Style Tips To Get MORE COMPLIMENTS Experimenting w Your Style To Attract Attention W Ryan Masters

Experimenting With Your Style to Get Compliment Carl: All right, gentlemen. Today, we’re going to talk about how to experiment with your style to get compliments.

Ryan, are you ready? Ryan: I’m ready. Carl: All right, guys. Let’s get into it. Now, Ryan has an amazing my blog which I’ll link to in the description called Show Her Off and within a short time you have become like a country western dancing king. I mean anytime we go to a place, this guy goes out in country western dance he is recognized and one of the reasons is is because he’s very recognizable. You actually when you see this guy, you remember him. He’s got a distinctive style.

Style Tips To Get MORE COMPLIMENTS Experimenting w Your Style To Attract Attention W Ryan Masters Photo Gallery

And that’s what we’re going to be talking about today, how did he put this together, how did he experiment with his style, so when he walks into a place he’s getting compliments whether people recognize him or not because he’s got that distinctive look. Ryan: So, tip number one when you’re experimenting with your style and this is what I’ve done is getting inspiration from movie, TV, or book characters that resonate with you. Carl: What are some examples of things that you’ve pulled from source movies? Ryan: Yeah. So, like I oftentimes will wear if it’s a nice formal event like the Menfluential Conference. Carl: Yeah.

Ryan: I’ll – instead of a suit.. Carl: Full suit. No. Yeah. Ryan: You know I mean if, again, in the right setting maybe I would wear a full suit. That would be another thing I need to experiment. But, right now what I’ve experimented with and found that I like is vest. Carl: Yeah. And vests look good because if you can’t tell, Ryan takes care of his body. He has a whole another my blog you can check out talking about fitness, but you like to wear, you know, vest because they make your arms look, you know, just really they show off.

. Ryan: Yeah. They fit well with my body in there. It’s nice it’s kind of that nice formal layer without being too formal for my personality, again, matching me. And this is something, so to the point of the tip like I got inspired to try this by reading the show Hell on Wheels with Anson Mount like he wore vest. Now, it’s an old it’s a western leather vest, with.. Carl: Yeah. Ryan: A pocket watch and stuff and I had that at one point too, but that was something that I started trying and that leads me to tip number two which is like when you try things, try it more than once and like be comfortable with experimenting. Like when I initially started wearing vest, I’d found some, you know, online and stuff and I just didn’t like them, I didn’t – they were like leather vest and they just didn’t.

. Carl: No, and you.. Ryan: Fit well with me. Carl: So, you tried off vests that didn’t work necessarily. You had the idea of where you wanted to go. Ryan: Right. Carl: But, you started to try it and you failed a few times, but you also succeeded. Ryan: Yeah, because I learn. Carl: And you focus on those wins.

Ryan: Right. Carl: And then, you stepped it up I think you went to Suit Supply. Ryan: Yes. Carl: You found a number of their vests. Ryan: Yes. Carl: Let me actually show one of the vests that you’ve got here. Ryan: Yeah. All right, I just got it out of my suitcase, so it’s a little wrinkly. But, this is like one of the vests I like and I found it works well because I’m – another thing that I experimented is with a lot of color. Carl: Yeah. Ryan: Because for me, again, see I wouldn’t say, oh, well, you have to experiment with color, but for me my personality, l like wearing color not tons of color crazy all the time because somebody told me that only wear one piece of.

. Carl: Yeah. Like you don’t want to be – you don’t want to have too much attention. Now, let’s bring in this shirt here. Ryan: Yeah. Carl: This shirt is a good example of color. Ryan: Yeah. Carl: He was wearing this the other day and you – it was very distinctive. Obviously, this isn’t a color – purple, the color of kings. But we also see lavender a lighter color and it’s just it’s a unique design and the color stands out. And it looks great on you with your build. Ryan: Yeah.

It fit well. Carl: Yeah. Ryan: Yeah. Carl: So, focus on the fit. You brought in some color and he’s having fun. Again, he’s experimenting. It’s not always going to work, you’re going to have certain pieces you’re going to buy and, yeah, these aren’t going to work out too well. But, guys, you will occasionally find winners. Also, I think that you need to practice wearing this clothing to build up that confidence. Ryan: The third and final tip is if you are trying something, well, it’s two-part. Number one, if you are trying something new and want to experiment, don’t change five million things like I’m a big believer in one – focus on one thing at a time and get that doubt and.

