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I mean it is phenomenal. Hi! Are you guys ready to spend the day with me? This is Daisy. Sit. Paw. Good girl. We always go to the same breakfast spot so let me take you there. Yay. I’m gonna do the almond milk cappuccino. Since I might be eating a little more today, I think I’m just going to do the oatmeal to try and be healthy. Not for you. No. So I love having oatmeal in the morning especially when I know I have a long day ahead of me.

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It keeps me full. It’s full of nutrients. I like to do it with almond milk. Add a little bit of apple, raisins, cinnamon. Guys it is freezing outside. I’m gonna run to a workout. Let’s go. So, this is my best friend, Taylor. Hello! And we just did a great workout at Rumble. So now we are going to get some lunch at one of my favorite places. It’s Joe and the Juice. It’s Danish. I’m from Denmark, so I love to support the Danes. We’re just going to grab a little lunch. What I really love about this place is that they have juices, coffee and sandwiches. For me today, I’m just gonna go for a little juice.

I love the Joe’s AMG or the Veggie Focus. All very clean, simple. The bread is low calorie. I love it. What are you gonna get? I think I’m going to do the Joe’s Green Mile. I like that juice. Ooh! And then I will take a ginger shot too. When you cold out there, you feel a little sick, you come here, you take a shot. One of the good ones. This is great for your immune system. Apparently it makes you sound like Beyonce and feel like Beyonce. Cheers! It definitely has a little kick to it. It feels like you are doing something good for your body for sure. This is Joe’s AMG. It’s apple, ginger and mint. So it kind of tastes like a healthy mojito.

Cheers to that. Clean sandwich. It’s not one of those that you feel like it is super heavy and filled with dressing. It’s just chicken, avocado, tomato and a piece of healthy toast. The Danes know how to do it. The Danes know how to do it. Cheers to the sandwiches. Here we go. So good, right? I’m so happy I go to see you for lunch. Like a farewell. So long. There she is! Hi babe. Hi! Welcome to our spot. Hillstone dinner date! Can I get you started with some beverages? Absolutely. I will have an extra dirty, extra cold Tito’s martini with blue cheese olives. Cheers! Don’t spill.

Ugh a sip of that and it is like, mmm. I highly recommend everything, but what I would order, the spinach artichoke dip. Give me that no calorie spinach dip. We’re gonna dip it in there. We’ve been in way trickier situations than double dipping. Jamie is my stylist. Right, so her ass is always in my face. If you are trying to stay on the lighter side, I love to have a spicy tuna osaka style. A little crispy rice. There’s no crispy rice on there. Oh. Yeah. Yay. This is so delicious. It’s basically just tuna, rice, avocado. So good.

Do you like wasabi? I do not like wasabi. I like ginger and all the sauce. That’s why we are friends cause you eat the sauce and the ginger. It’s all about balance. This is the most important part of every meal. An ice cold glass and they pour the martini into it. And it is like a second drink but it is not. So it is a good little trick. It’s the best. Cheers again. Cheers. So if I had a shoot the next day, I would definitely try to cut down on the salt cause that’s really bad for bloating and you want to look fresh. Right. Maybe not the dirty. Maybe not the dirty. And then obviously the ribs which is what I’m gonna get tonight cause I’m not working tomorrow.

Wow. Ribs and fries and the best coleslaw. So it just comes right off the bone like that. Here we go. How is it? I mean it is phenomenal. The barbecue sauce. The texture. The flavor. It’s like a little crispy and then it is super soft on the meatier side. It’s amazing. So good. Not for every day. But you know what, once in a while. You gotta have a rib. Pull your hair back. Eat some ribs.

I know I need a hair tie. We’ve had breakfast together. We’ve had lunch together. Now we have had dinner together. So now I just want to hang out with Jamie. But I will see you guys later. Thanks for coming. Cheers. Cheers to that. Salute. To Hillstone. Skaal. Skaal. In Danish.

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