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Hey all, Welcome back my lovelies today we are talking about ten easy hair hacks every girl should know some of them you probably already know and think obviously and then some other ones, I might maybe surprise you let’s get started the first hair hack is what you guys always ask me in every single post mine is how do, I get the volume on my roots on the top of my head.

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So this hack relies solely on the technique or the process of how, I dry my hair it does not matter. If it is air dry or blow-dry you get very similar results. So what, I used to do to achieve literally nothing, I would always have flat roots was that only part my hair on one side specifically let’s for example a only part on my left side. So, I would dry my hair on the left side style it and it would kind of my hair would memorize a certain area and it would just style itself even when, I would just kind of try to pull my hair back it would just go back to the left side where the part, I usually parted. So what, I did first was, I started drying either air dry or blow-dry on alternate sides instead of keeping it always on the left, I would go switch in between the middle or the right side and then back to the left just to kind of reteach my hair to be a little bit more flexible and. So, I would have more control alright. But it does not stop there this hack gives me even more volume.

So, I do this more intentionally than, I used to before, I do not wash my hair every single day, I try to do takes between three to four days to kind of stretch it out and, I will intentionally decide where, I want to part it for those specific days. So last night, I took a shower and, I wanted to part my hair on the left side. So this is what you do to get that nice volume eyes roots instead of parting and drying on the left side, I literally take it all my hair on the right side of my head all of it when it is completely wet and, I either blow dry or air dry my hair all of it until it is completely dry on the opposite side of where, I want to part it once it is completely dried, I bring it back to the part where, I want to style it you get instant volume it is not that easy boy wait there’s more let’s say you like your hair parted in the middle once in a while or sometimes or all the time and you still want that volume. So what, I do is, I take pretty deep sides and both right and left side and, I blow dry my hair on each side. So, I alternate a little bit here a little bit there and then make sure you get in the front. So the baby hairs and the rest of your hair is kind of going backwards what, I like to do once it is completely dry let it go and then part it in the middle and you still get crazy beautiful volume on your roots on both sides of your head that’s it it literally does a trick every time. So this next hack is for damaged hair dry hair brittle hair frizzy hair basically hair that needs some love yeah okay, I think.

So, I’m now not that kind of love coconut oh, I kind of love and make sure you use virgin unprocessed raw coconut oil. So it does not have extra chemicals it is non-gmo it is strictly coconut oil that’s all you need. So. Because my hair is super over processed and over bleached and. Because I’m a human and, I like styling my hair with heat tools let’s be honest, I do always turn to this coconut oil for a deep conditioning hair mask that, I do overnight basically what this mask does it conditions my hair it makes my hair softer it makes my hair shinier and overall improve the texture of my hair which gradually makes my hair healthier hack number three is how you properly pin the bobby pins there’s actually a very good scientific explanation with it bear with me let’s take a closer look. So it has two sides to every bobby pin there’s the flat longer side and then there is a top side where it has ridges on both top and bottom you guys see that, and it is a little bit shorter. So how, I used to do it was, I would always place the longer flat side against my roots and scalp and the ridges would always be on the top.

But then my hair would fall out it would not hold it would not stay in place and then, I tried it on the other side and that’s literally how you are supposed to wear the ridges towards your scalp and your roots. So the reason why this works is. Because a the hair has more surface area to grab onto the ridges and be. Because of the geometry of the ridges your hair has easier time to clamp onto it and getting close as possible to your root or your scalp which results with your hair being nice and tight it is not going to go anywhere and it just holds it in place versus the flat side hair hack number four is to give the bobby pins a little bit more traction right baby yes. So all you need for this is either hairspray or dry shampoo and then a nice clean paper towel or something that you can hold the bobby pins in I’m going to place my body pins flatly on my paper towel and then spray either dry shampoo or some hairspray just spray and from the top once you sprayed it I’m going to pick it up and then just kind of bounce them around. So all sides get covered. So they get nice and sticky do you see that.

So this this is what’s going to help stick and give more traction to your hair. So let me quickly demonstrate for you guys Sic nice and sticky that’s going to help it be a little bit more secure, and it is going to hold on to your hair better hair hack number five is also a very easy one that a lot of you are using already and a lot of you know it. But are still not using it and I’m here to tell you get on the bandwagon it is. So worth it it is going to change your hair life forever dry shampoo. So what exactly is a dry shampoo it is basically a powder that absorbs the extra oil on your hair and it kind of kind of and it kind of kind of and it kind of gives you the extra day or two to skip your washing your hair. Because washing hair every single day is not good for your hair and it comes in two different ways you can either spray it or you can actually squeeze it out of a squeeze bottle. So what makes a great dry shampoo is a how much days you can go without washing your hair without it looking really greasy and – it gives me lots of volume and three it gives me the perfect amount of texture application is very easy.

