The Best New Metallic Liquid Lipsticks

Hey guys! Today I have three metallic liquid lipsticks that I’m putting to the test. I think they’d be perfect for any parties you’re going to, perfect for the winter season amazing for New Years. So we have three different brands that we’re trying out today. The first of which is from Covergirl. These are the Melting Pout Metallic Liquid Lipsticks. Next up we have these ones from Lottie London. They’re called the Slay All Day Liquid Lipsticks in the metallic formulation. And finally we have these babies from Smashbox. I’m going to put all three of these lipsticks through the 12 hour wear test to see how they hold up and you’re coming with me. But first, are you commentd? If you’re not, click down here. A little comment button so you can hangout with me every single Monday. So I’m actually going to try on all three of these lipsticks right now. Just so we can see how they apply.

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The first impressions, the formula. And then I’m going to wear them for three consecutive days and that’s where we’ll see how long they wear. So first up, rockstar Covergirl. I actually love the combination of red lips and blue shadows. So this look is very me. Fuzzy slanted applicator. You push the product out like this. It looks like these are going to be nice because you can kind of sheer them out if you want to wear them as a stain instead of just a full on metallic liquid lip. It’s actually really easy to apply because the formula itself is very creamy. So it glides on really easily. It feels really good. It actually feels like balm. It doesn’t have any explicit long wear claims but it is a liquid lipstick so in theory it should last a long time. I’m definitely giving metallic vibes here. It definitely comes off on your hands if you were to kiss someone or drink out of a coffee cup. It’s not completely transfer proof.

Velvetines Liquid Metallic Lipsticks: Vegan & Cruelty Free Makeup

I’m into it right now especially because my lips are very dry. But, I have a few other colors here. We’re going to sread them all for you. And you can see which one you like the best. Next up we have these lovely lipsticks from Smashbox. Now these lipsticks are supposed to last for eight hours so we will see. I’m going to wear them for 12 so we’ll see if we can stretch it a little bit. Right off the bat, I’m into this applicator. It has a nice tapered tip. It comes to a point. I think that that’s going to be really great for getting along my lip line. It has a little bit of a reservoir tip as well, like right here where you can see there’s a little bit of a hole, a little divot. And there’s product catching in there. I think that’ll be nice for applying a nice smooth, opaque layer. I love the color. I definitely see this metallicness but I think it’s a little less metallic in finish then the Covergirl one that I just tried.

I think in part because this one does dry down matte whereas the Covergirl one has more of a satin finish. I wonder if it’s going to start to dry out my lips after a few hours of wear. Let’s do a little test to see if it’s completely dry. Nothing. I love that a lot of brands are coming out with metallic lipsticks that are in beautiful and really wearable colors. Last but not least, we have these fellas from Lottie London. The Slay All Day Liquid Lipsticks. They’re supposed to be very long wearing. They are called Slay All Day. I have this shade. It’s called “Boy Bye.” Oh, that’s very metallic. And then I have another shade called “Shook.” Am I gonna be shook by Shook? Get ‘90s vibes from this. So I think I’m going to go with Boy Bye, which is this plum shade just to keep it all in the same color family in terms of all the lipsticks that I’m wearing today. Very pigmented in one swipe.

So right off the bat, this one feels drier than the other two. But nothing too crazy right now. I wonder if four hours down the road if it will start to crust. But it does feel really good. Out of all three, I think think this one is the most metallic. Let’s see if it will come off my fingers. Nothing. Nada. I’m curious to see how this one wears. I’m wondering if it’s going to get drying. Hopefully it won’t. But so far I like it. I think it’s really pigmented. I think it was easy to apply. So I guess only time will tell. Let’s move on the 12 hour test.

The Best New Metallic Liquid Lipsticks

Hey guys! I’m wearing the Covergirl metallic lipstick today. And it is around 9AM, about to head off to work and wear this for a full 12 hours. So far so good. The lipstick is looking great. I just put it on so of course it is. It feels really good. I was so excited to have this lipstick on today because it has a slick, emollient, balm-like quality even though it does have this beautiful metallic finish. So therefore it’s a little bit hydrating on my extremely chapped lips. So that’s a plus. It is around 1:00PM. I just had a little bit of lunch. It’s wearing a little bit in the center but nothing too crazy. And I have something really fun and very seasonal to do. I have a gingerbread house! I just ate my gingerbread house. It’s dying a slow, slow death. I had some gum drops and some ginger bread and lipstick is holding up.

Still feels really good. Still feels balm-like. I can go like this. And I can feel it sliding on my lips which is actually really nice. I think it’s fading a little bit in terms of the color. It definitely doesn’t have as much of a metallic finish anymore. It’s leaving a nice stain on my lips that I like. I’ll check in with you guys at 5 o’clock and we’ll see how this fella is doing. Bye! It’s around 5:00PM. I’ve been wearing this lipstick for quite some time now. At this point it has faded a lot. It’s feathering a little bit which is as expected because I had a really big burrito for lunch and I ate quite a bit of it so it’s kind of coming off. I really like it because it feels like lip balm. It kind of stains the lips so I actually don’t feel like I need to reapply it. But for the sake of this post I will. It’s around 9:00PM.

