Taylor Swifts AMAs Figure Eight Braided Ponytail Hairstyle

Today’s hair tutorial is highly requested and inspired by Taylor Swift’s recent appearance on America soccer words that was, I think was Sunday and it was such a beautiful side ponytail that looks super simple and you guys requested it, I wanted to know how to do it.

So I’m just really happy to be here to show you how to do it because it is probably one of the easiest and most simple hairstyles ever for this tutorial you are only gonna need a couple of things hair spray and some bobby pins that will match your hair color well let’s begin the first thing you want to do is just brush your hair and put it on the side, I mean my hair is already on the side but you just want to thoroughly brush through the hair but her hair. So was is sort of a side ponytail with a bit of a braid at the at the top of the ponytail and at first, I thought it was a fishtail braid but then when, I tried it I’m like no it is not. So, I feared it looked like a figure eight braid and when, I tried it it looked exactly like hers.

Taylor Swifts AMAs Figure Eight Braided Ponytail Hairstyle Photo Gallery

So, I figure eight braids is quite simple to do on your hair all you want to do is like after you split your hair in two you want to grab a section of hair that’s probably the longest on this side. So section like this will do it is quite a small section. So all you are doing.

So you have two sections all you are doing is sort of drawing a figure eight over and under the two sections and I will show you exactly how to do that. So once you grab this section you bring it over your first section and then you bring it under right and then you bring it over your second section and you bring it under and then you still have that section you bring it over again and then you bring it under. So you are doing the exact same thing like the first one and you are gonna do it depending on how long your hair is or if you are wearing extensions you are going to be able to do it two or three times for me it is probably three times.

So I’m bringing it over again and then under it and then over on this side and under. So once, I got my section under in the back I’m gonna do just grab a few bobby pins and just pin it in the bike it is kind of hard to show you guys but all I’m doing is just putting a bobby pin over that layer of section that’s trend once you pin the hair in the back you want to just take your section and spray it with a hair spray and I’m using my intelligent nutrients organic natural hair spray. So just spray it.

So it stays in place now another thing that Taylor’s hair stylist did is pin the side banks into the hair. So that’s another thing you might want to do um usually, I just let my hair go but for the purpose of this tutorial and to create it inspired by her I’m gonna also sort of pin it on the side. So you kind of twisted and you take a bobby pin and you just pin the hair in once you pin the hair away you are pretty much done and this is such a beautiful versatile look that you can wear you know to an event like Taylor did or you can wear it to school or work you know it does not really matter it is just.

So put together and beautiful that you can sport it any time of the day thanks. So much for tuning in please do not forget to rate this post down below, I love you guys and I will see you in the next tutorial bye.

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