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What’s up guys! I’m Lexy Lebsack, Senior Beauty Editor at my blog, and we are here with celebrity makeup artist, Carissa Ferreri. Hi! Thanks for having me. We’re so glad you’re here. I’m so thrilled. You probably know her best because she’s the long-time makeup artist to one of our favorites, which is Gina Rodriguez. Yes, Gina is my favorite as well and I’m so lucky that I get to work with someone with such great skin so I get to show off a beautiful, healthy glow on her. So we’re here testing dozens upon dozens upon dozens of drugstore highlighters in a pursuit of getting to the five best. What is the first pick? So the first pick is the Jordana Glow N’ Go Creamy Strobing Stick and I love this. I love actually all the colors that they had from light, medium to dark.

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I couldn’t just pick one because I think this whole line is great for every skin tone. Fun fact: this is $4.99. We have a lovely volunteer, Amber. Let me try one of these on you. Yay. Amber has such beautiful skin. I love your skin tone. Thank you. So we’re gonna try the Jordana. So I’m just going to apply on the cheekbone and then we’ll just use a Beautyblender. I think it depends on the type of person, but this little applicator is so great. You can literally just draw down your nose. Draw on the sides. It’s super creamy so it’s not going to dry so quick. You can really blend it in. So I really loved this pick. I’m glad we did this one. It’s so pretty. Thank you. And as you’re wearing it during the day, it only looks better. Yeah. Alright, so one down. What is your second pick? So my second pick comes from Wet n Wild. Mmm. That’s not surprising at all. I feel like everyone always talks about Wet n Wild’s highlighters because they’re great. But they’re also really cheap. Yes. It’s probably the cheapest line out there. And how smooth and soft it is. Yeah.

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And this color, Precious Petals, is a color that’s universally flattering. So it’s a little bit of gold to it. So I feel like this could be worn with any skin tone really. Super soft, universally flattering, which is huge because it makes it foolproof if you just want to go pick it up. Tell us about the application: how would you put this on? So I would put this on because it’s a powder, because it’s highly pigmented, I would use a brush. And you could just buff it into your skin and it also helps you to control how much you’re putting on because this is so pigmented and you can have such a wow moment, it helps you to control how much you’re using. Cool. Alright, we are two down and have three to go. Carissa, take us to our third pick. Okay, it’s the Maybelline Master Strobing Stick. When you’re blending it, it almost feels like a really silky powder. I’m like, no. It’s all mine. It’s all mine. Luckily it’s very low-priced. Really pretty.

Yeah, really pretty. I love the way it feels. Yeah. It feels really nice. Cool. So you would just draw on and blend or how would you? Yeah you can draw on again. Because it’s cream, it’s easy to use your finger, if you’re that kind of girl. You can also use a Beautyblender. I love the Beautyblender. I could not live without this. So now we’re down to number four. The Almay Instant Glow Highlighting Duo. Oh! Duo! I know! Options! Two-sided! Which is really liquidy. You can maybe even put a few drops of this into your foundation if you wanted an all-over glow. Oh that’s nice. It’s very light and subtle.

Fast Five: Top 5 Drugstore Highlighters

Yeah, it is very subtle. This little applicator would be really good for insides of the eyes or under browbone. A little inner eye strobing. Exactly and then the other side, which is a cream stick. As you can tell I really like the creams. I feel like all of these have one big commonality which is they’re not glittery, they’re not chunky, and they’re just really pretty and shimmery. For our next highlighting model, we have another my blog staffer, Janette. And for Janette’s look, I’m going to try the Almay Highlighting Duo. Look for sheen instead of glitter. And I’m going to use a flat angled brush. And this was the only pink I really liked because it didn’t look too unicorny. So you want to apply in these areas because that’s where the light’s hitting. You want to have the center of your face more forward, where it’s more glowing than the perimeter. That’s why you contour in the perimeter of the skin. The last one is by Flower. You have a champagne color, always a favorite of mine, a little bit of a rose color, and of course, a gold.

And so this is kind of cool because you can mix it. You can wear some on the eyes. You can wear a gold on the eye and the champagne on the cheek. And this one is especially pigmented. This is like we’re ending with the major, most intense color pigments for the highlighter. This is the “see your highlighter from space” palette. This is the space one. This is your Instagram highlight. Oh my gosh, you know what else this is amazing for? It just dawned on me. It’s great for the collarbone area, the shoulder. That’s a celebrity makeup artist trick right there. That’s true. It’s not just about here, you guys. We do the whole, the whole body. You highlight the whole body. I’m getting on the toes making sure it’s.

Okay, maybe not the toes. You highlight toes? No, I don’t highlight toes. So I’m going to use the champagne color on Lexy. I like to tap of the excess. Oh that’s really pretty with your blush too. Thanks. I’m going to try this because I’m super excited now. To try some right here. What am I doing? I can’t really see. I mean it’s there. It’s there? Yeah it’s super, super, super pigmenty. Yeah? A little there. I’ve created a monster, a highlighting monster. Alright, guys. So those are Carissa’s top 5 drugstore highlighters.

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