST – 23 SEPTEMBER The cosmos is making this a love-filled season – and for you, there could be serious talk ofa new home, taking a relationship further and maybe even the patter of tiny feet! Rather than taking a seasonal fitness break, try recharging your workouts with a class youve never tried before.


20 FEBRUARY-20 MARCH Workouts improve for you with friends who are serious about getting into shape, as their dedication rubs off on you. Classes rather than solo sessions get the results you desire. There may be job news, and better news about pay, so keep on the ball at work even if others are winding down.

Orli Lysen has been a professional astrologer for more than 10 years, specialising in relationship astrology. Her fitness style? Ashtanga yoga – a hot workoutwith a spiritual side to it. For more star-gazing insights, visit orlilysen.com

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