The Most Gorgeous Updo Perfect for Long Medium and Short hair

Night-night Linda, I had me with my ankle as you still know how hey guys welcome back to the e hair blog my name is Alex and today I’m going to show you how to create a really beautiful and unique pull through up to what a fellow’s hair sell on the Pinterest, I just knew, I had to recreate it for you guys because, I thought would be perfect for any special occasion especially since wedding season is just around the corner.

So if you want know how to recreate this beautiful up to you then please keep reading. So for this hairstyle you will need a bunch of this clear elastics to how creepy pull through and then you know separate them and bobby pins just to help hold everything in place not with the statement of this hairstyle is a really full pull through in the back. So in order to achieve that thickness and volume I’m going to clip in some of my lucky hair extensions and, I use this beautiful color ash blonde where this hairstyle I’m going to be using my – forsyth West and what, I like to do is just flip one on to the other just below at the fan.

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So it should look a little something like this and if it hurts a little bit on the thinner side and you really want some full cultures then to feel free to use and more extensions for the placement of my hair extensions for this hairstyle, I like to section my hair off at the top of my ears and then, I just clip the excess hair out of the way then I’m going to take my fork lift left making sure that all the clips are open and, I like to try to play to as close to the root as possible and then, I start in the middle of securing my clips and working my way out that way, I know that my left is centered we go ahead and put your hair as normal side part Center part it really does not matter and what we are going to do is just collect all of the hair at the crown of our head making sure to leave down the sides and we tied us up with a hair elastic in the back next, I want to create some additional volume at the crown of my head and it is quite simple, I just like to hold my ponytail with my one hand to anchor it and then with my other one I’m just going to work from one side of my head to the other and I’m just pulling upwards on small sections which will help create more volume, I love how this technique gives you a lot of volume without having to hua tease your hair. So now that we have our poop what you want to do is just grab your front and side pieces and you are going to leave down all the hair in the back and I’m just going to secure this with a hair elastic feel free to leave it like this but, I like to create a Topsy tail just when flipping the ponytail up and in between the two sections of hair this will just create twists in the sections which, I think adds a really pretty detail to the hairstyle and then I’m just going to gently tug on the twist to help give them a fuller appearance. So now that we have the foundation to our hairstyle we can begin the go through.

So starting on the right side and going to section off about a quarter of my hair and then you just want to set it aside and then I’m going to create another section right beside it the same size as the first and with this section I’m going to create a ponytail you want to try to secure your ponytail nice and high because later when we pull apart these pull through it will fall a little bit. So back to our first section divide it horizontally into two equal sized pieces with these pieces you want to bring one over the top and one underneath that ponytail that we just created. So the ponytail is going through these sections and then you just want to place the ponytail edge to the web and you want to grab about another quarter size section and you are going to create another ponytail incorporating these two pieces up just hi as our previous ponytail.

So that is how you create a cultures. So and, I repeat this pattern all the way across the back of my head. So grabbing the far-right ponytail divided horizontally into two equal pieces wrap the sections around the second ponytail and then spreading another section of hair and creating a ponytail including those two sections.

So now we have to school foods and the hair cells starting to take shape. So I’m going to repeat this pattern two more times until, I reach the other side of my head. So again taking the farthest ponytail dividing it into two equal sections wrapping them around the next ponytail and placing that out of the way and then picking up another quarter size section to join them into and then securing it all together with another hair elastic, I created a total of five ponytails and four pull through and once, I reached the end, I decided to add one more pull through to help finish off the look same as before and taking that right ponytail dividing it into two equal sections wrapping it around the ponytail and then securing those two sections together behind that ponytail this should look a little something like this depending on how we pull through you decided to create now time for mix being apart because it completely transforms this hairstyle we are going to pancake the brain.

So with me annexing gir and some I’m just gently tugging on the outside of each pull through to help makes Miss here more full and voluminous see, I like to take my time with this because it is much easier to make the braids larger than it is to try and make them smaller once you have sold too much but in saying that, I do like to make mine very large and luminous as possible but play around with it and see what you like once you are happy with the size of your braids you want to secure the and into place, I did this by simply sliding a sloppy pan right through the elastic and making sure that it was secured tightly to my hands, I also went in with a lot more bobby pins just to adjust my poultries a little bit somewhat they lay more evenly and flat across the back of my head. So now we are left with the tail of the hair you could continue the pull through all the way to the end to create a second row that would be really pretty but, I decided to wrap my two sections around one another and then, I secured the tail underneath this hairstyle with a lot of bobby pins. So that it was super secure and headed.

So there you have you guys about to create this beautiful hold you up, I just love how big and voluminous this hairstyle is, I think it is really unique and it’d be perfect if you were attending a wedding this year or if you were the bride-to-be you could also add some really pretty hair accessories to make this extra special yeah let me know in the comments below what you thought and where you would wear this hairstyle and if you did recreate it it is over it is a hashtag hair and Instagram. So that, I can see it but thank you guys. So much for reading and I will talk to you soon bye yeah.

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