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So what does that look like for you? This isn’t one size fits all. Maybe you need to move first and then adjust your food plan. In my experience, though, cutting out the worst enemies to your health is a great place to start, and then gradually make other changes.

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Physical exercise and strength training is important; I do want to make that very clear. I read several diet blogs that basically said exercise was optional and not that important. I don’t buy that for a second.


Because of what I’ve seen and experienced with my own body.

I really believe nutrition and physical fitness go hand and hand with feeling great and looking great. Could we probably excel in one without the other? Yeah, sure. I just heard about a trainer with an amazing body and huge social media following who says she eats almost only fast food.

Hmmmm. that doesn’t make much sense to me. Why trash the inside of your body and then work so hard on the outside? Let’s find a balance and love both the inside and the outside. They both deserve your attention, right? I want you healthy body, mind and soul!

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So how do we really get started on a lifestyle of physical fitness? I’m not talking about becoming a gym rat or running in circles all weekend, I’m talking about adjusting your life in increments to make your exercise and physical wellness a priority as well as something fun. How does that look for you? For me it means a few things. I spend half of my day on my feet at least 8,000 to 10,000 steps every day however I can get them in, and I do some sort of fun exercise for thirty minutes, four to five days a week.

This can take the form of a bunch of different things a fast paced walk or run with my kids, a YouTube video with some cardio dance moves to a popular song, working a simple Kettlebell circuit, hell, even just walking up and down my stairs a few times. I do whatever I can, each and every day, to get my body moving.

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If you have a home office or have any influence at work, I highly suggest either a standing desk or a walking desk. I have a walking treadmill desk I use every single day. If you see me on social media, it’s almost always when I’m on my treadmill desk, because it’s a great way to kill two birds with one stone. I get my steps in, keep my back in good shape, answer emails, and even edit my blogs while at my treadmill desk. Those steps each day really hold me accountable to staying on track with my work while benefitting my health.

A quick aside to all of my author friends who might be reading this get a walking desk, PLEASE. A sedentary life spent sitting down all day every day is not goodfor your body. I do a fast walk or wog while I’m doing my social media and emails, and then a nice slow stroll while I’m writing. You’ll be surprised how quickly that will get you off social media, and how many miles you’ll be walking in a day. Hell, I challenge you to sprint with me! Message me and we can word-sprint while physically challenging each other to see who can walk the farthest or fastest. All that hard work will not be worth much if you ’re sick, so please take care of yourself. Please move, and eat well. Our profession worries me, because we ’re all too isolated and stationary. Get moving!

Let’s be leaders in our industry. Let’s get ourselves in fighting shape! We need you to be healthy so we can keep reading your blogs.

Healthy Tips For Weight Loss

Sorry, but that needed to be said.

Now, I know a walking desk is specific to my life and job, but I bet you can find ways to make double tasking work for you. The other day I came across a group of mommy fitness bloggers who incorporate their kids’ play time with their workouts. They hold their kids while doing squats, and/or use them as extra weights for pushups. I don’t know if that would work with my crazy kids, but I might just give it a try when I’m in a pinch for some extra free weight gotta put those kids to use somehow! My point is, there has to be some extra things you can do to stay active. You’ll be surprised at how much extra energy it gives you, and how much better you’ll sleep at night. Also, don’t underestimate those bathroom break squats.

I signed up for my first 5k not long after my oldest daughter was born. My friend, who’s super athletic and has been running her whole life, told me to do a training program first, but of course I didn’t listen. Why would I? I never do what anyone tells me.. .just ask Jack! I think I’d run a total of two times for five minutes at most before driving to downtown Detroit for the 5k run I’d promised my friend I would do with her.

I wasn’t in any kind of shape to do it, but I was sure as hell going to pretend. As soon as the race started I blazed to the very start of the pack. It may have been more of a hobble, but it felt like I was blazing. I got about a mile into the race when I started to realize this might actually be the day I died.

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