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Different Kinds of Kisses When you are kissing, you do not have to stick with the traditional kiss. Kissing should be an expression of your attraction to your partner, and that does not have to stick to rules or a formula. It should be as spontaneous and varied as you want it to be. Have a little fun experimenting with different techniques of kissing. Maybe it is not appropriate for the first couple of times that you kiss a person, as it might scare them a little and they may start to think you are a bit kinky. But a little later on, it adds variety and surprise to your kisses, leaving your partner wanting more … and more often. Don’t try anything that is so complicated that your partner does not quite know what you are doing or it will just turn into a big mess. Also, when you try to go in to give a different kiss, then your partner may just try to do a normal kiss.

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Tease your partner with kisses all over their face while holding their face with your hands and occasionally stroking their hair. Show them with your expression and breathing that you are enjoying yourself; it will also get your partner going. Your partner will be craving for you to give them a proper kiss. But do not give them a proper kiss; make them wait a little longer. The anticipation will be worth it. When you are ready to give them a proper kiss, tease them a little more first. Pull back and give them a cheeky look and then go in for a kiss but pull back before you do so, then go in for the killer.

Brushing lips your lips against your partner’s is not quite kissing but is still just as intimate. Lips have a lot of nerve endings so are quite sensitive to touch. Combine this with the softness of lips together and it causes quite a sensation. Brush your partner’s lips very softly with yours and you can even start to trace around their cheeks as well and back to their lips. Add in a few small kisses as well if you like, for a bit of variety.

The lightest possible kisses ever on the mouth are sweet and meaningful. It is obvious that you aren’t trying to get anything more from it but that you are thinking about them and enjoying their company. The gentleness is also very sensual.

Kiss everywhere but your partner’s mouth. Go from the neck up to the cheek, around the forehead, nose, beside the mouth, wherever you like. Your partner will enjoy themselves but will be hoping that the next kiss will be on the mouth. Take your time to kiss all around their face and neck. You will be able to tell from their reaction what parts of their body they like to be kissed.


M&Ms aren’t just for a yummy treat: they can be used for a kissing game! When you are kissing your partner, pop an M&M into your mouth and pass it around each other trying to get it. Keep playing till M&M melts. To be a little tricky, you could try it with 3 or 4 M&Ms at the same time.

Try kissing with different amounts of pressure. Start off with slow, soft kisses and move into something with slightly more pressure. Kisses with slightly more pressure can be more intimate and sexy. But do not apply to much pressure, as you do not want to smother them to death.

Leave notes around for them when your partner gets home from work, like on the door, telling them to go to the fridge where there will be another note. In the end, all the sticky notes will lead to you, and you can give your partner an awesome welcome-home kiss. This is especially great if your partner has had a bad day. It will make them forget all their problems and cheer them up completely. It could also set the scene for a fun night…

Leave vouchers that entitle your partner to a free kiss whenever they want one. Put them on the fridge, in your partner’s briefcase, or anywhere that will surprise them. The more unexpected the better. Don’t forget it is their voucher so they can spend it any time they like and you have to be obliging. That is the whole fun of the voucher. It is all about them.

Who said kissing should be restricted to just your mouth? Try making out with their neck, shoulder or back. There are nerve endings all over the body, and if it is somewhere that they do not usually get kissed, then their nerves will stand on end. This could be a fun way to explore each other’s bodies.

Kissing the ear is awesome because they can also hear you breathing. This can be quite a turnon for some people. Trace the outside of the ear, follow around to the lobe, then nibble. If you are really game, you might want to poke your tongue in their ear. Just a warning though, not everyone likes this so if they pull back do not keep going in.

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