HOW TO Messy Beach Waves KHLOE KARDASHIAN Inspired
I thought I’d post a really quick and easy hair trip for you guys today on these really messy beachy waves love this look. I was inspired by picture Khloe Kardashian posted on her Instagram probably about a month ago this one right here. I think she looks beautiful... Read more
HOW TO Simple Bun Hair Tutorial EASY
Hey guys I’m so excited to share this hair tutorial with you guys, and it is this really beautiful sophisticated low bun hairstyle. I’m in love with not only the way that this hairstyle looks. I think that’s super timeless but you guys it is so simple to do.... Read more
HOW TO Pull-Through Braid Easy Braid Hairstyle
Hey Everybody how’s it going. I wanted to share this hair tutorial with you guys today because. I thought it was. So unique and. So beautiful that. I just had to recreate it and share it with you guys. So let’s get started before we begin we are just... Read more
Hey guys welcome to my blog and the first post of my new series hashtag hair tutorial Tuesday where I will be posting a new hair tutorial every Tuesday, I’m really excited about this and I will have more information at the end of this post as well as... Read more
HOW TO Messy Updo Hair Tutorial
Hey guys I want to share with you this really a beautiful undone twisted updo hairstyle this is one of those hairstyles that looks way more difficult than it is. So, I’m going to break down all the steps for you guys that you can easily recreate it. So... Read more