Exercise, diet, and skin care are always the first line of offense when it comes to building a strong, healthy body, as we all know. But sometimes, even the most intense workout or diligent self-care is no match for a stubborn spot. Body treatments of all kinds have improved... Read more
Bling up Your Pickles

Bling up Your Pickles

Beauty November 16, 2018 0

Bling up your pickles The healthy side takes center stage on your summer cheese board. “A mix of colors and textures makes a beautiful spread,” says chef Joshua McFadden, the author of Six Seasons: A New Way With Vegetables. Use his basic brine to tang up endive, cauliflower, even... Read more
8 New Hairstyles For Little Girls 2019
CHILDREN AND HAIR TYPING Should I follow the hair typing chart to find products suitable for my little girl’s hair or are there other things I should assess it on? The hair typing system is a controversial topic amongst the natural hair community, but is still something that I... Read more
10 Best Haircuts for Women 2019
IS IT TIME TO TRIM? I wore my hair in canerows for two weeks whilst I wore a wig. When I took it out I had a lot of shedding. My sister said it’s because I’m due for a trim. Is she right? Or is there anything else I... Read more
8 Toxin Free Nail Varnish
When you go for your manicure, do you often wonder exactly what goes into that glossy colour that now resides on your fingers and toes? Nail varnishes can contain ingredients that can cause allergies or irritations, so your itchy eyes or skin may not be the result of your... Read more