Valentines Day Hairstyles for Long and Short Hair

When can we here today we are going to do some Valentine’s Day hairstyles and I have done a mix of long and short hairstyles the hopefully all of you can find something that you want to wear this time around now whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, whether you are your own Valentine or you have a valentine, I hope that you enjoy your day and pick out a hairstyle that will make you feel that much more fabulous that being said let’s dance to it.

On top of your head and once you have that section braid, all the way down and secured at the end with an elastic trial now on one side grab another section of hair and braids that I chose to do a rope braid with this one just to mix it up, a little bit and it was mess it up start by massaging each braids as of texture and volume Easter 2 you can actually follow the same steps and this is what it would look like on shorter hair.

Valentines Day Hairstyles for Long and Short Hair Photo Gallery

I think it is still perfectly laid-back actually it makes me feel a lot more laid-back and I feel like I could totally go with a casual occasion I can’t help it this year I was feeling very girly for long hair start with the section at the crown of your head and create a French Braid and as you have read make sure that you are taking larger sections.

Is in the braids you can secure it into a low ponytail with an elastic then if you are feeling it you can add a ribbon I think the ribbon is such a great accessory right now and I do love it for Valentine’s Day for short hair you could do the French braid from the long version, as a half updo but I’d actually alter it this way grab a large section on one side and braids all the way down the same thing on the other side now bring both together and secure it with an elastic and here’s my classic fake Hair around the ponytail and secure.

It with another elastic this is going to make the tail of a half updo looks so much more full and comprado And your Trial go to finish The French rope braid do not worry it is not that crazy start with a section of hair a couple of inches back from your hairline and split it, into two then create a row green by twisting the sections word your face and then wrapping them away Set a few times pick up a new piece of hair and put it into your tongue action, was toward your face and wrap away and continue going until you reach the nape of your neck as you go just pick up Carol on the path of the braids Now secure everything into a low ponytail and with the hair on the ponytail create two more row braids.

By wrapping the first braid into a bun and then wrapping the second grade around that Speak but I really been feeling the row gray lately cuz it bring some new life to these updos information Ortiz here is what to do start my sleeping back, one side of your hair and bobby pin it in place then do a French rope braid as I showed earlier but Amber the middle back of your head once you get there Just normally and hold your place then sweet back some more hair from that side and braids and place them over the pens secured in place by pinning up and into the section without any awkwardly exposed pens, there are some hairstyles that you can wear for Valentine’s Day this year or you know any occasion on which you want and I will send 4 style tell me which one was your favorite and the comments below and hit that like button if you enjoyed today’s post as always you can click subscribe and turn on notifications so you never again and I will see you in my next one.

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