How To Exercise When Pregnant
The Female Athlete Triad and Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport Components of the Triad The term “female athlete triad” (or, the “Triad”) was first coined in 1992, and since that time diagnosis of this medical condition has evolved into a complex interaction of different indexes of health. The three... Read more
Exercises To Do During Pregnancy
FLUID INTAKE DURING EXERCISE If dehydration is a factor in the cause of heatstroke during prolonged exercise, it follows that adequate fluid ingestion should be an important factor preventing heat injury during exercise. However, the major factors causing heatstroke during races are the environmental conditions, the speed at which... Read more
Exercise For Pregnancy

Exercise For Pregnancy

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Doctors see only part of the picture So far, we’ve looked at cases in which doctors have completely missed diagnoses of Exercise pregnancy. However, there are other cases in which doctors identify a Exercise pregnancy in children with “autism” but still fail to see the full picture. For instance,... Read more
Types Of Exercises During Pregnancy
Child Injured BABI, not ASD. As this case shows, BABI and ASD share many symptoms because they are both developmental brain disorders. But BABI can be prevented if doctors perform early screening of both mom and child. Early recognition and diagnosis of those already afflicted will result in improved... Read more
Pregnancy And Exercise

Pregnancy And Exercise

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However, as you will see exercises, autism is far from being the only tragedy that can befall Exercise-deficient children. In these pages, you will read stories about children and teenagers who suffered crippling symptoms, including blindness, crushing fatigue, learning disabilities, depression, psychosis, and suicidal urges, all because they were... Read more