Welcome back to my blog today. I want to share to you this super soft romantic half up half down hairstyle you guys really loved my super simple update yourselves inspired to do another tutorial that wasn’t a braid.


I just love how effortless this hairstyle looks it really gives that romantic vibe. I just think it is really beautiful and. It’s so simple to do. So you not know how to achieve it then please keep reading all you for this tutorial are bobby pins and then, I’m gonna be teasing my hair a little bit.. So I also have a comb. I recommend before you started for this hairstyle is add some waves to your hair or curl it the day before and sleep on it just.

So that you have the right amount of the texture, and it is gonna really give you that soft romantic look. So, I’m going to lightly tease my hair. I never do this but I have tried this hairstyle without teasing and it just does not look the same. So, I’m just going to do some light teasing right as a crown. So then just go ahead and lay all the hair back and you can see that. I just added a little extra volume. I didn’t want to use it too crazy stay still and to look nice and soft but at the end of the hairstyle, I’m going to go in and add some more volume.

So you just want to make sure that all of your hair is straight back and then, I’m going to start on the right side and, I’m just going to grab a nice sized chunk right at the back of my head and then, I’m going to give it a light turn about a half a twist and then, I’m going to bobby pin it horizontally just to the left of the middle right above the nape of my neck wall here, I’m also going to gently tug on my twists just to loosen it up a little bit do you guys love my compact mirror it is my bronzer it is all. I have is a new place.. So I have to make do with this tiny little mirror but there were no grabbing a nice sized chunk from the left side of the back and the trick is to not think about this too much just kind of grab a section give it a turn maybe a turn and a half and then, I’m just going to pin it below that first section to the rights of the middle and again, I’m just going to gently pull on this twist to loosen it up and make it look even more effortless. So there’s one two alternate sides. So, I’m grabbing a section from the front this time on the right side leaving down some hair to cover my ears just for now and, I’m going to loosely twist it pinning it below our previous one then same as before just gently tugging on small pieces of it. So same thing on the left grabbing a section of hair from the front remembering to leave enough down and just to cover your ear for now and then giving it one loose twist and again pinning it horizontally just below our previous one.

So you see that it is created a crisscross and, I like to just check it as. I go making sure it is as loose looking as. I like and then touching up any areas. So no bobby pins are showing then, I’m going to grab one last section from the right now this is all the remaining hair and, I like to bobby pin this one a little bit farther left just to really help secure the whole hairstyle and then our very last section on the left again grabbing all that remaining hair and, I had to look at a mirror while doing this just to make sure that. I was covering the bobby pins as. I pulled it across once I have reinforced it with some extra bobby pins. I just quickly finger combed at the bottom of my hair oh it’s.

So long. I can barely reach the back but once, I’m happy with it, I’m going to go ahead and start pulling on the small pieces of hair at the crown of my head again do not be too particular the Messier the better but. I just want to create some added volume and lift. So there you have you guys. I just love this hairstyle. So much it is just effortless and messy and the best way. I think this hairstyle is so perfect for summer hence the summer topic do not let this fool you it is reaching outside but.

I can just imagine it for any like wedding or bridal shower but. I think it is also really pretty for winter if you just want to get the hair up and out of your face for really quickly let me know what you guys thought in the comments down below also if you liked this post do not forgive it a thumbs up yeah thank you guys. So much for reading and I will talk to you my next post.

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