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Hi how are you doing today, I decided to do a post on some of the healthy tips for growing out your hair or for having your hair shiny and healthy and beautiful. I have been getting a lot of requests from our commentrs to share you know what kind of things, I do to my hair what kind of things, I do not do to my hair or avoid doing. So, I thought you know, I could just do a post sharing everything and you know if it can help anyone that’s great um, I do not think my hair is super super healthy but compared to what it looked like about two years ago it is a lot healthier and, I sincerely think it is due to the certain things that.

I’ve been doing differently certain things that. I have been following or changing the diets. So you know I will just share some of these tips and, I hope they are going to help you as well.

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So one of the first main things that. I have changed and or that, I started doing in the last couple of years is, I started getting regular trims. So every two three months I will go to my hairstylist and, I tell it to cut about half an inch to an inch of my hair now a lot of you girls are probably thinking well how am, I ever gonna grow my hair if I’m gonna get a cut every to three months but you know on average hair grows about half an inch a month.

So if you cut it every three months just about half an inch you still have a whole inch or you know about that length you know some people grow hair even faster. So it is roughly about half an inch a month. So you know getting it trimmed about every two three months is gonna make sure that you get rid of all the you know all the damaged hair all the dry here at the end.

So your hair won’t tangle as much you will be shinier it’ll be healthier it’ll be. So much pressure. So, I definitely recommend that because.

I’ve been doing it for about two years now and, I see significant significant change then just less split ends it looks healthier looks more shiny and just you know better also tip number two is um do not over brush your hair, I use this kind of paddle brush to brush my hair. So after, I wash it on its dry I will brush through it before, I style it and that’s pretty much the only time, I ever brush my hair. So you know do your research and see if it you know if it makes sense to you but most people most hairstylist say that over brushing your hair is not good because it creates more damage and more split ends as you brush your hair you will just you know you will create more split ends.

So unless you need to brush you hear there’s really no need to brush it tip number three is try to not color your hair or bleach your hair as often, I used to be a blonde and in the past you know, I used to bleach my hair every month or two months and it was. So dry and. So damaged then, I I colored my hair dark and it took me a few years now to be able to start to growing it out.

So, I do not know if you guys can see but my roots are darker because the roots like it’s, I think it is up to here my roots are my natural hair color and then everything from here is just what what, I colored it before. So, I’m trying to grab my hair and, I think if you want your hair to be the healthiest that would be the path to go but you know if you just call it a hair every few months it is fine too but just not to call it ever try not to call her too often you know just let your roots grow it a little bit and as much as you can and then color your hair you know because, I know color in the hair also makes the hair look fresh and you know and more shiny. So if you want to do that that’s great but um you know if you can’t afford to let out your hair let your hair grow then that would be the most ultimate the best thing to do for your hair because you are not putting any chemicals in it and it is just healthier that way tip number four is taking vitamins you know taking daily vitamins a lot of times our here we get damaged or you know dull looking because we are lacking certain vitamins.

So you know, I I take a whole bunch of vitamins like vitamin E, I take different oils and you know like, I take iron and a whole bunch of other vitamins that I’m not going to get into it because that’s a whole different topic but you know talk to your doctor or nutritionist and start taking vitamins or vitamin supplements too you know substitute or start eating more vegetables and start eating healthier too you know infuse your body with all good vitamins and you know you will see the change in the way your hair will look, I definitely guarantee you that tip number five is drinking water and getting enough protein because our hair is pretty much water and proteins. So you know if you want your hair to be shiny you have to drink enough water how much is enough water usually they say it is about eight glasses of water, I mean it varies for different person depending on how tall short and just depending on how your body works but usually roughly it is about eight glasses of water a day that you need to get you know in your system. So that you completely hydrated like another thing is protein you know eating a lot of us do not get enough especially woman we do not get enough protein.

So if your diet is like in protein your hair will lose protein and you know it will start you know getting damaged you will start getting split ends. So what, I what, I recommend and what, I personally started doing is drinking protein shakes or you know trying to incorporate more protein into your diet. So you can eat more legumes you can eat more beans you know if you eat dairy or eggs that’s good too.

So just try to do research on that and you know see what kind of foods you like and that you can incorporate more in your diet. So you get enough protein and do not forget the water. So important please drink enough water.

So tip number six let’s try to decrease the amount of heat use in your hair. So if you straining your hair curl your hair everyday try not to do it everyday do to every other day or you know sometimes leave your hair natural. So if a straight just leave it let it be straight for a couple of days if it is curly you know just put some mousse and let it be curly my hair is kind of wavy curly.

So like, I do not straighten or blow-dry my hair everyday, I actually, I pretty much stop flat ironing my hair like I will do it maybe once a month the most. So you know if you have a good blow-dryer you can just pretty much blow dry your hair straight and then you know and then style it accordingly. So if you want to just leave it straight that’s great if you want to curl it it can curl it but you know give your hair a break if you can, I usually style my hair every three days if, I can’t go longer without it you know salt, I might else down my hair then the second day you will just do a ponytail or do a braid you know.

So that you do not have to use heat on your hair every day you know and if you do you see make sure to use a heat protectant we personally mean lay level up Tresemme heat protect them but whatever you like you know use that you protect and make sure to spray it you know evenly all over your hair before you use and every time you use any heater the less heat use on your hair the healthier it is gonna be you know and if you use a heat protectant then at least you are gonna decrease the amount of damage your you know you are causing to your hair by using the heat. So make sure to definitely follow this tip because you are going to see significant significant change in the way you hear and the way your hair looks definitely and the last tip that, I want to leave you with is um definitely research and get a good shampoo that is sodium and/or sulfate free lately. I have been using this Rusk keratin hair shampoo, I do not know if you guys can see it but anyways I will put the name at the bottom.

So what you are looking for is um it has to say that it is sodium chloride free or sulfate free and what sulfate is is a chemical that creates you know when you wash your hair you have a lot of foam. So it is a chemical that creates a lot of foams. So usually when a shampoo it foams a lot we think it is a good shampoo but it is actually the opposite it does not really say anything about the quality of the shampoo.

So actually sulfate and sodium is um is a chemical that’s really harsh and damaging to the hair. So what you want to do is avoid that chemical and completely eliminated from the shampoo shampoo or conditioner you are use no one when you are shopping for your shampoo or conditioner make sure to read the label and make sure that it says sodium free or. So they try to choose the most organic the most you know natural kind of shampoo because it is the best for your hair and your hair will definitely thank you for that um that’s pretty much it those are all the tips that.

I’ve it is not a lot of tips and most of them are basic you know I’m not saying that you know, I invented these kind of tips, I read a lot of magazines and, I do a lot of research on how, I can better you know my body my hair. So these are just some of the things that, I found or heard from my friends if you guys do have some other tips definitely shared in the comment box below, I will definitely appreciate it and I’m sure other people that will watch this post will also appreciate your tips. So if you have something definitely share and, I hope you enjoy reading my post and, I love you guys and I will see you soon bye.

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