Zig Zag Half Updo on Long and Short Hair!

Today, we are learninhow to do this zig zag half up do. I think this is super pretty and actually getting the zig zag is surprisingly easy, so let’s get into it. First things first, you are gonna wet your hair with a tiny bit of water. This just helps to get a really sharp zig zag, and then grab a rat tail comb and brush your hair straight back. And, you fellows children know what to do now. You take that comb and you create a zig zag on top of your head and then just split the hair on either side of the comb. I found that it worked best for me doing this in like two or three sectionscause trying to do it all at once with long hair is kind of a lot.

Now, we are gonna section off the top. So, you are going to start at your temple and then go slightly diagonally back creating a nice, straight line and clip everything underneath that line out of the way, letting the hair on top just fall down, and do the same thing on the other side and you are ready to start braiding. Starting up at the front, you are going to take a tiny, tiny section and start braiding under to create the beginning of a Dutch braid.

Zig Zag Half Updo on Long and Short Hair! Photos

And now, we have gotta talk about adding hair into the braid. On the side with the straight part you are gonna braid in new hair every time you get to that section. And then for the zig zag side of the braid you are only gonna bring in new hair when the braid is even with the zig zag that is pointing away from the braid. When you are not even with that section you just braid under normally without adding in any new hair. Then of course, when you are even with the zig zag that’s pointing away you are going to bring that section into the braid and braid under. And you are just gonna continue doing that until you get to the end of your section. Once you have reached about where you’d like your bun to sit you can stop and braid normally for a few inches and hold your place either with a bobbie pin or an elastic.

Now, do the same thing on the other side. This will be a little bit easier because half of the zig zag has already been braided out of the way, so you can just zip through this one. I ended up making these braids pretty tight so I went back in and loosened it up just a little bit. You can do that if you feel like it. Then, I brought both braids together and secured them with an elastic to create a little ponytail and you could actually just wear this as a ponytail or go ahead and create a bun. I went with my favorite which was to backcomb with my fingers, wrap it into a bun and pin it in place. But, you can do whatever bun you want to do here. And, that’s it. That’s how to do the half up, half down zig zag hairstyle. This’ll work on long or short hair. Really, as long as your hair is long enough to Dutch braid it, you can do this hairstyle.

Zig Zag Half Updo on Long and Short Hair!

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