Trying a Pinterest-Inspired Heart Hairstyle

Hey guys for those of you that do not know me my name is Alex and, I love to share easy hair tutorials here on today I’m going to be sharing with you a heart inspired hair tutorial just in time for Valentine’s Day, I love this hairstyle, I think it’d be. So perfect for a date night and, I do not with the girls and, I think it’d be.

So cute for every day. So this hairstyle can be done with or without extensions. So today I’m going to be adding some of my ash blonde extensions, I have the 220 grams set this is the thickest set that offers but, I love adding extensions to my hair especially for special occasions just to make my curls really big and voluminous.

So I have already went ahead and it curled my extensions and I’m going to be using two for clip weft and what, I like to do is just click one weft onto the other right underneath the clips just to make one super thick left like this and I’m going to be using for one clip weft and same thing I’m just going to be clipping one weft onto the other..

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So I have won ahead and section my hair off just above my ears and I’m taking that double layered four clip weft and I’m just clipping it into my hairs starting in the middle and then securing the outer clip this is my favorite way to add extensions because it is quick yet makes my curls look. So much more full and voluminous. So step one for this hairstyle part your hair is normal and starting on the Left gather your first section of hair, I like to leave enough hair down to cover my ears, I find it gives the hairstyle a more effortless appearance once you have gathered your section you want it to sit to the left on the back of your head if you are looking to add extensions it is simple just divide that size section in half placing the front half out of the way and then sneak in that double layered one clip weft and then just join all of your hair back into the section next step just tightly secure your section into place with a hair elastic to create a ponytail now for the right side gather your side section of hair and if you are feeling up to it you could also French braid these sections once your section is gathered you want it to sit to the right on the back of your head I’m just going to quickly divide this section in half and sneak in my double layered one clip left this is just going to help my twists in my heart appear even thicker secure the section off of the hair elastic and you want your sections to be off centered.

So that our twists will hide the elastics later on next step starting on the left side bobby pin your hair elastic to your head. So that it is now pointing towards the middle of your head this will make the next step even easier once it is been into place we can begin forming our heart tightly twist your section of hair counterclockwise and as you are twisting begin directing your hair up and around to form the top of the heart, I like to use my free hand to help guide my hair and just continue twisting down your section once you are happy with it just clip the bottom of your twist to your head for now now on the right side remember to bobby pin your elastics leds pointing towards the middle of your head next begin twisting your section this time twisting clockwise directing it up and over forming that top part of the heart. So you want your two twists to almost be touching to form that top point of the heart and if it is not perfect do not worry you can still adjust it later.

So just continue twisting this section until you reach the middle now flip the section to your head and this is the exciting part because you can finally see the heart taking shape how cute is it now we want this to last all day and all night. So slide in a couple bobby pins at the top and the sides of your heart to help hold it into place once the top is secured unclip your sections and take a hair elastic and join the two sides of your heart together and then to finish off the look, I took some pink ribbon tied it into a knot at the base of my heart and created a bow this is such a cute way to add a personal touch to your hairstyle. So get creative and have some fun with it, I hope you guys loved today’s heart inspired hair tutorial and hopefully it helped inspire you to try something different with your hair for Valentine’s Day do not forget to tag at e hair and use the hashtag e hair in any of your pictures where you are rocking your e hair extensions.

So that we can all see them. So thank you guys. So much for reading, I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and I will talk to you guys soon bye.

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