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Brie Larson

Nice to have everybody here it is like, I was saying yesterday it feels sort of like. I shouldn’t sleep awake like that, it is nice now this week we kind of have a chance to to hang out a little bit get to know each other a little bit, and not feel the stress of everything. I think the point was to take the ten finalists on a road trip just like you are in camp, and see how they get along it is really just an opportunity just for everyone to get out of the little kind of bubble of being in new york, and come somewhere else after.

New york la is you know huge fashion capital there’s a lot of young women here who love fashion, and follow it avidly obviously there’s the whole celebrity factor it raises their profile in a very elegant, and charming way.  I think it is the only time they really can have a runway show, and showcase what they work on all year long, and it could be eyeglasses, or it could be jewelry. content/uploads/2018/10/mel

Mel B’s Strength

But those people normally never have a fashion show the good news is about this runway show is that you would give all your jewelry to vogue, and they completely style it for you we only show five looks for each designer that each section has its own point of view that it is tight does not look like anything else. content/uploads/2018/10/Rosario

Paul Archuleta

But it also is really representative of what that designer has done I have not done a runway show yet for alc it is been more intimate presentations and. So it is really exciting every time that. content/uploads/2018/09/Whitney content/uploads/2018/09/alissa content/uploads/2018/09/sophia content/uploads/2018/06/issa

Issa Rae

I see any of my pieces walking down the runway I have had a really strong emotion when you are you know designer you are typically in the back row you are never even seen your dressy models I cannot wait, I mean I am gonna get to sit at my own show it is in really good hands you know I trusts very completely. So it is all all fine I own that I would never normally be this like calm, and collected a couple hours before a fashion show I feel a part of me feels like. content/uploads/2018/05/whitney

Whitney Port content/uploads/2018/05/olivia

Olivia Munn content/uploads/2018/05/emmy

Emmy Rossum content/uploads/2018/04/mel

Mel B content/uploads/2018/04/krysten

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Drew Barrymore

Selena Gomez

Paul McCartney

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Millie Bobby Brown

Selena Gomez content/uploads/2018/02/olivia

Olivia Wilde

Kerry Washington’s Jacket

The Message of the Women’s March

Connie Britton’s Meals-Based Mission content/uploads/2018/01/screen shot 2018 01 31 at 1 37 19

Hollywood’s Common Bond

Natalie Portman, Jessica Chastain, Edgar Ramirez, Laura Dern and Eva Longoria.

Jessica Chastain’s Late Night Memo

Emily Ratajkowski’s Real Talk

Prabal Gurung’s Empowering T-shirts

Katy Perry’s Coat of Arms

Rhianna’s Simple Statement

Yara Shahidi’s Strong Sentiment

Dior’s Feminist Flair

Stars in Cause Supporting Statement Fashion

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