3D-Printing My Own Custom Face Masks

Hello friends and welcome to another post Today I’m going to be testing out a machine that 3D prints your own face masks So I saw a machine like this in a post on Facebook Basically what it does Is it takes any liquid and turns it into a face mask It is essentially like printing out a fruit roll up in the shape of your face Which, to be fair, seems like a great way to customize your face masks for your specific skin needs. So, at the time this specific machine was unavailable, but then I found this similar machine on Groupon so I ordered it and now it is here.

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Let’s take a look. Shall we? This is it. This is the future. This thing is called the Maskerade Duet: Facial Steamer and Organic Mask Maker. Oh, it is so little! She looks like Eve from WALL-E, does not she? So, basically, what happens is you put the juice into the top and then you put some of this collagen in there and it will basically like squirt the mixture out down here and then it’ll solidify in the shape of your face. They basically say that you can put anything you want in here as long as it is in liquid form I feel like generally I have combination skin I have got, like, an oily and blackhead prone nose but I do have, like, a dry and wrinkly forehead. So, I’m not sure if exactly what type of ingredients I should be using for my skin concerns. So, let’s look up some recipes and then we are gonna go out and grab some ingredients, and, uh, come back and make some masks. So, I was looking online for specific recipes for our Maskerade machine I wanna do at least one, like, officially sanctioned recipe Just so we can kinda get the hang of it And also know that this is supposed to work And then afterwards, you know, we can get into some more freestyle ones This one is called Skin Rejuvenation Orange and Yogurt Mask So, this is my skin before my face mask making adventures Got a nice angry zit on this side and general eye liner residue under the eyes It’s my perpetual state So I have got Eve hooked up to her little mask making friend What’s going on? Is it like heating up or someth-? I think that when you turn it on it just does this for a little while.

It’s just, like, checkinout the world. So, next it says, Please prepare 25 ml of any liquid ingredients in the measuring cup. So, this recipe calls for 15ml of the orange juice Ooh there’s not that much I thought that it was gonna be, like, orange juice to the face But it is kinda just a little taste Okay, so, next is the yogurt This makes me hungry What do you think? That’s about 10 ml? Tyler: That’s about right. So, I’m just gonna scoop this out of here I’m actually kinda nervous because the greek yogurt is pretty solid still They were adamant about the fact that you weren’t supposed to put any solids in the machine We’ll see, I guess. So, finally, I’m going to add 70 ml of water It smells both good and bad Like it kinda smells, like, you know, like, when you, like, drink orange juice after you brush your teeth? Kinda smells like that feeling Okay, so I’m gonna open up the top, pour this liquid into the main compartment and then I think we are ready to go and start printinstuff. Tyler: Oh, wow! Saf: It looks like a small toilet. So, to print it, I have to add one of these tablets of the Bioactive Collagen, and that’ll, like, make it stick together into the, like, gel mask.

It’s kinda reacting in there Oh it is kinda like a bath bomb! and then basically I press the mask mode button I say, Let’s press the button. I wanna press the button, Ted! It says it takes 6 minutes to print out the mask I’m just- I’m nervous. I do not know what’s gonna happen I’m just gonna hold it right here and wait for it to spurt it out Oh, it does. It’s a little.. robot centipede-ish. Something’s happening.. ohhhh my god it is coming out right now! Wahhhhh! Oh it is steaming! It kinda cooked the yogurt Ooooh, that actually smells pretty good It says that after the mask has cooled for a few minutes it is ready for use The mask looks like it is solidifying. It’s actually cooling down pretty quick. Oh, if I touch it, it kinda feels like pudding or jello. Seems pretty solid all around. Should we just put it on and see? Oh my god. Oh my god, it is heavy- oh no. Saf: I’mma put it right on the face. Tyler: You gotta go right for it.

Ooo! Did I make it? Tyler: Yeah! Tyler: It looks like a giant noodle. Saf: Oh my god, I look like, uh, the screaming emoji- I look like the scream. Tyler: Yeah, that or Jason Voorhees. Saf: It’s definitely solid. But as I picking it up, it was almost stretching my hands, like raw pasta or something? Or like raw dough? Ohhh! Ohh! Oh my god! Mayday! Okay! So, this is my greek yogurt and orange juice face mask. I cannot sit up straight because it is just flopping down my face. Now, I’m gonna leave this on for, like, uh, 20 minutes. Just to get a good, nice steeping session. That’ll also give the machine time to cool down. And then after that, we will make a couple more masks of my own creation Couple of tricks up my sleeves. I’m not wearing any sleeves, but my metaphorical sleeves. So, I would say that, overall, the face mask feels nice on my face, but the literal weight of the gel is, like, pulling the face mask back. So, my ears are, like, getting wet. Besides the gravity factor, I’m doing pretty well Saf: I think Crusty’s interested. Tyler: He’s definitely interested. (Saf and Tyler laugh) Saf: Oh, I scared him.

Saf: He wanted the Greek Yogurt. Okay, so, it is been about 25 minutes with this thing on. So, I think we are ready to take it off. Saf: Should I snack on it a little bit? Tyler: Ewww! Oh k- Saf: Ughhhhh! It tastes baaad! Tyler: It’s got your pores in there! Saf: It looks like a giant phlegm bomb. Tyler: Oh, it is so gross. Saf: Tyler: Aw, man. Saf: I think that was just little bit more wet than I was expecting. But I actually do feel kind of refreshed afterwards. I’m not sure if my pores look any smaller, but I’m feeling a little bit of acidity from the orange juice. Alright. So, that was their recipe. And I’d say that was pretty successful, overall. Now I wanna try something a little more customized. A little.. off the beaten path.