. Carl: So, don’t go from t-shirt and jeans to a three-piece suit with, you know, with, you know. Ryan: Right. That’s like a total overhaul. And what this is about is just experimenting. Once you kind of have you base of style, then you can start adding in some style which reflect and tell the story of your personality more and who you are. Number two, I found it’s helpful to experiment in an area that you’re comfortable with. So, for example if you go out to particular bar all the time or whatever scene you go all the time, if you experiment in that area or arena you know the environment you’re comfortable there, you know for the most part the people there, so the only variable that really change is that piece of clothing for you. Carl: Okay. And I tell guys a lot of times, you know, practice wearing around things you’re familiar with just around your own home. You can simply wear for your family in and around there. Yes, I know that sounds like, well, really is that practicing? Yes, it is.

And you get used to wearing it. Now, we’re going to bring a picture really quick of your pants. And you love these olive green pants which really stand out in a sea of blue jeans and mostly blue jeans that don’t even fit well, these fit you very well. Ryan: Right. Carl: And you also have a red pair which when you wear that to the bar.. Ryan: Yeah. Carl: And, yes, some people are going to say, oh, wow, I mean that’s just standing out. But, a lot of women especially when you’re in shape, they’re like that looks good. Ryan: Yes. These are, you know, just flat gray pants, but the reason I’m all about lean wardrobe.

So, like this really pops because now the colors.. Carl: This is non-color it’s gray, so there is no color here and allows this color to do its job even better. Ryan: Right. Carl: And what’s great about this is you could actually wear a deep blue pair of jeans and it would still look great with this. Ryan: Well, and the same thing, if I switch it out at the conference I wore this with the white dress shirt. Carl: Yeah. Ryan: And then, these pants, so now, the only color that kind of stands out is blue. Carl: And normally this is – it’s a bit of a muted color, but it stood out because of the color combination of the white with the gray. Ryan: Right. Carl: Now, one thing I love is, again, getting back his point, introduce one piece at a time.

I’m looking at just your style in general, but this ring in particular you get comp – he gets compliments on this. Ryan: Yeah. Carl: And, most men they say, oh, a man should only wear one piece, his wedding ring. Well, not really, if you – I mean, you’re not married? Ryan: I’m not married. Carl: And this is something that how many times you get compliment on this? Ryan: All the time. Yeah, from girls and guys. Carl: And it was something that you weren’t used to wearing, but you started the practice, you experimented and now, you get compliments. Ryan: Yeah. Carl: Your beard, I mean you didn’t always have a beard. Ryan: I did not. Carl: So, Ryan wanted to look great, he wanted to show that he was intentionally sending a message that he cares about the details without wearing a suit. I know so many of you guys, you don’t want to pull off the sports jacket, the pocket square, the whole dress shirt thing is not your deal.

Now, the last thing I want to talk about, Ryan, your boots. Ryan: Aah. Carl: This is something that I remember it was one of the first style pieces you added to your wardrobe. Ryan: Yes. Carl: So, instead of adding one thing. Ryan: Yeah. Carl: You choose simply to stop wearing those ugly running shoes and you threw on a pair of boots. Ryan: Yeah. Because some – somebody I know who has a style my blog is telling me I need to up my style. Carl: Yeah. Ryan: Because, you know, it’s multiple years ago and I made my – before I bought the boots, I called this guy and asked him like, is Lucchese a good.

. Carl: I’m like, yes, go check out Lucchese, a great Texas company, but it make amazing boots. Now, there are many other ones out there. But, at the end of the day, don’t be afraid to bring in something regional. And this works great for Colorado. Ryan: Yes. Carl: Also, functionally, what – this guy loves the country western dance, so he’s going to get a lot of miles out of these boots. Now, when you wear boots like this into a place, does anyone not compliment I mean you probably get tons of compliments walking to the airport. Ryan: Yeah. Carl: I mean just anywhere you go. Ryan: Yeah. Yeah.

