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Today’s Halloween tutorial is on this unicorn mane hairstyle. Now, I love unicorns, but Kristen, my friend here loves unicorns more than anyone I know. [Kristen] It’s true. I love them. They’re amazing. And so partially, I wanted to make a hairstyle that Kristen could wear because she loves unicorns, but also I wanted to make one that was a little on the easier side, because you get intimidated with hair stuff. I do, but it was very, very easy. There we go! So guys, this is for all levels.

If you can put your hair in a ponytail, you can create a magical, majestic unicorn mane. So let’s get into how to do it. So step one, you need to create some majestic unicorn hair, so to do that I’m going to be using these colorful extensions. And Kristen, she has her new pink ombré extensions. I’m so excited. You can use real extensions if you have them, ones that match your hair color, or are a different color, or you can even find synthetic extension on eBay and Amazon. They’re only $ or $. That’s amazing. So for a one-night thing, it is awesome. So we are gonna put these in, in kind of a mohawk pattern down the back of our hair.

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So this is not how you would normally wear extensions. But it prepares you perfectly for the next step. So now, our next step is to create the actual mane and we are gonna do about five ponytails in a mohawk section down the back of our head. The first one starts right behind where your headband would be and the last one ends right at the nape of your neck. So basically as long as you can create a ponytail you can do this next step. You have this. I do not know. After all this! I’m trusting you, I know that you can help me do it. I can. Let’s do it. Okay, so the first ponytail, you are just gonna take your fingers and you are gonna run it from your ears up to where you are gonna let that ponytail sit. So literally from here to here. And you pick up the hair all the way in. You got it. Yes! Alright. Now I’m just gonna flip this over and do the next one.

I can’t do it. Yes, you can! You know what, if it is messy you just pull it apart a little bit later. And then it was all on purpose. You are so good. Do you feel it already, do you see it? Yeah! It’s coming. It’s coming, the unicorn is coming. Dude! I’m gonna be a unicorn. I’m so excited. Okay, so now we have our four ponytails in place. Not five, we both just ended up with four and that’s totally fine. Basically, anything more than three, you are good to go. Now we are gonna topsy-tail all of these, because this looks a little obvious right now. So you wanna hide the ponytail situation but we also wanna add some perkiness to this unicorn mane. So you get to learn how to topsy-tail! Topsy-tail? Yeah, you can watch me first. Okay. So, to topsy-tail, you break the hair underneath your elastic in half, or split it in half so that you have a little hole, like so. Like so. [Kristen] Got it. And then you are going to take your ponytail and you are gonna do a little gymnastics flip up towards the ceiling and through the hole. And you can just push it with your thumb up and through the hole and then tighten it up and you have got your little topsy-tail.

Okay, and that is my last topsy-tail. How’d you do? Great. Awesome! And now we have our mane in place, you can decide what to do with the front. So you can choose to have a forelock which is like horse bangs, a little area that comes forward between your ears. Or you could go without, and it totally depends on your comfort and what you think looks good on your face. I think you look amazing as is, I really love it. You could even pull this hair forward and get some volume in it if you wanted, but because I basically constantly want bangs I’m going to do the forelock thing. I’m gonna take a piece of hair from my top ponytail and bring it forward and basically drape it like I’m years old contemplating whether I should cut my own bangs. Although, I guess you do not have to be years old to do that. And then once I have it where I like it I’m just going to pin it in place. So now it is time for some finishing touches. I think we need to don our unicorn hats-headbands.

And now we need to do all the extra little polishing bits. So if you feel like your hair is kind of breaking open and you are seeing ponytails more than you want, you can tease the base of each of these ponytails. And then you can get to some decorating. So we are probably gonna add in some glitter. If you want to do hair chalk or spray colors now is your time. Go crazy, have fun. Be a unicorn. Absolutely. Be a unicorn. So now I need glitter, so I’m gonna use the Lemonhead Spacepaste inAdult Filmwhich is an iridescent white. I’m hoping that goes really well with all the colors I have. [Kayley] And there you go! Those are our finished unicorn hairstyles. How do you feel about it, Kristen? Oh my gosh, I’m so excited! I actually feel much more magical than I expected to. It’s a magical day. So I think this is a good costume to try out, guys. It’s a good one to do on your own or with a bestie. You could even do it as like a My Little Pony costume and have the different colors in your hair for the different ponies, and have it be a friend squad costume, the possibilities are endless. And I bet all of you guys can do ponytails so you can do this hairstyle.

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