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Most of these items are more expensive than their counterparts. It’s stupid and it sucks, but nothing is more important than your health. I’m a bargain shopper ninja, so I shop sales and stock up in mass quantity whenever I can. When our local co-op puts Lily’s chocolate bars on sale I’ve been known to buy them in embarrassing quantity, but my family loves them for treats and, hey, half-off is half-off. When you find things you know your family loves, keep an eye out for when the prices go down and stock up big time. Some stores will give you a nice discount if you buy in bulk quantities, so ask!

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Will what worked for my family work for you exactly the same way? Probably not, but I think making the healthiest choices you can for your family is vitally important. I believe the diseases plaguing our kids, and us as adults, at increasingly high rates, are intrinsically related to what we put inside our bodies, often without thinking about it. So start thinking! Read the ingredients. Look and see if you recognize the things in the ingredient list of the foods you buy.

Below is the ingredient list, taken from Wikipedia, for a popular breakfast product. Do you know which cereal it is?

“Oats (Whole grain), Oats (flour), marshmallows (sugar, modified starch/modified corn starch, corn syrup, dextrose, gelatin, calcium carbonate, yellow 5 & yellow 6, blue 1, red 40), artificial flavor, sugar, corn syrup, corn starch, salt, calcium carbonate, food coloring/artificial color, trisodium phosphate, zinc, iron, vitamin C (sodium ascorbic), niacinamide (a B vitamin), vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B1 (thiamin mononitrate), vitamin A (palmitate), folic acid, vitamin B12, vitamin D, vitamin E (mixed tocopherols). ”

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What the hell is niacinamide? Palmitate? Thiamin mononitrate?

Do you recognize that product? It’s Lucky Charms. The manufacturers say those things are “vitamins”, but why do you need to add them in the first place? Fresh whole foods have all the vitamins and minerals you’ll ever need.

Pro tip: if you can ’t find some of these recommended items in your local store, check Amazon they almost always have them in stock and some are even available for auto delivery, bulk quantity, or pantry boxes for an even better discount. You can also use the website “store locator” for hard-to-find items. Asking your grocery store to order them for you might also be an option; mine gives a discount for special bulk orders.

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Keeping It Simple: Let’s Start in the Kitchen

My husband and children don’t really need to shed any weight, as they’ve all reached a place where they’re within the normal range for their height and age. Two of my children lost about ten pounds each that had them close to an unhealthy weight according to their doctor. This weight loss was due to the changes we had made in terms of food intake and activity levels. My other kids had issues that were not at all connected to weight, and these all improved once we changed our diet. They’ve since maintained their new, healthier weights, and our doctor is pleased with their overall health progress.

My weight had always been at the root of my long laundry list of health problems and I felt I was basically becoming carbohydrate-intolerant. Virtually any sugar made me feel yucky, my blood disorder and the lack of nutrients in my blood was also causing some issues.

I believe that balancing your blood sugar levels is key to your overall health and I knew I’d have to start managing my blood sugar and insulin levels. At this point, I decided to include several superfoods to my diet (see the list of superfoods in Post 11), as well as some additional vitamin supplements. I also read a handful of blogs on the concept of food cycling, and I immediately decided that it made sense and I wanted to try it.

In a nutshell, food cycling is eating certain foods together at the same time and cycling carbs in and out of your diet, so that you can burn off body fat more easily. There are several different ways to do this, and I found lots of contradictory information on the subject. Some blogs suggested eating carbs one week and not eating them the next, while other blogs recommended having carbs with every other meal, and still others said to rotate a few days on and a few days off.

Needless to say, all this new information seemed very complicated, and the rules were very confusing to me, so I set out to come up with a plan that would be easy for me and my busy schedule. And. I had to create meal plans that would accommodate my eating preferences with those of my family members.

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My solution? I let my family lead the way. I knew from my research that I wanted to try and keep healthy, carb-friendly meals separate from meals with fats, so I would plan meals for my entire family and then structure my specific plan around that. What does that look like? Well, if my family has Taco Tuesday with low carb Mission wraps, I’m going to skip the cheese and do a low fat sour cream or tacos on lettuce wraps. Sometimes I’ll have oatmeal for breakfast three or four days in a row, and then when my whole family decides they want omelets I’ll join them, and add some turkey bacon or chicken sausage. My kids will usually add toast with some low sugar jelly.

For lunch Jack and I almost always eat a chef’s salad. It is loaded with protein and it fills us up for the whole afternoon. My go to snack is yogurt I love yogurt, and sometimes I’ll add some Ezekiel cereal for crunch in the morning, or mix in a few chocolate chips and freeze it for a bedtime snack. It’s actually really funny because as much as I love yogurt, Jack hates it. He will not even touch the container. He says he has some repressed childhood memories. He’s so weird. 😉

I do track my calories with a fitness app just so I’m sure I’m staying within range, and I don’t go crazy with any one particular food group. Protein and greens are daily staples, and I try to make sure

I’m always getting enough fluids. Drinking all day is tough, though, because I have to pee all day, but I’ve also come to realize I’m often dehydrated, which can cause false hunger, so make sure you’re drinking enough. Tea both iced and hot is what I try to go for during the day. We have a whole cupboard containing many different types of tea. Jack and I both keep a big thermos of hot tea on our desk, so we keep drinking throughout the day. I’m sure you can find some sort of tea you like I’ve seen everything from watermelon tea to chocolate tea. It’s great for your body, too!

As far as developing family recipes of our own, I’ve found a few great cookblogs we use on a regular basis, and we also use Pinterest a lot we have a Pinterest board only we can see and we pin things we think the family might like. My amazing nanny helps with meal planning and shopping, and we often modify recipes that have things we are trying to stay away from, substituting the bad ingredient for something healthier. If you find a sweetener you really like we love Swerve brand you can just use that if the recipe calls for sugar. I even came up with a corn casserole modification for Thanksgiving that my kids thought was decent.

There is a bit of a learning curve to all this, but there are amazing bloggers, vloggers, and moms out there working on family-approved, low-sugar, low- or no-carb meals. Be confident, you can do it.

Let’s just be honest for a minute, here: I’m a mom of six, a bestselling author, and I run a 50-acre farm I don’t have the time to make gourmet meals for my kids. The few recipes of my own I’m including in this blog come from a busy woman who just wants to give her kids healthy foods they’ll actually eat, enjoy, and gain nourishment from If you’re looking for fancy, you will not find it here.

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