So, I was thinking: where’s the best place to get stuff that’s in liquid form that could be good for your skin? A juice place! So, I went and got 2 juices for my recipe. I’m also hoping that they’ll mix together to make a purple color. So, I’m gonna do 12 and half ml of the blue and 12 and a half ml of the pink These look like Kool-Aid. I’m surprised these are healthy for you. So, I’m gonna mix them together. It’s not super vibrant, but it is definitely purple. Something to note, is that you do not actually have a lot of the active ingredients in the mask itself. Like, it is a lot of water.. mostly. Alright, so I’m gonna put my, uh, lid back on. And then we are going to get started. Ohhh, she’s alive. She is fun to stroke like this I understand why WALL-E is attracted to her. Alright, here we go. Ohhhh.

She just. . . peed it out. Interesting! Oh, it is so pale! Oooooh, oooh I touched it! Oh no, oh no, oh no! Oh, look. I touched it before it was ready and I ruined it. I’m sure it’ll still be fine on the face, but I’m sad that I goop’d it. I just need to leave it alone for a second, but it is just so fun to touch. Tyler: So gooey. Saf: Woooooo Saf: Alright, ready? Tyler: Yeah. Saf: Waaaaah! Saf: Wooo Tyler: It’s so clear! Saf: Oooo, oooo! Saf: It definitely SMELLS better than the last one. I do not know if it TASTES better than the last one. Nice view of the pimp. It does feel, like, really nice and cooling and refreshing. Besides the fact that I’m NOT purple. .

. I think I like it. Look at my eyebrows. I look like Eeyore. I’m wondering if I’m just not giving it, like, quite enough time to set. So, it is kind of, like, still a little liquid-y when it gets on my face and kinda stretchy. I just kinda wanna put it on my face right now. Alright, I think we are ready to take this off. Tyler: Saf: I have shed my layer of skin. Tyler: That’s like stuff of nightmares. Tyler: Uph, stop! Saf: Okay, so this is the result of the pressed juice mask. I think that the rosewater was a pretty active ingredient. Like, I could definitely smell the rose and the lemon. So, I feel pretty soothed. . .

or at least wet. This one was quite refreshing and nice. I would do this again. So, for my next and final face mask, I decided to continue along the customization route. So, we have decided to make a face mask out of. . . Mountain Dew. I do not think that this will actually be good for my face, but they did say that you could put ANY liquids in there. So. . . within reason. . . this is a liquid.

It seems to me to be probably the last thing that you would want to use in your face mask. So, we have to try it. Oh yeah, that stuff smells radioactive. So, I’m gonna go for a full 25 ml of Mountain Dew. It’s funny because we went from like. . . Greek Yogurt and pressed juice. To like. . . MOUNTAIN DEEEWW-UH! The zits just gonna be like. . . What the fck? It’s just gonna be diluted Mountain Dew. And then we need our collagen pill.

I’m surprised it fizzing more. It’s okay, Eve. We’re in this together. Alright, she’s alive. She’s awake. She’s whirrin. She’s considering the Mountain Dew. Oh! She seems to have accepted it. Oh, alright! Eve? Ooo, this one’s super clear. Yeah, none of the real Mountain Dew color in it, but there’s Mountain Dew in there. Oooooo. So squishy. Do you s-see this? It’s almost, like, a little, like, spot where there’s, like, no mask right there. I wonder if that was some carbonation. Alright, let’s put this thing on. Tyler: This one is very thin.

Saf: Ooo! Oh! It smells like Mountain Dew! There’s definitely a big hole in my forehead. I dunno why or how that happened. Off the bat, it feels stickier than the other ones. I wonder if, like, carbonated soft drink is just not the ideal thing to make a face mask with. It does, however, feel and smell refreshing. I dunno. I thought it would be weirder, but I’m also glad that it is not that weird. Oh my god. This hole in my forehead is just getting bigger. Now that we are in the middle of doing it, I do not really know why we did this. Leave that cat alone. He’s 80. Alright, let’s take it off. Mmm lemon-lime. Yeah, I’m gonna throw this out. It’s kinda gross.

The residue is not sticky per se, but it is like1% Mountain Dewkinda sticky. For the most part, though, it does not feel that different. It smells a little different and I feel like I know that it is not as good for me But I think that the collagen pill is, like, really, like, the most prominent ingredient in this stuff. I do not think the Mountain Dew face mask was actually that bad But. . . I do not feel any caffeine rush. So, I think I was. . . wrong. All-in-all, I would say that this machine is super fun. The slightly disappointing part is that the masks are pretty similar from mask to mask. The yogurt one was probably the post different, and, in hindsight, the most exciting. Because it had, like, some chunks some texture a little more hold to it because of that. But with the other ones, I’m not sure just how much of the custom ingredient benefits you are actually seeing.

They’re definitely in there, but it is just a lot of collagen. Mostly, I feel like I’m just having fun with this machine. I do not know if it is really any better or worse than other face masks. I think it is probably about the same. I think that I would actually continue to use this. I do not know when the next time I’m going to be having a slumber party is, but this seems like a perfect slumber party activity. Thank you guys so much for reading! If you like that post, make sure to shmash that like button And if you wanna see more posts like this, make sure to shmash that comment button. And if you have already shmashed that comment button, make sure to also shmash that little bell icon in the middle to turn on post notifications. So you get a notification every time that I post. Here are my social media handles. And make sure to check out my Nextbeat. I do a lot of daily postging and Q&As on there A big shoutout to Char for reading. Thanks for reading, Char. And I will see you guys, uh-next time.

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