And, you know very often people, yeah, will say I like your boots like.. Carl: Yeah. Ryan: Those are really nice, where did you get them or what – what, you know, what are the pairs do you have. It’s a good – it opens conversation. Carl: But I will tell you guys that, again, following these steps, all of a sudden you’re able to slowly experiment and start to have fun with your style and get compliments. Compliments, why do they matter? Because they make – they just make us feel great. Ryan: To me it means I’m dressing authentically because it resonates with who I am and so, people recognize that. When I see other people dressed – when male or female dress well, you know, it’s not hitting on things, it’s like, oh, like it’s basically dressing well is good manners. So, it’s like someone took the time to – to dress well and dressing well doesn’t mean three-piece suit as we talk about many times, but they pay attention to details they’re telling their personal story. And then, another thing, I will take this off real quick, but to the point of when you find something.

Carl: You’re going to get to see the boots. Ryan: Yeah. So, this is – there are one of my – this is a good pair of boots I like, Lucchese’s. And, the other thing is this – this – I got it, I got actually different pair that are blue, they’re navy blue. It’s the exact same thing, it’s navy blue and I, like I really like these boots, so I bought the two other colors that they had. So, I have this, navy blue, and olive green because I found that the boot fit well. Carl: Yeah. Ryan: So, it’s like you got that, now, let’s expand a little bit laterally, right? So, that’s how a way that you, you know, when you find something that works it doesn’t mean, okay, onto the next thing, sometimes it’s about can I go a little bit deeper with this and have a different color or different variation, but the core pieces are still the same. Carl: And, that’s the thing about dressing sharp about experimenting with your style is hopefully you figure out how to send the message you want to send to the world and just control the message. Ryan: Yeah.

Carl: Don’t – yeah, you just don’t want to be walking through life not thinking about.. Ryan: Yeah. It’s about being – being, you know, I love Tanner talks about, you know, being intentional and like this is kind of what I wanted you know, and, again, giving yourself permission to experiment. So, for an area where it’s like I have quote unquote not, you know, I don’t like the word fail, but words, oh, this is morning, is this haircut. Carl: Yeah. Ryan: Like I like this haircut, however and I asked her to go, you know, so, again, back to my tip of it being inspired.. Carl: Wait. What do you guys think of this haircut? I actually thought it wasn’t – wasn’t bad, but.

Ryan: I mean I don’t think it’s terrible. Carl: We’re going to pull up the picture of the haircut that he had before that he really likes and so, go ahead and check out this picture here. Now, do you see the difference with what he has here? And, you want to point out what the difference is? Ryan: Yes. So, the main difference is I, you know, again, going back to my tip of inspiration from TV or movie characters. Obviously, this is an inspiration from the TV show Vikings. Carl: Okay. Ryan: You know I love that show, it resonates with me and Ragnar Lodrok has long hair and so, I’m thinking about trying that. And so, for this particular cut here I had, she did undercuts on both sides, but it – I feel like it goes a little too high and it kind of makes my head look a little funky if my hair is not in the exact right point. Carl: Yeah. Now, the cool part about this is that he can just simply grow back the hair in a little bit of time.

Ryan: Yeah. And it’s okay like it’s not like the end of the world and I’m not like, oh, my God it didn’t work. It just I got feedback. But, for me personally which is the deciding factor is like, yeah, it’s close, but not exactly right and just you have to give yourself that compassion and space to test some things unless you just want to like look the same and never change anything which is like then why are you.. Carl: Which your style has evolved quite a bit over time. Ryan: Oh, yeah. I started with the cave. Carl: Yeah. It did start with the cave. We’ll link to that post down in the description.

So, Ryan, thank you very much for sharing all those insights guys. Ryan: Thanks for having me. Carl: And, let me know down – ah. Guys, let me know down in the comments what you thought of this post, a little bit longer than a lot of my other ones, a little bit more informal. Ryan: Yeah. But hopefully some actionable stuff about, you know, did you, again, it’s about getting a little out of your comfort zone. Carl: Yeah. Ryan: Trying things that still resonates with you and allowing yourself to get the feedback that may not necessarily be positive, but then you use that to invest in your other pieces. Carl: All right, guys. Take care. I’ll see you in the next post. Bye.

Ryan: Take care.

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