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Hello welcome back to the e hair blog my name is Ashley and I’m gonna be showing you today how to do this quick and easy messy updo bun, I came across this updo on Pinterest and absolutely fell in love with it, I think it is perfect for any occasion whether you are going to prom or a graduation or just a casual little event or a little date that’s very quick and very easy very simple literally do this in maybe 10 or 15 minutes and you can do it with yours without yours it is all up to you. So let’s get started okay.

So before we get started you to make sure you have all your utensils ready for this updo we are gonna need a brush a little donut bun bobby pins and your curling wand and hair clips and do not forget your luck C’s. So for today I’m only going to be using three out of the ten wefts I’m gonna be using those smaller wefts just. So that they fit in these smaller sections of my hair I’m going to be doing the two to blue puffs and one of the three clip gloves just because you are clipping it up you do not really need that many clips in your hair and can get a little uncomfortable when you have them all tightly wrapped up into your hair okay.

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So let’s get started. So first you want to start off by sectioning your hair. So we are gonna start maybe just after your hair part ends and you are gonna section your hair down the middle to the sides just behind your ear.

So I’m going to take this part and clip it up you know section the side just behind your ears remember your part does not have to be straight does not need to be perfect and then we are going to clip it up look good look and then we are going to turn around and we are gonna clip mys in, I clip them in a little bit differently because when you are doing in your pony tail you want to kind of clip it in. So that the wefts are going up with your hair. So we are just gonna start just above your ear sectioning just this little part right here and instead of clipping your weft down we are going to flip them upside down and clip it up clipped up facing this way not down one more time just a little bit above that you do not want to take too much room and then the next left this wept I’m going to clip facing the right direction.

So going down just because we are nearing the top part of your hair and your ponytail is only going to say it probably just about here and your three clipped left and there you go you have all your wife’s kind of hidden in your hair now it is totally up to you but, I like to tease just this little part right here just to give my crown a little bit of volume and then we are going to clip this up into a ponytail got your hair tie and just section this part off then you just ona pull on the edges around the hair just to add a little bit more volume and there you have all your Clips hidden at the bottom and at the top next comes the updo pirate. So you can either do it with just pinning your hair up into like a messy bun or you can use the donut bun it is totally up to you I’m just gonna use a little bun for the sake of time. So you are just gonna take a little bun and I’m just gonna quickly can, I just toss my hair around you do not want it to be neat or perfect you kind of just want it to be a little messy a little bit curly now I’m just gonna grab my bobby pins and start to pin them up.

So while your opinion it do not have to worry about the hair is being perfect it is okay if it is a little bit messy, I think it like it adds to the look a little bit make sure all your bobby pins are secure and. So now once you have your bun or your curls all up and secured with bobby pins we are gonna take down the front and we are going to start curling the front sections of your hair and remember you always want to curl away from your face because that helps make your beauty stand out a little bit more okay as you can see you are just taking little small sections with the front end of your hair with your curling wand does not matter what size it is you think this one’s like a medium barrel you just want to curl it slowly away from your face hold it for a couple of seconds and now we are gonna start on the other side of your hair. So small sections once again they do not have to be perfect either once you have all your sections curled you are just gonna take curl by curl kind of give it a little twist like this just twist the curl in the direction that it is going and then just kind of loop it around the bun and then same thing with curl and you can leave little pieces out if you’d like to, I prefer to leave my bangs out if you’d like you can pain your bangs back, I like more of the little messy kind of look in last one just gonna pull in a few pieces just to give my crown a little bit more volume maybe touch up a few curls and there you go quick and easy updo thank you.

So much for tuning in with us today if you like this hairstyle do not forget to thumbs up and comment down below do recreate those look do not forget to share it with us on instagram with hashtag luxy hair we would love to see your recreations and we do feature our favorites on our Instagram page have a good day you.

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