Wake up, Sleeping Beauty!

Looking at beauty through this filter of sustainability may sound somewhat revolutionary now, but I firmly believe that soon it will not be “alternative” at all. It will be the new norm This Slow Beauty movement begins on an individual basis.

You are necessary because it is one by one that this shift will happen: first, you will do it for yourself and your own well-being; then, you will serve as an example for others. And, finally, the entire world will catch on to this more beautiful, more fulfilling, more joyful way of living.

Wake up, Sleeping Beauty! Photos

Slow Beauty is activism for the self. It is a social justice movement for the self. Far too often, we behave as if we are at war with ourself. We focus on “antiaging,” we fight against time, we admonish the natural process and beauty of aging, and we terrorize ourself with our inner language about this process. Our internal dialogue is mean, harsh, overly critical, and negative.

It overflows into how we speak about ourself to others, and how we speak about others, too. We’ve been estranged from our biggest ally ourself. Ultimately, Slow Beauty isn’t about aging, slow aging, or antiaging. It’s about an entirely new idea: holding youth.

Wake up, Sleeping Beauty!

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