If you would prefer to be more in control over your destiny, and less victim to your unconscious fears, then you need to take better control over the images of your mind, says psychologist, coach and author of Imagine – Using mental imagery to reach your full potential.

Dr Lydia Ievleva. Indeed it is tantalising proposition that we might be able to make our wildest dreams come true – especially come the new year. Thanks to neuroscience’s validation and refinement of long-used thought techniques, it is a viable option.

Mental imagery works by trickingthe mind (and consequently the body) into thinking it is actually doing it. It’s called psychoneuromuscular theory and can work extremely well if you know what you are doing. The images and sensations that we all naturally create while we are staring out the window can have a significant influence on our behaviour and the way we think about ourselves.

Much of how we are and what we do is dictated by images of our mind, says Dr Ievleva. We tend to think, feel and behave consistently with whatever self-image is most dominant at the time. We tend to re-create outer conditions to match our inner conditions. This explains why tattslotto winners can face greater debts within a year of winning than before.

Much of our life is a performance – sometimes simply to get out of bed in the morning. Going home for the holidays and maintaining your equanimity around difficult family members, or going to work each day and dealing with difficult clients or colleagues – it is not about being the best but about becoming your best self.



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