I’ve been wearing my lipstick for 12 hours and I’ve got to say I’m very impressed with how evenly and how pigmented the stain is. In terms of the metallicness, it’s definitely gone now if you look at it. It’s definitely more of a stain. It’s really only got that metallic sheen once it’s freshly applied. And for a couple of hours after that until it starts to wear off. But overall I really enjoyed it. I t definitely doesn’t have the longevity of a true matte liquid lipstick. But that being said, I really enjoyed it especially because it’s super cold and dry outside. It was so nice to have a pigmented lipstick that wears and feels like lip balm. That’s my two cents on this one. I’ve got a few more lipsticks to try so stay tuned. Hey guys! It’s 9:00AM. I got to work a little bit early today because I have a lot of stuff to do but I’m wearing metallic lipstick of course. This is the Smashbox one. It doesn’t feel drying yet. I’m excited to see how it wears.

It’s 1:00PM. I’m here with Michaela. Hello. So I’ve had a lot of tea. I’ve had some snacks. And it looks pretty much the same. What do you think? It’s cool. It’s kind of a metallic, sparkly finish which I really like. Good for holidays. That’s exactly why I’m doing it! Yeah. I didn’t tell her anything about the post so. I had no context I swear. It’s wearing well. I’m going to eat lunch in just a bit. And at my 5:00PM check-in I will let you know how it stands up against food. It’s 5:00PM.

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I just had lunch because I was just so stuck into work that I forgot to eat. So I ate a very oily salad and I don’t eat salads gracefully. And the lipstick has come off. We’ll see how it lasts until 9:00PM and I’ll check in for the final update. I’ve been wearing this lipstick for 12 hours. Looks pretty good. Still has the metallic finish. I did reapply at like 5:00-ish. But it wore pretty well until I started to eat that really oily salad. But I’m going to do a little mistletoe test. She just wants the mistletoe. I just kissed my kitty a bunch and now I’m going to kiss Collin with some mistletoe. Nothing, see. Nothing on the face. Well that’s me signing off. Say bye, Collin.

Bye. It’s the final day of my lipstick challenge. I’m wearing the Lottie London metallic lipstick today. And I’ve got to say it feels really comfortable. I just put it on though so we’ll see if it gets crusty or dry throughout the day. But so far so good. I actually have some exciting things planned today. I’m going to be hosting the second installment of our Harry Potter Re-read Club. So we’ll see how this lipstick wears through that and more. It’s 1:00PM. I just had lunch. I had a giant bagel and the lipstick is still pretty even around the outside of my mouth but definitely wearing in the center. And I don’t know about you guys but I don’t eat bagels in very dainty, gentle ways. I kind of just go at it. So I think considering, it held up pretty well but I definitely want to reapply and see how the lipstick layers on top of itself. So I’m going to do that right now.

It’s starting to feel just a touch dry but nothing too uncomfortable yet. It’s a little bit before 5 o’clock and I’m going to be heading out for the day soon. I haven’t eaten anything since around 1, when I had my lunch. So the lipstick has stayed on really well. I think that if you’re not going to be eating anything really greasy like a salad or the bagel or pizza, it’ll actually stay on really well. Like look at this. It did get a little bit crusty, like the product was peeling a little bit towards the center between my lips. So I just took a tissue and blotted it away and then it ended up being fine. So that’s one thing to note, it was a little but uncomfortable. But all in all, it has worn well. So Harry Potter Re-read Club and I’ve been eating some of these cookies that my friend Carly made. What do you guys think? Good. Looks really good. Nice. Thank you! I’ll give you guys a closer look. It looks good, it’s not feathering.

It doesn’t feel drying. So far so good. I will check in with you guys later today and let you know what I think. Bye! So Harry Potter Re-read Club has sadly come to a close. It’s like 11:00ish and this is the state of the lipstick now after having had pumpkin pie and more apple cider and the works. So it’s on but definitely a stain. It’s pretty much completely off. But I’ve got to say, I’m pretty impressed with the way it wore. The liquid lipsticks tend to wear very patchy on me and end up getting really dry to the point where I have to use a wipe to take them off. But this one actually wore relatively evenly. I mean obviously you can see little bits of it. It’s definitely not a lipstick to wear if you want it to last through something like ramen or pizza. It’s not going to do it. But I liked it. It was very comfortable honestly. And it was very easy to layer on top of itself.

So definitely it’s not the longest wearing, but it’s still a good one. And there you have it. Those are all three of the lipsticks put through the ringer. Let me know which one you liked the most. Which one was your favorite color. Have you tried them before? Cast your votes in the comments section down below and I will catch you guys next week. Bye! Thank you all so much for reading. Let me know what you want to see next on Beauty With Me in the comments below. And click on comment button to comment to my blog. And click on comment button to read more posts. Bye!.

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