One of the primary ways we put the Slow Beauty philosophy into practice is through rituals. As Princeton sociologist Robert Wuthnow put it, we are currently living in the Age of Practice. He explains, “In the United States, religious life has evolved from a ‘dwelling spirituality’ in the 1950s, when the physical church or synagogue building was the focus of family religious life; to a ‘seeking spirituality’ of the turbulent 1960s, when the individual’s quest for personal meaning and moments of transcendence stood at the center; to our age an age of meditation practice communities and yoga practice communities.”

Wuthnow points to this trend in an academic sense, but you’ve most likely already noticed it at play in your own life. Maybe you practice yoga yourself; if not, you likely know many others who do or have noticed its increasing prominence in society. The ancient practice of meditation is now becoming mainstream in the same way yoga has in the past decade.


So, what does all of that have to do with Slow Beauty? Slow Beauty is something to be practiced, and a big part of this practice includes meditative techniques, both in the traditional sense and in the terms of rituals that can be meditative in nature when practiced mindfully. Wellness and well-being are big buzzwords, and thankfully there are a ton of options in terms of techniques and tools to live well. But so many choices can also be daunting: Which ones should you choose? When should you integrate them into your life? It can be confusing. This section will help you identify what techniques and tools to use when, and leaves the door open for you to incorporate the wellness practices you are already using.

Just as we practice yoga and meditation on a regular basis for our health and state of mind, with Slow Beauty you will also have the opportunity to practice a fun, healthy, lifestyle throughout your day. Over time, that lifestyle becomes who you are. Slow Beauty will provide you with a host of rituals that can be performed both on a daily and intermittent basis to enhance your life and light you up from the inside. In this section you’ll find a huge variety of ways to do this, including hydration, movement, light therapy (in other words, aligning ourself with our built-in circadian rhythm), and ideas for group gatherings. This diverse menu allows you to go however wide and deep you choose to, and to adjust that scope as you evolve and the various seasons of life come and g°.

The ultimate goal with all of this is to better attune yourself with your mind, body, and energy levels on both a day-to-day and a seasonal basis, and to help you live your life in an intentional way. As I’ve seen in my own Slow Beauty practice and in my work with others, once you discover how alive and refreshed you feel from incorporating these rituals and how permissive and accepting you feel when you understand your natural cycles of downtime, you will fall into an easy routine of awareness and self-care that will leave you joyful, enlivened, and brimming with selfacceptance. With these practices incorporated into our daily life, we improve with time, rather than fading away. The passage of time becomes something to celebrate rather than to fear. This, my friends, is true freedom


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