10 Watch Buying Mistakes Watch This BEFORE You Buy A Timepiece

10 Watch Buying Mistakes Watch This BEFORE You Buy A Timepiece Ten watch-buying mistakes that you need to avoid. Are you ready? Let’s get into it.

Watch-buying mistake number one is not buying the watch that you want and instead you’re pressured into buying the watch that other people want to see you wear. Your choice may not be popular. And this is the hard thing, a lot of people want to buy, okay, this one a lot of people they’re buying, it’s popular, they say it’s a great investment, I’m going to go with it. They get that watch and then try it and they’re like, ah, I don’t really – it doesn’t sing to me. No, you need to find what sings to you and then ignore whatever anyone else is saying. Wear it and enjoy the watch. So, throughout this post, I’m going to be showing you some beautiful time pieces. If you like what you see, you want to grab any of these watches. They can all be found over at MVMT Watches. I’m linking to them down in the description. MVMT Watches is the paid sponsor of today’s post, guys. And for two years I’ve been using their watches, they’re a great deal.

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Go check them out, they’ve got a wide variety of watches. And, down in the description I’ve got a discount code. Use it or lose it, it’s not going to be around forever and you want to take advantage of this great deal. Watch-buying mistake number two, not buying an everyday wear watch early on and instead buying something that’s really flashy something that draws a lot of attention to itself which those watches are fine, but not early on. You want something that can be dressed up something that can be dressed down something that is versatile. This watch right here, it works really well for me because I love silver, I’ve got my silver wedding ring, I’ve got other silver, you know, cuff links. It can be dressed up, it can be dressed down. Now, this watch in particular is out of MVMT Watches 40mm collection and it’s known as the Silver. It’s a beautiful watch that I’ve had almost two years. I wear it quite a bit and I can dress it up, dress it down and it’s exactly what I said. It’s an everyday wear which gets you used to wearing watches. Watch-buying mistake number three.

Not experimenting with the strap. Have fun with the watch strap. Guys, it’s an easy way to add life to add color to have a lot of fun. So, the strap has a big effect on the perceived formality of the watch. So, let me give you some options right here. This one, it is the Voyager Slate from MVMT. And look at that like nice mesh metal band, very beautiful. It’s going to from, you know, be overall look like a very nice watch that you could wear with maybe a sports jacket pair of jeans pair of boots maybe Chelseas. But, the overall look of this, it can still be dressed down. Now, this next watch is actually from the same family over at MVMT, it’s called the Desert. So, the strap right here this fabric, you know, light color, what does it do compared to that last watch that I just showed you? All you really did was change out the strap and it becomes a much more casual type of looking watch. Next up, we’ve got the silicon strap, a very casual strap that comes out of the sports environment.

Basically, the silicon strap is all about durability. This is something that can get wet again and again, isn’t going to affect it versus leather versus some of the other straps out there that could actually be damaged over time and crack. Silicon straps are not going to have that issue. Next up, we’ve got leather bands. And leather bands can be formal they can be casual, depends on two factors the color and the overall style and build of the leather band. So, this leather band right here is going to be casual. The color is a lighter color, so that is going to make it more casual and then the band build is going to be thicker heavier built. So, this right here is going to be something going to be much more casual. On the other side of the spectrum, a dress watch that’s using a black colored leather band, that would be something more formal. Watch-buying mistake number four. Buying a watch that’s too large for your wrist. Depending on the size of your wrist, when you look at the case size, this case right here is a 45mm, this case right here is a 40mm.

Now, for my size wrist which is 6.5, I can tell you the 40mm is just going to look more proportion, it just simply going to rest better. You should understand what’s the size of your wrist what is going to be recommended and then, when you know that rule, you can break it. Watch-buying mistake number five. Buying a watch as an investment versus buying a watch as something that you’re going to enjoy and you’re going to wear. So, if you are a professional watch investor and flipper, well, you can ignore my advice because you know what you’re doing. But, most of us are not professionals and will be talking with people on a forum in a group and some will say, oh, that’s an awesome deal. Well, you’re looking to buy a watch, you should jump on it and you jumped on it and you don’t even like the watch. It’s not something you would wear. And guess what? You can’t flip it, it is hard to sell, prices have gone down. If you’re a professional, of course, yeah, do what you do, but for the rest of us, do not invest in watches as an investment. Watch mistake number six.

Spending money that you don’t have to buy a watch that you don’t really need. Now, it’s cool to have a few watches and I definitely enjoy watches, but you don’t want to be going into credit card debt. You want to budget you want to save up, you want to be able to spend money on a watch that you’ve earned and that when you buy it, it’s not going to negatively affect anything else in your life. Watch-buying mistake number seven. Only sticking with one brand. Yes, I know we’ve all got certain watch brands that we know of and we trust, but you should look at some of the other lesser known brands, some of the up-and-coming watch brands. Oftentimes you’re going to find a great deal there, it’s going to be something they’re making a unique design. If you like the watch, why not experiment why not try something new. Watch-buying mistake number eight. Discounting a quartz movement because it’s a quartz movement. Now, manual automatic watches, I love them. Self-winding watches, they’re beautiful pieces of art, but quartz movements serve a purpose.

And for a lot of people on a budget, it’s a great entry way for those that want more accurate time telling, guess what? Quartz is where it’s at. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Watch-buying mistake number nine. Not working with the seller that you can trust that has you covered. For at least a year preferably longer, twenty four months would be nice. Also, you want to make sure that, hey, that if you call them if you want to engage with them, they’ve got at least some customer service, so if you need help if you’ve got an issue with your watch, you can get assistance. Watch mistake number ten. Not wearing the watches that you own and arguably this gets harder as your watch collection grows, you get twenty, thirty, forty, a hundred different watches, yes, how do you wear all these different watches? Well, the answer is, guys, you start to wear about four to five watches on one arm four to five on the other. I’m kidding here, guys. The point I want to hit with here is if you’re going to spend good money on a watch, try to wear it enjoy it, build memories with that watch. All right, gentlemen, now it’s your turn. I want to hear from you down in the comments.

Which watch-buying mistake did I forget? What would you have added in this post? What would you have changed up to make it better? And, guys, don’t forget, go check out MVMT. I’m linking to them down in the description. Awesome company, wide selection of watches. Use that discount code I’m putting down there, use it or lose it. Guys, that’s it. Take care. I’ll see you in the next post. Bye.

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