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New coaches Paloma and George have replaced Rita Ora and Tom Jones this series. How have they made the show different?

Ricky: Everything’s different. It’s like the firstyearagain – it is tough.
Will: Paloma has chops in the fire like Jessie J, she’s sweet like Kylie Minogue, edgy like Rita, but there are dimensions there that are so deep, only Paloma can bring them to the show. She’s the best female that we have had. I think she’s awesome. With George, I felt like I have known him my whole life. I grew up with his music, so it is hard for me to not fan out in front of him. I have worked with Michael Jackson, I have performed with Prince, I have performed with Madonna – these are my idols. So to have one of them on the show, I feel honoured to be sitting next to him. Having once blasted the show as pointless, how do you feel about it now George? George: A smart person always changes their mind about anything. That’s the way it works, that’s life. The competition is fierce, especially between me and Paloma. She’s had number ones, she’s the queen of soul and everyone loves her. She’s a hot, young star and some of the young ones do not know who I am. They call me a legend but I do not know what that means really. It’s a throwaway comment.

George, what do you think about Ricky? George: Oh my God, he’s so good at this.
He looks into people’s souls. I call him the doe-eyed killer because he’s like: “Come to me! and they [the contestants] do!

How do you deal with handing out rejection? Paloma: You put one foot wrong in this business and someone’s on their computer Tweeting thatyou should burn in hell. I’m quite sensitive because you have to be to be a songwriter. It does hurt, so I was very scared of saying no to people.

As the talent show returns with some new faces, coaches William, 40, Paloma Faith, 34, Ricky Wilson, 37, and Boy George, 54, reveal all on finding the next star, dealing with trolls and missing Tom Jones.

Paloma, as you are so sensitive, will you avoid social media when the show starts in case people are nasty about you?

Paloma: No, I will beat myself up reading Tweets. I will go on there purposefully to look for insults – I will focus on that for a week. Ricky: That’s normal, you look at 99 good comments and only see the one bad one. Paloma, why did you want to do the show?

It took me a long time to decide to do the show because I find it quite difficult. I’m like, “Why does my opinion even count? I was a bit worried about doing a programme like this because I was thinking, “What if I say what I think and the whole doingthe country turns against me? I have realised that even though I come across as chilled out, I really care what people think of me. Paloma, why did you ask pal Simon Cowell’s advice on whether to join the show? [Simon once asked Paloma to be a judge on The XFactor but she turned it down.

Paloma: He’s quite an influential person, so ant to win!

his advice was that I should do it because it would be really good for me and my profile. Who wants to win the most?

Paloma: When I first came on this show I was telling everyone that I’m not competitive. Now that I have become emotionally attached to people in my team I want them to win it. Sir Tom Jones has been a coach from the start. Is it weird without him?

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Paloma Faith Photos 2016

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