Twisted Braided Bun Hairstyle

Hello my lovelies today’s hairstyle it is going to be on this twisted braided bun look, I really really like this hairstyle, I sort of incorporated a few of the requested looks that you guys have sent us out pictures off.

And I have also seen this twisted hairstyle in a few stars and in a movie called life as we know it Katherine Heigl that her character wearing a similar hairstyle. So, I could have incorporated all into one and, I created this look for you guys, I really like this look, I think it is perfect for any daytime occasion and even to go into a night more of a casual casual evening event as well, I think it would be great it looks like you put some thought into it it looks like you know it is creative and different and it is fun and, I hope you guys enjoy it and if you want to know how, I created it then just keep reading okay. So for this look we are gonna need extensions because my hair is not as long as it needs to be to create this look.

So I’m gonna use my lucky hair extensions and I’m only gonna use three left’s today and I will show you how to clip them in and where to clip them in. So, I just dyed my hair and it is not quite number two and it is not quite number one but it does blend better with 1b. So today I’m gonna use this and you need a brush to brush through the hair definitely bobby pins and also these kind of very thin and little elastics that match you here.

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So I’m gonna start off by sectioning of my hair from about not the top of my ear. I have got him in the middle I will show you guys what, I do in the back and I’m gonna start by applying a three clip weft and I’m gonna apply it the same way you do for a ponytail going upside down. So I will show you what, I do you just want to bring your weft back clip it looking up.

So instead of going down this way like you normally would you just you know bring it up a clip the extensions looking up just like that the next clip is going to be a forklift weft if you have 160 grams set it is going to be your largest web if you do not it will be the only forklift weft out of the 120 gram set. So I’m gonna apply it exactly the same way in exactly the same place where you normally would which is just above the ears and the temples and, I separate my hair from ear to ear and clip it away and then you would apply this going down like you normally would. So just like that the next soft I’m going to use is going to be the three clipped weft and both 120 grams 760 grams said have two of these.

So the first one we use when backwards in the back and the second one is going to go right above the one that we just applied the clip weft. So I’m gonna separate my hair kind of um right above that left just leave a little bit of hair and clip it away and I will turn around. So you just apply it right over right up off the forklift left and in person it matches my hair perfectly right now on camera you can see my hair has a little bit more red but in this hairstyle you won’t be able to see the difference because it will be you know up in a braid.

So once, I apply my extensions, I give my hair a brush once again with the extensions and that definitely helps to blend the extensions into your hair. So what you want to start doing is just pick up the hair at the front and start twisting it right away a few times before you add any hair. So once you have twisted it a few times you want to start adding hair from the front and you can do this twist loosely or you can do it as I’m doing it Kitely it is totally up to you.

So as I’m going as I’m twisting I’m adding here and twisting it back just like that. So you just twist and bring the hair back towards the ear just like that and then when you brought it all the way to the back you wanna grab some bobby pins and just secure that in place and this is what it looks like. So what I’m doing is, I just open up the bobby pin and, I just slide it into the hair like that it I’m gonna do a few this one is pretty secure already but, I want to make sure that it won’t move.

So I’m gonna just do a few more right. So one side is done I’m gonna go ahead and do exactly the same thing on the other side but as I’m going, I want to make sure that they are going in the same kind of directions. So I’m gonna make sure that I’m directing the twisting in the same height.

So they are balanced on both sides. So you just want to twist a few times and then start adding here all right. So once you are happy with the twisting and if its location you just want to grab some bobby pins and secure it in place.

So once you have twisted and secured the sides you want to just brush you here in the back and kind of gather it into your hands because we are gonna be putting it up in a ponytail. So what, I do is, I kind of gather it up and, I position my ponytail where, I want to you could definitely do this more low, I like it to be kind of at the same level as the twisted part here this ponytail you can use a regular elastic band today I’m going to use this bungee elastic and it is really easy to use, I prefer using it what you do is you just um attach it to you here and then you just basically wrap it around the hair holding the ponytail then wrap it as tight as you want and then you just attach it right there. So once you secure the ponytail this is what its gonna look like and basically from here on it is really simple all you do is just break this part and again before you do anything, I always like to brush the hair because it is just easier to style.

So I’m gonna turn around and basically what you want to do is just do a regular braid you just separate the hair into three parts and we are going to do a pretty tight braid. So you just want to braid it all the way down all right. So this is what its gonna look like once it is braided and before we start kind of putting this into a bun this braid, I want to get rid of the bungee elastics.

So I’m just gonna try to take it out of the hair I will show you what I’m doing, I just basically took off the hook from my hair and just took it out okay. So once you take out the bungee elastic it is gonna be kind of like a loose more of a flexible braid which is what, I want. So what, I want to do is just bring the hair and wrap the braid around itself you can go for a sleek look and do this very tightly, I just wanted more of a looser look.

So what, I do is, I just position the base of the bun where, I want it and then just wrap the braid around itself a few times like that and then when you get to the end you want to wrap the end of the braid underneath the braid itself like that and then I’m going to check in the mirror to see I’m happy with this position of it before, I start to attach it in place with bobby pins. So, I like where it is right now. So I’m just gonna grab some bobby pins and just secure the spine in place with bobby pins and what I’m doing to secure it is just basically grabbing the hair from the head and then grabbing the hair from the braid and sliding the bobby pin right in to attach them together alright.

So once you secure the bun, I mean the braid as a bun this is what it is gonna look like and it is just such a perfect look for basically any occasion the last tip, I do always if you have flyways like me is just hairspray my hand and then just lightly go over wherever, I have flyways just to make sure that they are not sticking there you have it the look is complete. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and I will see you guys in the next post ciao.

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