Taylor Swift Inspired Tight Curls Hairstyle

Hey guys it is Laila here today coming to you with a tutorial on tinder Swift inspired curls.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions and requests to do this kind of look with more tight curls and this is this is the look the sista here. I have also just posted the tutorial for this makeup on our which I’m going to post on our other blog everything and in the link I’m gonna post right here. So if you have not checked that out please do.

So right now we have already started doing some makeup tutorials and sort of outfit of the day type of posts and I’m also going to post follow me around New York City and friends as you can tell, I should have started with this but as you can tell I’m going to in a new space and if you recognize the space it is actually Mimi and Alex’s apartment alex is Mimi’s husband and I’m talking fast because, I know this post is gonna be long. So, I just want to make sure everything is gonna be I’m gonna fit everything in, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial if you want to know how, I did then just keep reading ok guys. So basically to create this look all you really need is a good curler.

Taylor Swift Inspired Tight Curls Hairstyle Photo Gallery

And I have talked about this many times already this is the four and one cortex you can see right here four and one I’m not sure why it says bilasa on the box but it is a cortex brand when you go search on Beauty choice comm you will see this one and it has four different attachments basically the key to taylor swift’s curls is a thinner attachment like a thinner barrel and this one is about half an inch. So that’s the one I’m gonna use today. So I’m gonna use this curler to curl everything around my head like all the hair on my head and then I’m gonna use this attachment right here and, I believe this is 3/4 inch to just curl the front because, I do not want the curls like the hair at the front to be really really curly.

So I’m just gonna use this to curl the front and this is three and a quarter of an inch, I believe and the half an inch to curl the rest of my hair I’m gonna just brush my hair. So a large paddle rods are just a few clips to hold the hair up while you are curling and tip again I’m just gonna separate my hair like always and brush the hair what you want to do is just separate the hair into a bottom section and clip up the rest of course forgot to mention you do not curl or put heat on your hair without using the heat protectant and I’m using the Tresemme one. So I’m just gonna spray the hair and the extensions and then once it absorbed you are gonna separate this into two portions as well and curl each one with the half an inch curler.

So you are gonna just grab this curler and start wrapping the hair around the curler like that and looking down just hold it for five seconds or. So, I think it is heated up. So, I basically just touch my hair and once, I feel it is nice and hot then I’m pretty sure that the curl is gonna stay.

So I’m gonna let it go and look at this pretty curl that this curler creates, I love these curls they’re. So pretty. So what, I do is, I want them a little looser.

So, I just pull on the hair like that and what it does it it opens up the curl. So I’m just gonna take this back and do the same thing with this hair right here and I’m gonna be curling them inwards and outwards. I have explained that in the last post but once again for this curl, I went out and for this one I’m gonna go put the hair closer to the bottom right here like that and I’m doing this without a mirror.

So it is a little hard because it is backwards in the camera. So, I hope it is okay but yeah basically just like that and with these curlers that do not have a like a clip it is really easy to burn yourself. So be very careful with your fingers not to do that.

So we are just gonna hold the hair for about five seconds and let go okay and then when you let go you just pull on it a little bit like that to open up the curl and this side is done. So this is pretty much how the curls are gonna be all the way. So what you want to do is just do exactly the same thing all over the hair and I’m just gonna go ahead and fast forward with this and I will be back once the hair is all curled hey guys.

So I’m all done curling the hair and he saw, I was just pulling on each of the strand while, I was curling to kind of open them up and give them more volume. And I have also just run my fingers through all of the curls and that also gives the hair more volume. So you will notice that these front sections are not curled like, I mentioned in the beginning and.

So what. I have done right now is, I just changed the attachments to the thicker one and, I believe this one is three and a quarter inch and. So what I’m gonna do with that is just grab this front section that, I didn’t curl because, I want the front to be a little looser and not as curled.

So put the curler right underneath the hair and just start curling it just wrapping it around the curler like that and just hold it down carefully not to burn yourself and just hold it for about eight seconds or. So and then when you feel the hair starting to heat up you are gonna let it go okay just let it go and then just run the fingers over the curls and this is the kind of curl you get. So we are gonna do exactly the same thing over on this side and I’m just gonna brush it out and, I already have protectant on this.

So do not worry about that but if you do not make sure you put some before you curl. So you are just gonna grab the hair and, I want this curl to go outwards like this. So I’m just gonna put the curler right over top of the hair at the base and just start curling it, I mean like wrapping it around like that and then just hold for about five seconds or.

So once you feel it is nice and heated up when you put your finger it kind of burns that means it is enough. So you are just gonna let it out and this is the kind of curl that you get. So again I’m going to pull it out and I’m also going to run my fingers and kind of mesh all the hair together.

So it creates this kind of bomb blended effect. So it is not separated okay like that. So that’s it once the hair is all finished curling and everything is done and you want to just set the curls with your hairspray this is Loreal Elnett it is gonna grab all the hair and just pull it up and lightly spray with the hairspray and, I like to hug volume.

So, I just pick up the hair and, I just spray from underneath like that and that gives me a lot of volume. So I’m gonna do the same thing over on this side like that and then we are gonna go from the bottom and spray upwards just pick up the hair and spray and you see how much more volume that gives you, I love that that’s it. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial, I hope you try it out and you like it and thank you.

So much for reading for supporting for commenting really appreciate that and again if you like the post just tums it up and comment if you have not already and we will see you guys in the next post ciao you.

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