How To Care Store Hair Extensions

So recently we have been getting a lot of questions ask me us how, I take care of our locks see hair extensions how it would brush them how to wash them how do we store them. So you know we decided to just do one or two posts explaining all that and showing how we do that and hopefully that would be good posts for you guys to refer when you have your extensions. So before, I get into more details on how, I brush and store my lucky hair extensions, I want to say that caring for your extensions is extremely important it is probably what is going to determine on how long they are gonna last you.

So if you care for the well they will last you up to a year or even longer than that. So I’m gonna show you the box where, I keep my lucky hair extensions this gorgeous box love it, I got the some winners recently for about $15 but you really can get a similar box anywhere you can find boxes like this at Dollar Stores winners at Walmart really anywhere. So it just this is what it looks like and if you flip it open you will see my extensions there you go my gorgeous extensions and, I do not wind up hold it in a box because, I find that that kind of creates a big wave throughout the extensions and sometimes, I do not have to stop them, I just clip them in and go and it has like just a slight wave in the hair but if you do not like that you can get a larger box or longer box.

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So they just they just in the box straight I will say you do not have to really buy a box you can just use your old shoebox or any other boxes you can find in the house. So yeah but this is mine and this is what it looks like and let me just take out the extensions, I usually keep them in the box with an elastic over it and what it does is just keeps all the hair together and prevents the West from tangling with each other this is my gorgeous set love it take it out of the elastic. So you can see how much hair that is and now I will show how to brush them.

So you will just take one of the web. So I’m using this four clip weft and you want to start with the bottom and just brush it all the way up I’m just using a paddle brush around paddle brush these are pretty great for long hair and they are really good at brushing out all the tangles if you have any. So again you just start at the bottom and work your way up and that’s it um, I usually brush my extensions before, I clip them in when they are in my hair, I brush everything together and then whenever I’m taking them off I will brush them after, I you know before, I put them in the box after, I clip them out I will just brush everything and put it neatly in a box.

So brushing is extremely important because then they do not think oh and again, I lost you for a really long time I will just show you on another web. So this is a two clip weft and just brush your way up there you go and I will show you how, I brush them all together. So just again you start with the bottom and work your way up gorgeous.

So um last time, I washed them was about two weeks ago and, I worded them about ten eleven times and styling almost every time, I wore them. So we recommend washing your extensions every two to three weeks again depending on how often you wear them and how much styling you do. So if you obviously if you used a lot of hairspray or other gels or mousses you know you’d want to wash them more often but try not to because washing them often is gonna really dry them out and you do not want that right if you do not really style or do anything to them if you just wear them as is then you can probably go about 20 times of wear without washing which is pretty amazing and I will just put an elastic all right and put it back in the box that’s it.

So, I really hope this post was helpful to your babies thank you. So much for reading and please do let us know if you have any other questions okay I will see you guys soon bye bye.

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