So let’s say, I want to absorb the extra oils in my hair, I take this product up in my roots let it sit there for at least ten to fifteen seconds to do its job and then once it is nicely absorbed, I go in with my fingers kind of rub it in a little bit more spread it out and then take a brush and brush out my hair for to get rid of that your product. So with dry shampoo, I do not like to spray every single day in between washes just. Because results with a lot of buildup on your scalp. So like, I was showing you on basically let’s say my hair, I just want it nice and texturize on the first day where it is still nice and clean and soft, I will just spray it on my ends all the way down and now we will try to avoid the root area as much as possible and, I just try to spray it on the outside of my hair just to give it a little bit more texture and then let’s say on the second or third day where my hair is getting a little bit more oily with my scalp, I will go in this either on the second or third day not every single day just to avoid the build-up hair hack number six is how to do your own dry shampoo it is not really you do it it is a product that you have at home. So cornstarch is a great alternative to dry shampoo it is very easy to use you put it in your hair in small amounts you can use an empty squeezy bottle. But the reason why, I do not like it as much as let’s say my dry shampoo here is. Because you have to work with it a little bit more.

Because it is not functioned it is not geared towards your hair obviously. But it still gets the job done very well by grabbing the excess oil out of your hair. So what, I do is super simple you can put a little squeezy bottle or, I just put into a little tiny that’s way too much into a little tiny clear little Bowl then, I actually just take my fingers and just take a small amount and just sprinkle it onto the areas where it is oily on to my roots let us sit there do its job do not wear black. Because you won’t get all over you what’s it sit there for like 10 20 seconds go back in my fingers and just kind of rub it in once it is rubbed in I’m going to take my brush and brush it out. So, I think the cornstarch is a great alternative to dry shampoo, I just do not like to use it as often just. Because it gets a little bit more messy, and it is not as functional as a dry shampoo. But it does get the job done very well our hack number seven is how to get rid of flyways on your hair in your hair on your head all you need is some hairspray a brush that’s a little bit more precise or you could do a toothbrush.

So instead of spraying the hair spray all over on the top and it just does not control very well what you are gonna do is spray it on the brush Shh get it nicely saturated sometimes, I go back in two or three times depending on how crazy my flyaways are. But it always does the trick who likes shiny things. If you do this hair hack is for you. So this, I think is the most natural and most simplest way to get that shiny looking hair is it all starts in the shower. So if you ready take cold showers and I’m talking cold not warm not lukewarm actually cold showers then you know what I’m talking about. So if you are one of those that likes a nice hot steamy shower which, I do not blame you it is amazing wait till the very end to rinse off your hair with cold water for 20 to 30 seconds and you are out. So what it does is the cold water it locks and closes your hair follicles and cuticles which will result with your hair being more moisturized and shiny which is awesome, and it is so simple and it works very well and this also applies to how your blow-dry your hair as well same thing you can start up on the highest heat setting and then right before you finish you want to finish it off on the coldest setting as well for 20 to 30 seconds this will result what the style locked in place and with much shinier hair.

So hair hack number 9 is going to be how to get rid of static in your hair the question is why do we even get static in our hair. So a it could be a very dry climate like wintertime or you live in a very dry climate be it is the type of an environment you live and you probably have a lot of friction or rubbing weight yeah. So if there’s a lot of friction rubbing your hair did you get a lot of static charge you get a lot of positive charge in your hair which will result in static hair or your hair is super dry and need of condition and moisture. So how do we fix the static first thing you want to do is actually take care of your hair and by that, I mean moisturize and condition that will include a deep conditioning mask or my other favorite st. is dry conditioner number two is you want to counteract the positive with negative ions and that means some kind of metal. So metal barrettes work very well or metal bobby pins. So, I think we all know that the charge it goes through metal you probably have some friction on your body then you either touched a doorknob or something else that’s metal and you got shocked that’s exactly what it does for it to work like a bobby pin or some kind of metal barrette it has to actually touch your scalp for it to work properly let’s do a quick demonstration let’s say you are always walking on the carpet or you are rubbing against people call them crazy friction on your hair or you brush your hair a lot you are teasing it whatever you are causing a lot of friction to your hair let me grab the balloon and let me make my hair a little bit static let’s see.

If we can get rid of the static I’m going to use a metal comb for this and see how well this works metal comb let’s brush it out do you see that barely very little but. Because I’m touching my feet to a metal chair on the bottom I’m not sitting on the carpet. So that’s why you have to touch something metal that’s why you want the hair clips to touch your scalp for it to do its job for hack and number 10 we are taking it back to the bobby pin and, I love using this hack for when, I do braids or for when, I like to hide my bobby pin. So for this trick I’m going to have the bobby pin facing downwards. So the flat side is going to be going towards the scalp first and the ridges are going to be on the top. So I’m going to grab a nice section whatever, I want pinned down we are going to grab this section right here I’m going to put it in slide it in. So that you see the ridges there on top.

So I’m going to take the hair bring it back and then I’m going to take the actual bobby pin and I’m going to twist it for. So the ridges are gonna be going towards the scalp. So you see that the bobby pin you can only see on the very top. So there you have it those are my ten easy hair hacks for short hair, I hope you guys like them and let me know which ones you actually use on a daily basis to make your hair life easier thank you so much for reading this post and spending some time with me and, I hope to see you in my very next post, I love you all very much bye.

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