Upside Down French Braid Bun Style Hairstyle

Hi guys I will be recreating a highly requested look that a lot of you guys sent in a picture off and it is really pretty high ballerina bun with an upside-down French braid. So if you like this look and you want to learn how to do it stay tuned and I will show you exactly what you need to do okay guys.

So for this tutorial we will need some really basic styling tools we will need a paddle brush small elastic bands that match your hair color dumb bobby pins need an elastic. So for the bun section of this tutorial you can either use a chignon which i’ve done in tutorials before and what i’m going to use today or you can use your own hair and you can just tease the hair and kind of arrange it in a bun. So but for today I’m gonna use the chignon, I also suggest for here to not be freshly washed second or third day hair is better because it has a little bit more hold and flexibility to it and it just does not slip out when you are braiding.

So the basis of this hairstyle is a French braid it is an upside-down French braid and I’m going to need to flip my head upside down that’s the only way to do it. So, I really hope that you will be able to hear and see what I’m doing okay. So once you have flipped all of your hair upside down you are gonna grab your brush and just make sure to brush the hair really really well once you are here is nice and brushed out you can use sounds to just smooth out the hair and help with the flexibility.

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So I’m going to use a little bit of mousse. So I’m just shaking the bottle and I’m going to use just a tiny amount about that much okay I’m just going to spread it all over my palms just distribute the mousse throughout the hair this point all you want to do is separate a section of hair right at the nape of your neck using your fingers and you want to separate that section into three strand just like you would with a regular French braid okay once you have your three strands you want to bring the left strand over the middle and then the right strand over the middle again and at this point you want to make sure that you are holding it nice and tight and then you are going to add here from the left with your finger just kind of with your index fingers separate a section of hair and just add it to that section you are going to hold the rest of the sections and then do the same thing with your index finger you are just adding some hair into the right side. So once you have added the hair to both sections you are going to do pretty much exactly the same thing you are going to bring the left strand over the middle and then again the right strand strand or the middle again and basically the same process applies all the way from the nape of your neck all the way to the crown.

So you are holding the hair tightly and then with your index finger you are separating a section of hair and just adding it to the left side then you are going to hold everything in place and then with your index finger you are adding a section of hair again to the right side. So basically you are simply adding hair from two sides and you are leaving the middle out you are not adding any hair to the middle because, I know that is what confuses some people. So you continue doing that process until you reach about the crown of your head okay.

So once you have braided all the way to the crown to about the crown area over your head you are going to grab an elastic and you just want to secure that braid in place grab your paddle brush and gently brush all the hair again into the center we are going to be putting all of this hair into a high ballerina body. So once you have gathered all of your hair into a high ponytail you are gonna put the hair up into an elastic band okay. So now that the hard part is over all we need to do is arrange this hair into a basically a bun use a chignon which is this very very super easy all you are doing is just putting you here through the kind of the middle hole and then all you are going to do is kind of fountain out your hair all the way around of the one just like.

So and at that point all we need to do is start to arrange the hair and just kind of tuck it underneath the bun. So once you have arranged the hair in place you just need to secure that with some bobby pins and all I’m doing is opening up the bobby pin and just sliding it in making sure to grab the hair from the bun and the hair and just attach them together and you want to do that going all the way around the bun. So once you have secured the bun in place you are done.

So I will just quickly turn around and show you guys what this hairstyle looks like from all sides. So thank you guys. So much for reading, I hope you are having a fabulous day, I love you see you guys in the next post bye.

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